Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Tale of Two Tables

Some of my friends may remember that I bought
a vintage wicker table not long ago.

I have intentions of doing a light gray wash on the wicker
but haven't done it yet...

 I am using it in it's original state for the time being...
Mr. Sweet looked and looked for just the right small table
to go beside his recliner.
It had to be small as the space for it wasn't all that large..
this tiny table HAD to have a tiny drawer
for his treasures like
a little pocket knife...
a pair of nail clippers and an Emory  board...
2 or 3 paper clips...
3 or 4 hard candies...
you know,
and a tiny shelf below for....

And, of course, my orders were,
"Now....don't spend very much money."

Well, to make a long story short,
I found just what he had asked for...
not much money

but a LOT of ugly.
He thought it was ugly, too
but he loved that it meet all his requirements...

When he passed away,
the main thing I couldn't look at without crying was his leather recliner.
Our son, DAVID, moved it out and I have no idea where. thankful to have it gone.
I knew that chair would never be the same without Mr. Sweet.

for some reason UNKNOWN,
I kept the little cheap, ugly table...   

 and I am using it right there between my black and white chairs....
I don't even have the desire to paint it to try for a pretty makeover....
maybe in the spring...

It has a tiny tray that pulls out,
just the perfect size for a mug or glass.....

This is what I have on top of the little ugly  table
and for some reason,
I have no desire to replace it with another table right now.



  1. For some reason the story of your little table brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet little table!

  2. Aw, I don't think it is ugly at all...not one bit. And, the thoughts of your dear Mr. Sweet and how he used it makes me sad, and if it were me, I would never, ever part with that little table or change one thing.

  3. I love this story. I too wouldn't part with it It's something you found for him that brought him great joy.

  4. Awww...I don't think it is all that ugly, bj...maybe not exactly what you were looking for in the beginning but it looks like it would work.

    MyHero has a recliner, too, that is his alone. I understand how you feel about that.

    Love to you, bj. Have a good day- xo Diana

  5. Pretty is in the eye of the beholder. I suspect your eye sees some very special pretty in this little table. It seems just right to me.

    Sending love from me to you.♥♥♥

  6. Awwww bj it is not ugly at all. I think it is a great little table. Such a sweet remembrance of Mr. Sweet too.

  7. This was a very sweet soulful post BJ. A reminder that it takes baby steps to make a change...some things can go, but some things must stay until we're strong enough to let them go.

  8. I kept Mike’s recliner as it matches mine and I just had it reupholstered before he died. I keep looking over to see if he’s there.😥His little table is there too, never thought about getting rid of it. Hope you are well, I’m dreading the holiday season.

  9. BJ, I think the little table isn't so ugly. It serves a good purpose between the chairs. My heart aches for you my friend. I know these approaching holidays are not easy... Mr. Sweet is still in your heart, loving you. He wants you to be strong. We are here for you too. Blessings to you and the family, love you, xoxo, Susie

  10. Maybe the table is more perfect than you realize. My heart aches for you too...

    Hugs, BJ.

  11. I just love seeing pics of your sweet little home - both tables are adorable!

  12. I like seeing how you arrange things and make everything so cozy. Some things give us comfort...some don't. Listening to yourself is the best thing to do. It's not easy to have a different life. Sending lots of hugs, Diane

  13. I like that table and it fits well there. Glad you are enjoying it for now.

  14. Oh BJ, I love that little table, maybe you will like it better if you paint it. It's just perfect for a cup or coffee or a drink and looks good between your two chairs.

    We are all here for you dear sweet lady. Things take time and I know you miss him so much, but he is watching over you.

    Lots of hugs,

  15. I say keep it for as long as you like! Memories are beautiful things and to have a tangible image of that - keep it.
    I will be one day where you are tonight. Thinking ahead.....I hope I keep a lot. Until I'm ready not to. And who knows when that will be? I hope I won't be in a hurry......

