Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Goofed....

Most of my blogging friends know we belong to a
Home Fellowship group.

We meet each Sunday evening in different homes
and we always share a meal together.
some delicious foods show up and we surely are glad to share.
This  past Sunday, I signed up to bring my favorite cake in the whole world...
a white cake
with a homemade Fudge icing....

 I started with a white cake mix....

 added an extra egg....

I always add vanilla...

(and I may or may not always add a drop behind ea ear just the way my Aunt Lillian always did...:)

I like pure vanilla but am out of it and I think Adams Extract
is really good.

looking gooood....

 but, then...
everything went SOUTH... fudge icing...
not sure what happened but it got thick before I could spread it on the cake.

not quite enuf to cover so I had to step in,
add a bit of milk to the icing left (hard) in the pan.
Cooked it for a little and poured it over the whole cake...

even an UGLY cake looks pretty sassy with enuf nuts sprinkled on top.

After covering it with those chopped pecans,
I was on my way to Fellowship....

 There were a few pieces of cake left....
 so I had a piece with my Monday afternoon tea.

My little Autumn Roosters wanted to have tea, too.


 I brewed up my large TEA mug full of BLACK CHERRY BERRY herbal tea..
one of my favorites

I absolutely adore seasonal and cute paper napkins...

 I just bought this adorable THANKFUL candle at
Home Goods.
(I luv that store)

I love using my mama's vintage golden flatware...
The color is perfect for Autumn.

Even with a broken heart,

XOXO, bj


  1. Cake and icing, what’s not to like? My favorite growing up was yellow cake with my Granny’s homemade chocolate icing.

  2. Oh yum! Cake and chocolate icing is the best!

  3. Your cake looks delish! You have always made my mouth water when you write about your cooking and baking! Big smiles here.

    Keep that smile on your face-it must be hard but I so admire you. :00

    Jane x

  4. That's my favorite kind of cake. My mom used to make the best homemade chocolate icing, but I never learned how she made it, and it wasn't a written recipe. It was in her head.

    A lot of times I bake a yellow with choco icing cake when we will be watching our grandson. And then I have to sing that song to him "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake", but I change the words to "I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake". He will grow up never knowing the real words to that song.

  5. I never had the skill to bake cake, eating cake however...

  6. I think 'goofs' are where the really great recipes come from. Count yourself in the league.

  7. Chocolate, no matter what, like being a bit “off” on the “spreadable
    must have been enjoyed with the chopped pecans . . .
    You are an A+ in the baking, creating . . . tweaking, making things pretty department!

  8. Great save! Sometimes they just dont turn out like they supose too but at the end, its all about the taste. And everything in life needs a few nuts. Haha.
    My favorite fork is just like the one in your photo but mine is red. I had a whole set but down to only one fork now.
    Have a blessed week!

  9. So glad to see you blogging again. How nice to belong to a fellowship group, we need one here where I live. The cake looks good. I have done the same thing. Always keep nuts in the house.

  10. Nice save, LOL! I like seasonal napkins too -- such a quick 'n easy way to dress up an otherwise ordinary table setting.

  11. The cake looks delicious. The candle and napkins are very nice. It is good to see you back to blogging. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. I wanted to dive in to that yummy cake so couldn’t imagine any goof! If I had Adams Extract, I’d be tempted to give up pure vanilla. One has to be a millionaire to buy pure vanilla or vanilla beans these days. Blessed me, I do have a batch brewing under the counter. My daughter asked me why I have so many vodka bottles under there...ha! I just can’t bear to part with even a drib or drab of the’s that precious!

  13. Looks REALLY good...goof or no goof!

  14. BJ your cake looked yummy! So good to hear from you!

  15. Gosh your goofed cake looks PERFECT to me! Chocolate and pecans, how could it not be wonderful...It's the simple things in life that make us smile for a bit that are soooo valuable.

  16. Looks like you did a really great job covering up your goof!

  17. I'd love a piece of that cake, Bj. it looks so good. I love all things chocolate and nuts. I'm sure with the white cake it was delicious!

