Saturday, September 2, 2017

WHAT ??? More Biscuits ???

I love biscuits with a passion...
seems most mornings, I wake up wanting
a hot, buttered biscuit.

 Don't get me wrong, tho..
While I could eat them every single day,
I try to limit myself to only a couple of mornings a month.

I like all kinds of biscuits...even canned ones...but not very often...

Homemade is, by far, the BEST of the BEST...

Now, this is my mama's olden biscuit cutter
and I love it so much, I could wear it as an earring..
but it makes biscuits a little too large for my liking...

I use a little glass to cut them out..

 Mr. Sweet's mama always baked her biscuits in a cast iron skillet...
and so do I..
bakes those little tasty nuggets evenly and the bottoms are crispy...
just the way I like them.

 (off the subject a bit here but...
I added one dried rose from a pretty bunch of
Memorial flowers for Mr. Sweet
to my little white cow....)

 Because I didn't have a bit of milk,
I searched the web for a recipe using water..
and found one....
a GOOD one here !

Mine didn't rise as much as they should have
and I think it was because I added a LOT of sour creme...

They didn't rise as much....
but, GOSH...that sour creme made them soooo tasty.


  1. They look delicious BJ. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

  2. I always prefer a fast foods the most. MCds, hardees, and bojangles (except after breakfast when they let biscuit quality go down) have the best most of the time

  3. My Mom always cut her biscuits out with a glass, too. We had many suppers of just biscuits, margarine and corn syrup when food was scarce around our house. Perhaps not the most nutritionally sound meal but hot and delicious!

  4. Are biscuits a southern thing? My folks are from Europe and mom always made bread. My husbands Aunt made the BEST biscuits and I use her recipe. Thanks for the tip of baking them in cast iron pan. I will do that from now on. See, you can teach an old dog at least one new trick. Patty Mc

    1. Dear Patty..I do hope you come back by and read this...with you being a non-blogger and a No-Reply on email, I have no other way to say THANK YOU so much for coming by and leaving sweet words.
      I am pretty sure biscuits are, indeed, a Southern Thing...I've had them all my life...maybe you could share your Aunt-in-Law's recipe...I would love that.

  5. I remember my momma using a small glass to cut her biscuits too.
    Oh my was my momma ever a great cook . . .
    Just like you!
    I drool for her Cornish Pasty . . .
    Love that picture of the four of you!
    When was that taken?

  6. Oh, how I love biscuits too!! But, I haven't had them in years...😟 We used to use the glass too... I have 3 roses from Toms funeral in my kitchen, by the I notice it when I'm out there. I still miss him everyday ...

  7. Oh yes biscuits are so good. I have used both a glass and a biscuit cutter when I used to make biscuits. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  8. Dear Miss BJ,

    You DO beat all makin' all those wonderful kinds of biscuits! And my OWN Mama cut out ours with a glass that came with BAMA Strawberry Preserves. I swear I don't know where she got that glass, because I never knew her to buy bought jelly or preserves or pickles in my whole entire life! But I can hear that early-mornin' sound of her a-cuttin' out two dozen biscuit ever-mornin' while we were still all at home---that soft THUMP time after time as she held that jar in her hand all coated with flour---just a-settin' it down hard with a little bitty twist at the end to get the biscuit a-loose from the dough. My, my, I believe them was the best biscuits I ever ate in my life, with a little string of sorghum or some sourwood honey drizzled down on the butter, or a spoonful of her plum preserves---oh, Lordy, what a way to start a day!

    Well, I'll just let you get back to your cookin'---I've a right smart of ironin' to do this evenin' and I want to get some of it done out on the porch while it's still so pleasant out and the light lasts. My very best thoughts and prayers for you and your sweet family.

    Your friend,

    Marthy Tidwell

  9. Oh, those biscuits look SOOO good! Now I'm hungry...

  10. BJ, you make me want to make biscuits! My Nanny always cut her's with a juice glass and baked them in a cast iron pan. Nothing beats a good biscuit! ♥

  11. From one biscuit lover to another these look so delicious, who cares how high they rise, as long as the are hot with lots of butter, jam and honey! I think I will bake my next batch in my cast iron skillet! Thanks for sharing.
    Think of you often and pray for comfort!.

