Sunday, November 5, 2017

...a diamond in the rough

Last month, I went thrifting one day
to help clear my mind.

Some of you may remember one item I found that was
for me.

 I fell in love with the sweet lines of this very large hutch...
but not the color nor the finish.
 The chicken wire was "cute".....but it was all loose and coming off...

The original glass came with the hutch....

It's actually very pretty leaded glass
with a rose in the middle...
somehow, it seems very dated to me but then, this is an older hutch.

I am thinking of having just plain glass cut for the doors.....


is it against 
to have NO glass or anything else in the doors ? 
Everything INside the hutch sure shows up nicely with nothing in the doors. 
I think I'll tape the
 rose glass in the doors and live with it for a few days....

...a new white cake stand from HOME GOODS for $12
Boy....I luv that store.

I do enjoy all my white dishes...
some are English Ironstone...
most are picked up at thrift shops...
I love it all....

One thing I collect are sugar bowls with handles and lids...
this one looks like a sassy lady with her hands on her hips...
got it at the thrift last week for $2
I'll show more of my small collection another day

 I spray painted the original  hardware with 
I'm very pleased with them...

(one looks lower than the other in this photo but it's the angle of my camera.

Mr. Sweet taught me so much during our marriage and I am finding out that all the things he did for putting all hardware back on...I CAN do some of it myself.
He would be proud of me, I just know.
♥ ♥ ♥ 

Edwards Lemon Pie is soooo good.
I love frozen pies with a hot cup of tea...or coffee...or milk...or.......


  1. You've really improved that hutch. I'll be interested in seeing what you decide to do with the glass. I, too, love shopping at Homegoods! Have a good week!

  2. I love the Celtic hardware! I think I'd go with plain glass in the hutch doors -- if there's no glass at all, you'll be doing a lot of dusting of whatever china is inside!

  3. YUM bj - that pie looks heavenly!

    I adore the color you have painted that wonderful hutch!

    It may cost a bit, but if you can budget it I'd think plain glass you'd be most pleased with having - a lot less dusting of that amazing white dishes collection. I ADORE that teapot, my sweet friend.

    Hugs! ♥

  4. I do love the changes to the hutch. Mr. Sweet is very proud of you! Grinning up there in heaven!

  5. Look at what you did, you are amazing. Great trash to treasure post. I love it!

  6. It is beautiful!!! Yes, Mr. Sweet is so proud of you! We are, too!

  7. I'm glad you rescued that poor little hutch. The color you painted it is so lovely. And the pewter is perfect with it. The original glass is nice, too, but I'm thinking that just as it is, the hutch is elegant. However you finish it, it will be wonderful.

  8. Wow! Love that hutch - now!! I know Mr. Sweet is sitting up there beaming with pride at what you've accomplished and probably thinking, "Hmmmm, she was listening to me after all!!" ;-) Love and hugs, J.

  9. That hutch is very pretty and I do think the old fashioned glass is so so pretty, but it also looks good w/out it too! I like neat old sugar bowls too...but I had to quit that collection as I was running out of room, ha ha LOL--I still am partial to pretty old vintage creamers tho, and can't hardly resist bringing them home. Pretty little gravy boats too, especially dainty floral ones.

  10. PS---I LOVE PIE TOO!! Coconut cream! Chocolate meringue. Lemon!

  11. That hutch is gorgeous, BJ! You should be proud, and I know your sweet guy is smiling from up there!! Leave the glass off until you know...maybe Google hutches and see something that appeals to you.

    Oh, that pie! You never fail to make me yearn for sweets!!

    Jane xxxx

  12. Your hutch looks fantastic all painted new. I think there's no law saying you can't go without glass if you prefer that. It looks nice that way.

    As for the pie...this girl needs to cut back!

  13. Oh BJ...this is just have created a beautiful piece and how perfect to display your collection of white! I adore this!!!!!

  14. Love the hutch, Bj, and since it's yours, I think you can do whatever you want: glass or no glass.
    You did a great job on the color, Love it, and I do love Lemon Pie too!

  15. Bj, your hutch is so pretty! I love the white dishes inside. As for the doors I think I like them with no glass, it seems to frame the pretties inside. I love to decorate with dishes, so pretty, end useful too! Continued prayers for your heart to be lifted.

  16. Well done!! Looks lovely with all of your white dishes! Enjoy!

  17. Handsome (old) now new . . . hutch.
    I like the clear look . . . better than the etched rose look . . .
    I would probably have some glass cut for the doors . . .
    although seeing your beautiful collection of stone ware
    and white china pieces with nothing obstructing the view is very nice.
    Loved your comment of the “sugar bowl girl, hands on her hips.”
    Kinda of a cute and sassy look . . . like you!

