Monday, June 19, 2017

A couple of Bits and Bobs

 Deeds is our youngest grand girl and I am not near ready for her to get

 ...but....she got her DRIVING PERMIT today (6/19/17)

We've decided she hasn't changed much since her
Kindergarten picture....
Isn't she just the sweetest, cutest girl.
We love her sooo much.
Congratulations, Deeds....xoxox

I want Mr. Sweet to walk with me again on a glacier in Alaska....

I want him to wear his big cowboy hat again...
and his Wrangler jeans and big, ole belt buckle...
and smile a lot...
and feel strong again..

I am thankful he has no pain.
I can handle most of it....but that.
♥ ♥ ♥

His Father's Day was good.

Our son, David, with him and
for Texas Tech.

...and a grandson, DREW, flew in from Oregon
for a nice Father's Day surprise.

We somehow missed pics with "Granddad" and some of the other
grands but we'll get them soon.

We all stay on our knees a whole lot.

Please continue praying for him.