Monday, February 19, 2018

Oh....The Pinkness of it All

I've been reading and hearing about 
 being THE color to add to our homes and wardrobes 
this spring and summer.

THIS is why I love neutral colored walls and furniture.
If it be PINK


It's so easy to get the added color we choose by adding 
and so on.
Do you agree ?
 Here's a few PINKS
 in one of my new catalogs.....

 While this one is a bit busy for me,
it sure makes a pretty photo.

... flowers in PINK always freshen a room
and especially if it might be a nearly ALL white room. 

 Now, if I could have "summer and winter" furniture 
that I could change with the season, 
I would LUV this chair.
I love florals....but maybe not all year long.

I do love the lighter, softer pinks...

I'm pretty sure I am going to be on the lookout for a pink pillow or two....
I use a lot of turquoise during the summer months and a
soft pink will kick it all up a notch.

I REALLY like the soft pink mohair throw .....

I am so loving this adorable PINK journal and
take note what's printed on the front...

Only my sweet beautiful girl, STACY, can find things
that she knows will please me to the end of the world.



  1. Such gorgeous pinks - I agree if I had a huge basement and could store all my funiture I could have seasonal decor...that might be fun...or maybe not! These pinks are certainly tempting but not sure how I could add pink to my current colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the Pink. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. Made me start thinking how to bring some into my house.

  3. That color pink, the dusty rose color is my absolute favorite color! I'm glad to hear it's going to be popular this year, it will be fun to see it everywhere!

  4. Those catalogs have such pretty pictures! I LOVE THAT pink lamp! Love the soft furry pillows too, I have some, but not pink, mine are white. How was your weekend?

  5. That pink journal is perfection! 🌸

  6. BJ, That journal was make just for you. :):) I find the pops of pink refreshing. I have had my winter plaids out so long this year, maybe I need to put them away and get some pink throws and pillows. When I first read your post title,I thought you had painted the screen pink. :):) Blessings, stay in the pink, xoxo, Susie

  7. Great inspirational pictures BJ. I have added some blush to my guest rooms.

  8. I am not a "pink" person at all....but it does bring some softness into a room. I bought the candle rings you have posted from Grandin Road - they are so pretty and bring some hopes of spring into the living room (I also bought their Christmas rings and they are even prettier!!)

  9. The journal is just TOO CUTE! I'm ready to lighten the colors around my house too! Hugs!

  10. I laughed at your very diplomatic description of that photo as a "bit busy!"

  11. Great photos and wonderful post. Pink is a pretty color. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Gorgeous pinks, BJ. I think I need to add a little bit of pink to my house - some new cushion covers for the living room would do well. That delicate pink couch is so pretty - reminds me of Marie Antoinette!

  13. Amber’s favorite Pink is the clothing line!

  14. Pink is so big right now. Love your collection of pictures. I had a pink kitchen in the late 80's and gray was popular with it then.Funny how colors cycle around.
    Yes, it would be fun to have room to store seasonal furniture as well as someone to move it back and forth,lol!

  15. Pink is pretty but doesn't go in our home with the colors I have going on, plus open concept. I don't think I would do it either because we had it for years when we were first married. Wouldn't mind one of those fur pillows in another color


  16. OH, I love the journal! I have a big crush on pink touches for Spring too, I just bought a couple of pillow covers with pinks and corals in them that I just love. All my living room furniture is neutral now and I agree, that is the best way to go when you're as fickle as I am with the colors I want to decorate with!

  17. All so CHEERFUL!!! I bought soft pink clothes from Kohl's today.

  18. I was a late converter to pink but I find it just wonderful now. Pretty much all the pink I've seen for spring has been too muted for me. I like bright! But the season's just beginning and I know I'll find something perfect for home or me.

  19. I love your touches of pink, I remember my very first home, I decorated my kitchen in pink and white. I had little white organdy curtains, so soft and pretty. Makes me want to re-decorate my kitchen again. Thanks so much for sharing you have inspired me!
    Miz Helen

  20. I love Pink for clothes. Being blonde and fair skinned that is a good color for me. I see it coming into more and more of peoples decor too.
    Not sure I want it in my decor but I do love it in clothing. Happy Week.

  21. I did smile when I read Sweet Nothings

  22. Pink, hmmmmmm? First of all I agree with you. I like keeping my walls and furniture neutral and as the seasons or my taste changes I can change up the accessories for a different look. I use a lot of turquoise year round as it's my favorite color so a little pink might be nice for a change.

  23. Oh! The perfect pink journal for you dear bj!

  24. Love your pink journal ... I wish I would have kept a journal all these years. As for pink ... I love it, but don't wear it and have very little in my decor. The guest bedroom still has a little pink. It was decorated with pink, mainly roses for a long time. Love all your inspirational pictures.
    Audrey Z.

  25. Oh---how I'd love some pops of pink. It's always been my favorite color! Thanks for the inspiration, BJ!


  26. A few additions of pink to a room are good enough. I think that pink sofa would be a big mistake for anyone.

  27. Lots of pink inspiration! I'm a fan of the new softer, dusty pinks and have added that as an accent in my gray and white bedroom. It sure WOULD be nice to have furniture for every season haha! But at least we can add little touches of seasonal decor!

  28. I like pink, the lighter color might just be added to my home for Spring:) That journal is beautiful, blessed for sure! Have a beautiful day dear B.J. HUGS!

  29. Glad you are back in the pink for a day.

  30. After going through the mauve and country blue phase years ago, I haven't thought about pink in my home again. I agree about keeping walls neutral and adding and changing colors in accessories. I can definitely see some pink with turquoise! xx Cheryl

  31. I am loving PINK of late . . .
    Loved your pictures . . .
    Pink is Refreshing . . . after weeks of red!


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