  18. What goofed? I am sitting here drooling, would love a piece with my tea!
    Have a blessed day.

  19. I think your goof is better than my nicely iced cake. It looks wonderful and I am tempted to grab a flight and head down to visit you for tea.

    God bless.

  20. I am sure no one at your meeting you you had made a little adjustment to the cake. My mother always said an ugly cake was the best. Have no doubt that applies to you. Hang in, it will get better.

  21. As my Granny used to say, Cake and Chocolate, what's not to love. Then she would add, It'll all get mixed up in the stomach anyhow. LOL

  22. Think of you every day. Wish I could come sit down with a cup of tea and a piece of that cake and the two of us would cry on each other's shoulders. I got up all teary-eyed this morning. Need a friend's shoulder right now. But, A piece of cake would help. hehe

  23. I could lick that icing off with my fingers! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. I'm sure the cake was delicious, however I am in love with your canisters behind the bowl, are they Mackenzie Child's, All of a sudden I want everything black and white check in my all blue house LOL

  25. Chocolate icing and cake is the best. I love the napkins you bought. These nuking of you.


  26. I personally think nobody REALLY cares what a cake looks like, they care what it tastes like, and I would eat that cake in a hot minute!

  27. Wonderful blog post! The food looks yummy and the decorations are perfect for this wonderful season.

  28. Your cake sounds wonderful! Wish I could have shared the leftovers with you. I'll have to find that tea and give it a try. I've been venturing out to try new flavors and that's one I haven't tried yet. I am so blessed - and finding you through our blogs has been one of my treasured blessings.

  29. Let me tell you what my daughter did. She made her own vanilla extract. Vanilla beans soaked in bourbon. Its a science experiment in the basement. Ha ha. But it takes a few months apparently. Ha ha. I have yet to use it making my pecan pie, but I bet it will be yummy.

  30. Love all the fallish looks. That cake looks yummy. One thing better than a fellowship group is one that includes dinner, too. :) Love that idea. Glad you have that.

  31. What a delightful tea time for yourself, bj!

    I think your cake looks scrumptuous - sorry you didn't feel it was perfect, but sure looks perfect to me!

    Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs.

  32. those ARE cute napkins and I like the candle too! The cake looks DEE-LICIOUS my friend, no goofs there!! Long as it tastes good it doesn't matter how it looks anyway, right!? I do love white cake with chocolate icing--one of my favorites. Hope you've had a good week---you're in my thoughts!

  33. Taste is what counts. Hope you have a good week. I might just have to try to make some fudge frosting this week myself.

  34. Everything you make looks delicious🏆 Yes, even with a broken heart we are blessed. Hugs

  35. You're a true Southern can make it work no matter what! And I HAVE to get some of that tea! How wonderful it sounds. Sending you bunches of hugs, Diane

  36. There is no such thing as an ugly cake! Yours included! It does sound delish -- I'll bet everyone enjoyed it to the max!

  37. Wow, you wrote you goofed and I see there but dang, it still looks darn good and yummy. Love the tea you picked to go with it. I've never had that but I love cherry and chocolate combo.

  38. Beautifully written post as always. Thanks for inviting us into the kitchen.
    Glad you went to Fellowship. I am sure yours was the tastiest dessert!
    Have a Blessed week!

  39. White cake with chocolate fudge icing is one of my favorites too! I don't think there's any way in the world you could goof it up, it all will taste good! I loved all of the pretty fall touches that you have and I'm glad that you are finding ways to smile through all of the sorrow in your heart! Big hugs!

  40. Guuuurl if I was there would be no cake left that looks scrumptious! lol How blessed you are that you still have your mommas utensils and so pretty and rare, I love that color. You are an inspiration and I know your hubby is looking down with a smile so proud of you. much love Row. <3

  41. Dear BJ - the cake looks so delicious. As your food tends to do!
    Love and ongoing prayers coming your way.

  42. What a great respite from the day. Delicious even if it was a goof.


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