Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Wild Flower Garden

We had a raised bed veggie garden for a couple of summers
and really loved it.
However, times got busy around here...
then Mr. Sweet got sick...
and passed...
                  and the garden went to pot.
Sooo, Kathy, David and I decided to forgo the veggies
and plant a wild flower garden.
We did add a few zinnia seeds.

Since we were going for 
we decided not to worry about
(play like this is an open country field.... 😊 

....ahhh HA...
there's a few Marigolds hiding out underneath....

I think a bird might have dropped a SUN FLOWER seed here,
because there's only one ...

One day, these gorgeous wild pinks were NOT in this garden...
and the next, THEY WERE/ARE.....
I have no idea what they are....
but look at all the buds about to burst forth.
I can't wait to see that bunch in bloom.

After being outside,
taking pictures...
just enjoying being out,
I had to have a refreshment of some kind.... 

and a 
filled the bill perfectly !!


  1. Are those pink flowers Cosmos? What a great way to garden!

  2. BJ, I think Deanna may have it right, those pink flowers look like cosmos with the fine green leaves. I planted a flowerbed with wild seeds and the seeds I bought must have been bloomed. I like the wild beds for the butterflies. Oh yummy on the refreshment. know how to draw us in. :) Love you girl. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. As the other poster said I really think those are cosmos.

    Your wild flower garden looks lovely. Ahh, yes definitely a day for a sundae.

    God bless.

  4. I love the Wildflower Garden! I bought packets of wildflower seeds and some of them came up in unusual places. I have marigolds growing between patio stones! I'm going to try again next year. We have an empty flower bed and I thought sure they would grow up but perhaps NOTHING will!

  5. Oh I love that wild flower garden! What a great idea. So many colors, it's beautiful!

  6. The wildflower garden looks wonderful . . .
    I am sure “the pinks” are cosmos . . .
    Like Lady Bird Johnson said . . .
    “Where flowers bloom . . . so does Hope.”
    Very pretty bj . . .

  7. Oh I really like the idea of a garden of wild flowers. My favorite. I like the cosmos but I would have called them pink daisies.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I love you wildflower garden:) Enjoy your day and perhaps another sundae dear B.J. HUGS!

  9. beautiful flowers and cosmos are always such a hardy relievable flower, but that sundae is what caught my eye, yummo!!!! Have the best day!

  10. Your wildflower garden is very pretty. I have one also after I had the pool filled in I started a wildflower garden. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  11. Such a beautiful color. The Sunday looks yummy. Enjoy your weekend.


  12. I don't have a green thumb. The previous owners of my house left landscaping bricks from a previous project they let spiral into madness. A lot of the stones weren't properly set up and it made it difficult to keep the brush under control. Now they're gone and use a lawnmower for the majority.

  13. Love the wildflowers bj. They look so pretty. Now you have me wanting a pineapple sundae. Yum!

  14. As everyone said, those are Cosmos. Don't you just love them?? I did the same thing with an old veg bed this year. I absolutely LOVE it, and I agree that the grass (i.e. weeds) are just part of the beauty. I didn't "thin" the plants as they came up, and I don't weed in there, and it is still spectacular. The birds even helped by depositing a few sunflower seeds which are also blooming beautifully. Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest!

    1. Hi Chris...I agree...I love the simple things and we haven't had to do any work on the wild garden other than water...and David has it set up on a watering so nice

  15. I have a raised bed where we took out a diseased apple tree ... I think I will make it into a wild flower bed instead of knocking it down. Sounds like a good project for next year. Love how yours looks. Hugs, Audrey Z.

  16. Love it, bj. I was telling someone the other day about my ex-SIL's wildflower garden. She started small and eventually did about 3 acres into it. It was amazing to see it all. I don't know what those pink flowers are either but they sure are pretty!

    Hope you have a wonderful, blessed weekend. xo Diana

  17. My mother has similar flowers in the garden <3 Regards:*

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  19. Love your wild flower garden, BJ, I agree the beautiful flowers are cosmos, one of my favorite flowers. Sunflowers are a favorite too! I also have birds that plant a few around the feeders, have a great weekend.

  20. BJ,
    Love this beautiful garden!! So pretty! I adore the wildflowers.....

  21. I love your wildflower garden, the flowers are so colorful and happy.

    The sundae looks delicious! Our church is having an ice cream sundae social tomorrow night after church. The ice cream will be provided, we just have to bring our favorite toppings, mine is butterscotch. :-)

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week dear BJ ~ FlowerLady

  22. The sunflowers are beautiful and the pink ones, too! Oh, and a pineapple sundae? Works for me!


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xo bj