Saturday, April 13, 2019

, a Spring mantel

I am running so far behind in my blog posting...
I just can't seem to "get it in gear" any more.
Between blogging,
face book.....
I just keep running out of time.

I bought a gorgeous faux orchid plant,
pulled out things from my BLUE collection...
just like that,
I had a new Spring mantel for my vintage fireplace:

.I really like it.....

 This gorgeous blue and white cross was made and sent to me by
PENNY, owner of The Comforts of Home blog.... and I treasure it.
She does the most beautiful mosaic work..
when you visit her, please tell her bj said HEY.

I found the two tureens at Goodwill several years ago
and I am sure I passed gas all the way to the checkout desk....I was sooo excited.
They are beautiful and in such good shape...
a pretty platter....
another pattern but blue and white...
and I put ALL my blue and whites together, regardless of pattern.

I could never get the right color blue on these photos...

it's actually a fairly bright blue...
a truer blue than my photos show....
really lovely.
Why in the world would anyone donate to Goodwill
these two gorgeous English tureens ???

This pine, vintage mantel is, by far, the most favorite
thrifted find I've ever found.
Mr. Sweet put the brick on it,
I added a little pretty wooden appliques
and painted it white.

It was old when I found it in a thrift shop years ago....
wish I knew HOW old it was but,
regardless, I enjoy it every single day.

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend...
it's raining here and...
love, bj


  1. Oh so pretty! I love your blue and white collection.

    Happy Spring dear BJ ~ FlowerLady

  2. All your photos are great. You have quite a knack for decorating. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  3. A beautiful Easter mantel, BJ. Springy and fresh. I remember your mantel from way back so it must have been when you first dragged it home. ☺ Mr. Sweet was always helping you complete a project and make it your own...his and YOURS! Happy Palm Sunday weekend.

  4. BJ, I almost wet my pants laughing about you passing gas to the checkout. LOL You crack me up girl. I love the mantle. The cute things you gathered to put this look together is so charming . The mirror is tops. I have many blue and white pieces, I never thought of putting them on the mantle. You and your Mr did do wonderful projects and crafts together. Blessings to you my friend, xoxo,love Susie

  5. The mantel is gorgeous. Love the mosaic cross that Penny sent you. Happy Saturday.

  6. LOL I'm glad I wasn't BEHIND you carrying those tureens to the cash register!Hahahahaha! you crack me up! That being said, this mantle is so beautiful. I love the mirrored window and the little lamp . . . I think they really create such a beautiful backdrop for whatever you decide to put on the mantle. I think people just don't use these pretty serving pieces like they used to which is maybe why they ended up at GW. But you scored on them - beautiful!

  7. Hello there dear bj! I love your Spring mantel. Love all the blue and white treasures you have. I find it hard to walk away from blue and white dishes. Hope you are having a good weekend and that Holy Week will be special for you.

  8. Glad to see you again, and enjoying all your pretty things. At my age, my mantel is lucky to get dusted. Enjoy each day and thankful how blessed you are.

  9. Blue and white spell spring, your mantel is as lovely as you are, sweet lady.

  10. Hahahaha!! Your walk to the check out... BJ you are hilarious!! I absolutely love your mantel! And the yellow lemons add a pop of bright color, just beautiful!

  11. It all looks so perfect together!


  12. Beautiful and inspiring, as always. No matter what the shade of blue really is, your photos show it off well!

  13. Your mantel fixins is just beautiful! Happy Easter to you, BJ!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Everything looks so beautiful! Love your mantel!
    Stormed down here in the country today! It is a cold wind blowing her tonight. But sunshine is in the forecast for tomorrow!
    I don't know why some of the things we see in the thrift stores get there. I am amazed at what people give away!

  15. I love your mantel but I love your writing even more! I laughed out loud at the thought of you passing gas all the way to checkout. Isn't it great to be that excited about a 'find'!? xxxx

  16. Oh I am totally in love with this mantel have a real touch for transforming something ordinary into something's absolutely lovely!

  17. BJ your mantel is so lovely with the blue and white tureens. What a great find! I am so happy you love your mosaic cross. Thank you for mentioning me! I don't mosaic anymore because of rheumatoid arthritis, so it is fun for me to see a piece I made from the past being cherished.

  18. Oh your mantle looks just lovely! and I adore all the pieces you have. I wish I had decorating talent like you do but, I keep trying :)

  19. Everything is so lovely, BJ! And, like you, I like to mix up all my different blue and white patterns. Those tureens were quite a find--I need to go shopping with you!

  20. Just love it!! I am so glad the tureens found their way to you.


  21. Love your mantel with those beautiful plates and tureens, lemons and orchids.... You have the magic touch! I know how much it means to have those projects made together with so much love and joy. It is a special "hug" from the past....

  22. Oh BJ, with Rick's injury and caretaking, I know what you mean about not being able to keep up. I am missing loads of posts and doing my best as you do. And you know what, that's OK. It has to be! Our lives come first. Meanwhile, I got a nice shot of beauty in all your photos.

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