Friday, May 4, 2018

Bits and Bobs and Summer is almost Here....

Spring here in West Texas are mostly WIND...

making it hard doing outdoor activities....

boating is mostly out...

even the swimming pool isn't nearly as much fun with the wind blowing.

But we do have awesome summers here
and I can hardly wait !!

and I do love me some FLIP FLOPS.....

I am so anxious to putter around outside.....

plant a few of one of my favorite summer flowers....
 Altho, now we can buy strawberries year 'round,
when I was little, my mama raised strawberries in her summer garden.
I guess I will always associate them with SUMMER

 A very favorite fruit are these little tiny Mandarin oranges....
loving Strawberries and little oranges,

I had them mixed with my Belgian waffle and bacon.
And, I may or may have not, sprinkled that fruit with a touch of sugar...😍

My "little" fern has taken a growing spell...
hoping it will get as large as the other... 

can't remember if I have shown these little water sheers or not...
one on ea side of the slide and big waterfall...
and fire bowls above each one. 

So colorful at night....

Those are 3 little fountains on this underwater ledge.
There's holes between ea fountain for large outdoor umbrellas...
a pretty cool place to lay in the water, sip on a glass of wine or an iced coffee....

I guess that's all the BITS AND BOBS for today....

Have a wonderful weekend...
Love, bj


  1. Good morning bj. I really enjoyed your bits and bobs and all the refreshing photos of the pool and ferns. Lovely. Happy weekend to you!

  2. I love strawberries too and it is strawberry season here right now! That pool is stunning.

  3. What a beautiful post! I love every single thing about it!

  4. Lovely BJ and that fern is HUGE. Thanks for showing such pretty peeks.

  5. BJ, I love that pool...with the flamingo and the palm tree, it doesn't look like Texas. :):) Oh my gosh I am shaped just like that girl in the boat. Too much stuff for a two piece. LOL BJ, when my girls were young, we had a gum machine just like yours. The little neighbor kids would bring pennies over to get gum...cracked my girls up. You always make a nice healthy breakfast. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. This pool gets more amazing everytime you show pictures. You must get great use of it with the hot summers in Texas.

    Didn't realize it got so windy.

    I love me some ripe sweet strawberries.


  7. You are all set for Summer! That pool is a work of art! Love every one of your posts, BJ!

  8. When I worked produce, I think strawberries always came from either cali or florida year round. Most of the other ones had to rely on S America in winter.

  9. I thought you had really flipped when I saw that bathing suit lady. You are so blessed to have family so near and in such gorgons surroundings.

  10. My kind of post, BJ! Love it and love it all. And you remind me, now that I have light in my backyard, I need to get some zinnia seeds, too!

  11. That's one amazing pool, BJ! I'd hang out in it all summer!

  12. I used to wear flip-flops all summer when I was young -- but now I need orthotics for arch support, lol!

  13. Lovely photos BJ. I do wear flip flops all summer. This year I might have to change that, I don't want to slip and fall. I would like one wrist that works correctly.

    God bless.

  14. I totally agree with you about the Zinnias. They are absolutely my favorite summer flower. I love that they can stand up to midwestern heat, come in so many colors, and are a wonderful cutting flower. Truth be told, however, I seldom cut them because the hummingbirds and butterflies love them too, and I hate to rob them of their sweet goodness. Thanks for the reminder. I have yet to shop for seeds, and I need to do that.

  15. Can I please, please, please come live with you in your sweet little cottage by the pool there? I love that waterfall into the pool-how soothing and relaxing to listen to that!

    Don't you wish they were still publishing Home Companion? I don't think I ever felt sadder about losing a magazine. xo Diana

  16. I love strawberries and eat them all year. Hopefully I have planted my last flowers today, all the containers have a variety of flowers in them. I am so in love with your pool. Have a blessed evening and a great weekend. Madeline

  17. Love your fern. I bought two for the yard and the deer started eating them. I hung one up high and it is growing really big now. No time to garden, so just need to buy potted plants that the deer do not like. Love your pretty fruit ... my favorite for breakfast too. Your pool is beautiful ... I know you will enjoy it this summer.
    Audrey Z.

  18. Wow! You always have the most lovely posts.. Your home is gorgeous! Yummm that fruit looks so good! I enjoy those little oranges too. My grandmother always raised strawberries they scream summer to me too! :)


  19. I love the little cutie oranges too. That pool is amazing. I would be floating in it day and night.
    Have a great weekend.

  20. The pool looks fantastic at night. What a lovely thing to have so near at hand.

    For me summer is just a period of heat to endure. In the last decade our weather has changed dramatically, for an avid gardener with watering restrictions this is a problem. But there are some good things to look forward to also.

    Have a great weekend.

  21. Girlfriend you make the PRETTIEST PICTURES! I just love that one with the big bowl of bright oranges!! the lemon one is pretty too. I am sure enjoying all the pool pictures too, have you swam in it yet? I think I could just sit underneath that waterfall and relax for hours! Or maybe do the umbrella in the water thing too. I'm such a klutz I would probably find a way to injure myself trying to come down that slide!! ha ha ha LOL the fire bowl things sure are the "icing on the cake", so pretty. Your fern is pretty, weve had pretty good luck with ferns the past years, and this year we are growing zinnias, I've never grown those before. Hope they do well

  22. This post is so pretty and the layout is spot on. I had not thought about how nice the pool would be in the evenings. Just dreamy!

  23. Oh I felt like summer had arrived as I read this post. My mom also raised strawberries and ripe ones remind me of hot summer days -- and her!! hugs to you, Jackie

  24. Looks like you're all set for a great summer! We love the little oranges, too, but have never mixed them with strawberries. We're going to have to do that. My grandma started a tradition when my dear mother was young - diced bananas and oranges. It's a favorite treat of mine. My sweet mama always fixed them for Christmas breakfast and I even requested them for breakfast on my wedding day. Now I'll try oranges and strawberries and I'm sure that will be a new favorite, too. Hmmm...maybe I'll add strawberries to my bananas and oranges!

  25. I am currently growing a lemon tree from seeds. Its about 2 ft high now. I will be surprised if it grows any fruit.

  26. You live in a slice of paradise, BJ!
    I know that we can get strawberries year-round, but there is just nothing like summer strawberries, picked and eaten warm from the sun. I have a strawberry patch and I am looking forward to all the blossoms turning into nice fat berries.

  27. Love your Bits and Bobs B.J.! I am so grateful that spring and summer are finally here with lots of great fresh fruits and vegetables. Have a fantastic spring day!
    Miz Helen

  28. Liking your “bits and bobs!”
    I like imagining a fresh, live lemon tree growing in my house . . .
    Oh my . . . the fragrance . . . (orange would be nice too!)

  29. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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