Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lovely Ferns

I DO NOT have a green thumb...
all my plants have always died within about 15 minutes of potting...
but this was all in my PAST life...

ever since we moved to 
with this amazing dining room with

5 large windows on the West,
2 large windows on the East

 and not ONE but TWO sets of
French Doors on the SOUTH....

Now all this natural light flowing into this room creates
a GREENHOUSE effect, year 'round.....

and for the first time in the history of my life,
I can grow indoor plants...

I've shown you my HUGH
fern many times...

and it's in a great spot in the room
and I don't want to move it....

but every now and then, I have to
give it a nice little trim because
it reaches out past the door we use all the time..... gardening shears AKA scissors.
and I save the PRETTY stems  as long as I can....

(from Internet)

I've been seeing a lot of fern fronds
being used in the most delightful ways....

There just something fresh and pretty about several put in bottles...
seems especially in clear glass bottles.

(pic from Internet)

 sooo, being the copy cat that I am,
I used my little glass bottles to hold some of this pretty green....

 fresh and pretty...

 I'm not sure how long they will stay looking pretty in water,
but these are 2 days old....
still looking great...

I always start IVY from cuttings in water and I have 2 large pots growing right now....

When the runners get really long,
I just cut them off and stick them in water until they produce a good set
of roots...
then into a pot.

cutting the long runners every now and then
also helps the pot to fill in more and makes a pretty, full pot of Ivy. 

I am rooting a couple of Sweet Potato plants
for Deeds....

this is the first time I've tried it with Sweet Potato cuttings..... 

just look at all those good roots.

We will get them potted soon and she can take them home with her.

She loves plants and wants to get started growing them.

See what I mean..??
beginning to look like a potting shed...
and I must say....
I just LUV this big pretty room.


  1. Oh how pretty. Great decor here right before Fall. Im off to steel some fern cuttings somewhere. I have the bottles.

  2. How beautiful! I love everything about the room! (And I have been searching and searching for a vintage bubble gum machine like yours!)

  3. BJ, It looks like you have a green thumb to me. Maybe we can train ourselves to be better at gardening. :):) I love that Deeds wants some potato vines. You might be getting her interested in gardening. Your great room is very pretty in the checks with green accents. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo, Susie

  4. BJ, your plants are gorgeous. Ferns are so finicky. Love them displayed in simple bottles or vases.

  5. Your plants look very healthy. Photos are great, I like the way you have displayed the fern cuttings in the bottles. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  6. Such gorgeous plants and attractive clippings!

  7. Lovely vignette BJ! You do have a green thumb. Look at all the cuttings you have rooted.

  8. Such a welcoming room with all your plants BJ.

  9. I love the look of the ferns in the glass bottles. Yes, you have definitely developed a green thumb! Such a pretty room you have created!

  10. What a wonderful idea! You are so smart. The plants all look so healthy and I love the ferns in the bottles...I have a set of small vases and you have provided me with a great idea. thank you!

  11. So pretty and refreshing to see all this lovely green. The tides have turned for that thumb of yours.

  12. You are really lucky to have all that sun! I think plants are the best decoration you can have in your home. I'm terrible with keeping them alive. I bring ferns inside for the winter but they dry up and shred so fast, its not worth the cleanup. But that's a good idea using those clippings in bottles...I love that. Joanna Gaines did that a lot on Fixer Upper.

    Have a great weekend! :)


  13. I love the green mixed with the black and white! My husband and I had to pay for our own wedding so we bought a silk bouquet, and a few silk boutonnieres for the guys (the girls carried a single flower) and then we filled the altar with ferns. It was simple but I loved the way it looked. Now whenever I see ferns I think of that wonderful day!

  14. I don't have a green thumb at all - and I have tons of natural light - - BUT - - I do have a sweet tooth and noticed your sweet bubble gum machine!! I have always wanted one!!

  15. I love all of this. The color scheme, the decor, the plants....and of it!! Beautiful!!!

  16. BJ,
    What a beautiful post! Your ferns are amazing!!
    Thanks for visiting!!

  17. Avid gardener that I am, I love reading posts about plants, whether they are grown indoors or out. Your home is lovely, and I love absolutely everything you have growing here. I have two big, healthy ferns on my deck, and it never once occurred to me to cut some of the fronds off to put in bottles to use as decor. I am going to remedy that tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. I am definitely asking my neighbour for some of her sweet potato vine cuttings this year. I have some English Ivy that I am going to cut and root very soon. Perhaps once I get my windowsills clear of partially ripe tomatoes.

    Love your Boston fern!!

    God bless.

  19. GIRL! I have ferns but they are outside! I have NO luck with them on the inside. I don't have the light shining in like you do, trying not to be jealous:) LOVE the fern pieces in the little bottles, I think I can copy that:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  20. How pretty bj, the fern pieces look great in the bottles. They seem to be doing well and the green looks so healthy.

    The amount of light you get is amazing. The windows and doors were great planning

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  21. You have the TOUCH bj . . .
    With a little help from your “window friends and sunshine!”
    Love all your FERN looks . . .

  22. Lucky you!! What I would give to have a room like that! Beautiful!

  23. Love the way you are displaying your ferns. I have a couple growing outside, but have them hanging high so the deer will not eat them. On June the 25th, this year, Bob and I celebrated 68 years of marriage. Yes, that's a long time. We are very proud of that. He passed away on August 16, 2018 and I will miss him terribly, but I know that God has his arms wrapped around him as he is welcomed into heaven. Please add me to your prayer list as I work my way though this part of my life. I know you have been there and done that, so what better person can I ask. Love you.
    Audrey Z.

  24. It's nice to see a fellow brown thumb-er can have a do over! My pots outside do well, but I still just use fake plants in the house. I know my limits!

  25. Oh the Greek sun has turned my garden and plants into crunchy corn flakes. . .how refreshing to see so much green and so much health in your plants!


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