  18. Did you use AS French Linen? We did a similar French hutch with this it. Yours is beautiful as well! I collect white dishes too BJ...such a classic "clean" look. Love your summer house and how you are decorating it!

  19. Love your bargain hutch! Try the no glass at all if you like it. Looks good! i love bargains, too!

  20. I LOVE what you've done with your 'new' hutch. It's perfect. The color is just what your white pieces need to show off. You are a talented lady, my friend. I would add clear glass to keep from dusting all of your pretties. That's just what I would do. This was a great post but when you showed that lemon pie, you lost me! A favorite of mine - now it's all I can think about! :)

  21. Love the hutch. Glad to see that you are back to your thrifting. You lemon pie looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Oh the hutch came out lovely! Good for you BJ! yes hubby is proud I'm sure. I have a love of hutches, I even have a board on pinterest called "hutch love" If I could id have one in every room. I also love and collect white dishes. what great finds you have! Your description of your sugar dish gave me a chuckle.
    Hope your having a lovely day.

  23. The hutch has been removed beautifully. Love that color. What about just taking the doors off and having an open shelf hutch. Either way no glass or no doors it is looking great.

  24. I love it. What a great find. I'm proud of you too.

  25. Great finds! I think it needs a glass by Hutch law, but I agree, Its so pretty and clear without glass. Im sure you will figure something out. Is there a light in the hutch? If not, put one in it and it will all look gorgeous.
    Mr. Sweet prepared you well. He is smiling. Probably shaking his head some too. hahaha. Your gonna make it.

  26. I have been eyeing that very same cake stand! What wonderful finds, BJ. And it looks great with the makeover!

  27. Your hutch looks so pretty. You did a great job.

  28. The hutch looks so much better with your touch. I like the no glass look!

  29. I love your hutch, looks great. I feel you should do whatever makes you happy concerning your hutch. I also like the no glass look.

    Take care my friend.

  30. Oh girl, that's a pretty piece:) You can leave the glass out if it suits your fancy! Mr. Sweet MOST CERTAINLY is proud of you! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS across the miles!

  31. Well done! You are amazing and an example to all of us - of live and resilience and faith. The hutch is a little treasure.

  32. BJ, Yes, Mr. Sweet would be proud of you. It shows you were paying attention to him while he did things. I love the white dishes too. I wish someone would have told me to only buy white, then mix them up with colorful linens and glassware. I have to say you truly saved that looks a hundred percent better. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  33. I once took the doors off the top hutch like that and filled the holes and made it just shelves. Save the doors though, if you remove them, and put them on another cabinet or a built in. Love the sugar bowls!

  34. dear bj ... I don't blame you for not liking the color and finish on that hutch, but glad you were able to see the beauty below that. It turned out just beautiful ... good for you ... be proud and Mr. Sweet would be too. I restored an old pine hutch and although I liked the doors, I opted to leave them off to have open shelves for easy excess as I used it in our updated bathroom. Someday, I may use the doors for some sort of wall hanging.
    Love and hugs.
    Audrey Z.

  35. Wow! What a beautiful deal you got. It's gorgeous with that color you chose. The original looked like crayon marks.
    It's amazing to see what ugly things can change for the better once we can see the beauty in it. With a good eye and a loving, caring touch, beauty is always there to be drawn out to us.
    Yes. Mr. Sweet would be very proud!

  36. That hutch turned out so pretty! I personally love the old glass but you're right, your dishes can be seen better without it. It really is gorgeous!

  37. The hutch is wonderful and I like glass because I'm not so much liking to dust. -grin

  38. You always find the neatest things when you go thrifting.

    I love old glass.

    God bless.

  39. It looks so sharp and much, much better than before! I like the vintage glass because I like museum pieces. 😉 I like your idea of no doors.

  40. So pretty! Thankfully there are no hutch laws. :) Do what makes you happy with the doors or lack of doors.


  41. I love your white dishes...they sure show up pretty in the new hutch...doors or not! Hugs!

  42. What a sweet hutch! Loving your white dishes and ironstone. Yes, it did have a pretty awful finish before your transformation. You've inspired me to go to my kitchen and do some tweaking with my whites! Prayers always.

  43. Oh, you did a lovely job! This kind of reminds me of a 'safe' my grandmother had with screen in the doors; keeping food as fresh as possible back in the 1900's. :)


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