  16. Oh, that is so sweet.. funny what we can keep. I still have Tom's chair...and have felt his presence many times since he passed..(not so much any more...). There are times I look over there and have had a word or two conversation with him/it! ha! Some days are stronger then others.

    You are so gifted...your home is always just gorgeous !


  17. It looks great there and i dont think it's ugly, not one bit, not at all!! I loved how you shared it's story with us. that is special.

  18. Why should you replace it, BJ? It has a story, meaning, memory. One day you may paint it (or maybe not -- it isn't as ugly as I expected!). But it will be a touchstone. I loved this post. It has such heart and such love.

  19. You should give it a new look come spring

  20. I agree with those that say to refresh it in the Spring. It might be ugly, but it has served its purpose well!

  21. It fits it's new space perfectly. I understand why you are leaving it as is for now. xo

  22. Your wicker table is a library table and a real find. I have one, too, that I found at a garage sale. They can be expensive so we were both lucky! Love your little table. Keep it and enjoy the memories.

  23. Your well worn, much used, beloved Bible sitting on your table shelf says it all.

    1. THANK you so much, mjny....your eyes finding that Bible made me smile.

  24. I find in the spring is when I feel like doing projects like painting furniture as it seems to be the time of giving things a new birth! I like your little table just the way it is but if it makes you happy maybe in the spring you can paint it... prayers continue for you sweet BJ, many hugs!

  25. Your posts always inspire me. Your sweetness and great attitude are uplifting. I love your room and all its charm.
    Happy shopping.

  26. Love both tables. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  27. BJ, I love that you have that table to show off your quilts. Quilts just scream hominess to me . . . warm, cozy and wonderful:) Your story about the other table just touched my heart . . . you will always have memories . . . little things that the two of you shared through the years. When you find the one you love and you have years of joyful memories together, it is a true blessing. So many women and men never have that . . . so treasure them, even if they make you cry. True love never stops :)
    Please come over and join my little Thanksgiving Give-A-Way . . . I would love to have your name in the hat:)
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Connie :)

  28. What sweet sentiments you have, dearest bj. Keeping that table must be what is needed right now in your life. I'm still praying for you, my friend. xx

  29. One day soon, you will be able to talk about so many things you shared together. Especially, the funny things. When you can do that without feeling sad, you know you are on the road to peace. He would want you to go on and treasure fond memories. HANG IN.

  30. I sit in my father’s recliner with John’s table beside me. I find them comforting and a little ugly, too. 🙃 I like your sense of style. Please keep talking about Mr. Sweet. We all miss him you know, not as much as you are missing him, of course, but you made him so real and lovable...

  31. What a lovely story and now that table has come to life for us all. Keep the memories and the stories of Mr. Sweet coming. We all miss him . . . Love, J.

  32. Sweet story and I like the table as is . . .
    Sweet for your SWEET!

  33. This is such a heartwarming story. I hope you keep that table forever.

  34. I love your heart in this post, bj. I can't know, and don't want to find out, how empty a chair can be. This season will be hard...treat yourself well. Handle with care!

    I would get those 2 tables to put in this GI house in a heartbeat. You can't always put beauty over functionality--- if it will keep everything from toppling onto the floor, I'd check WalMart out tomorrow! If I can get out, I will!


  35. I don't think your little table is ugly at all! It serves a good purpose to hold books and a cup of coffee while you read. I'd keep it if it were mine. I also like your wicker table, too.
    I've thought of you often and have dropped by but I haven't been commenting in blogland as much as I'd like due to one thing and another. I was at NanaDiana's just a few minutes ago and one of her Thanksgiving tables with pieces of MacKenzie Childs dinnerware made me think of you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  36. I loved that you shared that story about the table and the chair with us. I have a good friend who lost her husband and she kept some and donated others of his things. I cannot imagine what you two ladies are and have gone through. You both amaze me. Truly strong (even though you've both told me you don't feel strong). I admire you and her. Thank you for sharing with us. Much hugs & bugs, Me.


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