  12. Love biscuits, too- but like you, not very often because I could eat a half a pan. I know how to cook cornbread in a cast iron skillet, but have never tried biscuits. I'll have to try that. Have a good weekend.

  13. Wow those look good! I have that Magic Biscuits recipe that we make with Bisquick, sour cream, and butter. Mercy that sour cream is good!

    We had biscuits and bacon this morning. I'll confess that I love those Pillsbury frozen biscuits but when Paul makes them homemade that's my favorite.

  14. Such a pretty post! I always enjoyed seeing what you were serving up for Mr. Sweet! He would be happy you are still baking biscuits! In his honor!

  15. We always had biscuits when I was growing up. I was accustomed to butter and sorghum syrup on mine - the taste of my childhood.

  16. Perfect read for my Sunday morning. I love bisquits! One with gravy, one with butter and jelly. Oh yum.
    Your pictures are always delightful. Even the messy ones.

  17. You're making me hungry, BJ -- you always do!

  18. Nice seeing someone that still likes to cook the old fashion way. Nothing better than an homemade biscuit. My mother made the best. She did it the hard way with what she had to work with. Wish I had one of yours to go with some good honey right out of the hive. It is pure and really better than store bought. This fellow does not sell to stores.I have some, but no biscuit. Hang in!

  19. Since I'm gluten and dairy intolerant and don't handle eggs well, either, I have bid biscuits farewell for the rest of my earthly life....however, your post is delightful and I can ALMOST taste them!

    Our fav jam is cherry.

    I continue to enjoy your posts and photos. You have a cute way with words and certainly a good eye for beauty. When your post pops up in my email box, I always ask the Lord to help you during this season. Looks like He's been doing exactly that!

    Blessings and hugs to you!

  20. HI dear friend, glad to see you enjoying cooking and eating and who wouln't want one of those yummy biscuits! My mom could make the best, she rolled them with her hands and they were perfect. I never mastered that art and I have to cut my mine out with a cutter too, have to say quit good. I don't make them often but cold crisp air of late fall will sure get them made. Enjoy your Labor Day........Love and Blessings.

  21. I love eating biscuits but they're not good for you.

  22. Now, you did it!! I must get a biscuit dripping with butter and strawberry jam. Oh yes indeed. I am working on my biscuit skills.

  23. Oh BJ, I could just sit down there and finish off those biscuits with you. They look wonderful and I know they taste terrific.

    My uncles would not sit down to a meal unless they had fresh hot biscuits at every meal. They were farmers and they had to have those, so every time I went home to Virginia, I always loaded up on biscuits with sausage gravy, oh home made jelly. Yum yum yum.

    I hope your doing okay and taking care of yourself. Prayers every night coming your way.

    Lots of hugs,

  24. Nothing like a biscuit and yours look delicious!

  25. I use a glass to cut my biscuits as well BJ.

    God bless.

  26. In my childhood home, biscuits were eaten for dinner, with beef stew or creamed chicken and peas. I loved them then and love them now. I didn't have biscuits for breakfast until well into adulthood, when they were served with sausage gravy. Oh yum!
    Love the stories of your biscuit making.

  27. Oh, the biscuits look SO yummy! Thank you for another wonderful post, sweet BJ. Praying for you often. :)

  28. Mmmmm, I love biscuits too! I always use my grandmother's baking powder biscuit recipe, but we don't have them too often or I would have an even harder time with my weight than I do already! So good! Sending love...

  29. On our latest road trip we had biscuits and gravy at a 50's diner. Yum. Hugs to you dear bj!

  30. Love that family photo, BJ!! Happier times captured forever. I, too, saved & dried the white rose petals & the single red rose that were on the alter at my sweet Ern's funeral. I can't bear to throw them away.
    Your biscuits look yummy~making me hungry for some. :)
    {{{HUGS}}} (no need to reply...just wanted you to know I was thinking of you)

  31. Thank you for another wonderful post, sweet BJ. Praying for you often. :)



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