Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Days of our Lives....

 I added new lights to our pergola this week...
Solar...... as whoever built this beautiful pool house forgot to add
an electrical plug-in at the very back....
one on each side but I don't like long extension cords every where.

...a cute new metal garden sign

We had a really nice rain last night...
we surely did need it.
Lots of lightening, adding nitrogen to the lawns...
slipping off for a few minutes to this beautiful park helps me to catch my breath again.

After spending time with Mr. Sweet this morning, I plan to do a little

♥ ♥ ♥

He is working hard at gaining strength back....he was able to get out of the wheelchair and into bed by himself this week.....he is getting stronger ea day. 

 My mama always planted just a few Marigolds in her veggie garden
to help fight off bugs....
(during this hard part of my life, I can't tell you how much I wish
she could hold me tight and tell me
"everything's going to be alright, Jeanie."


  1. Good words your mama used to say to you . . .
    Stressful time for you bj . . .
    Dig in the dirt . . . Enjoy some "flower potting!"
    And listen to those words, "mamma" used to say to you . . .
    Wrap your arms around yourself and say it over and over and over again . . .
    Let it be your prayer . . .
    (Caring about you sweet lady . . .)

  2. BJ, I love your new lights. Marigolds are wonderful little flowers and useful too. I know what you are saying about a bit of private time to breathe . Hold your faith tighter at these hard times. You are all still in my prayers. Blessings , xoxo, Susie

  3. We do that with the marigolds as well. It's a great trick.

    Glad he is getting stronger. Wish your Mama was there for you right now, too. Is there a food you can make or bake that she used to make all the time? That would then make the kitchen and house smell like her cooking? Sometimes, that can be nice too. Not the same as a real hug but those smells are powerful healers.

    Hugs & Bugs,

  4. Great report on Mr. Sweet's strength returning, we just keep praying! Sending love and prayers for you too. I know it must be so hard... Hoping a little time planting and making things pretty for his return home will lift your spirits. I have admired that hand sign for a while myself, it looks so cute on the pergola, and you're going to love those lights :) Hugs BJ. Everything's gonna be all right.

  5. what a beautiful park, just the perfect place to catch your breath. Spending time in the garden will bring you much joy, I also hope I can grow a sweet potato vine, I have seen some that are huge.
    Hugs and prayers for Mr. sweet, it is a long road back but he is well on his way.

    Many hugs

  6. Faith is the key BJ. Mr Sweet will be home before you know it. My mother-in-law is going strong at 91 and my father-in-law too at 94. They recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, but about 2 years ago they took turns going through a bad spell and were both (sequentially) in the hospital and then a rehab facility. The key is keeping an eye on Mr. Sweet in rehab. Both in-laws came to a point where the facility wanted them to stay, but they were declining after progressing and that's where we took them out and took them home where they then got back on their feet completely. I'm pulling for y'all.

  7. Sending you that hug and know that we are all praying and supporting you!

  8. I wish I could give you that hug for her. I'm glad he's getting stronger and I'm still praying.


  9. I'll bet your mama has her arms around you right now!! Good news that Mr. Sweet is progressing. Such lovely flowers to brighten your day.


  10. Oh, you made me cry about your mama! Lord bless your heart. Our Lord is holding you so closely to Himself. Glad your man is doing better. Prayers abounding. I love a potato vine. They look so pretty. Oh we need some rain our way. Praying for the Lord to send rain. We have massive fires going on not too far from me and it has been horrible. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Oh, sweet friend! I was just missing my dear Mama so much today, too. How many times I need her sweet arms and precious voice telling me the same thing....surely they are looking down upon us from above! SO thankful to hear that Mr. Sweet is making progress. God is good. Praying for you still.

  12. Thank you for all the lovely blog posts. Your photography is always so pretty and up lifting. I ask the Lord to bless you and Mr. Sweet. I know times are tough right now, but you are so 'on target' with your faith in the Lord and positive attitude.

  13. You and your darling Mr. Sweet have been in my thoughts BJ! Warm hugs and so happy to hear is getting stronger!

  14. Oh BJ, wish I could give you lots of hugs. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers along with Mr. Sweet. He will be home soon and all will be well.

    Keep digging in that dirt - that's a good way to de-stress my friend. Take care.....


  15. Praying for you both on this journey. My days are filled with doctor appointments, physical therapy, wound care and blood draw visits. I am thankful for all those who are trying to bring dh back to good health. He is out of the wheelchair, but hasn't progressed to just a cane yet. 4 months seems long to me, but others have gone through much more. God's will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. We'll get through this my friend! Praying!

  16. It's great to hear Mr. Sweet is gaining strength. You both are in my prayers.
    I just planted some flowers today and among them were a few potato vines. I love them and they always do well. Enjoy your planting and take care.

  17. I hope you'll are doing well.

  18. I too planted some more flowers today. Your solar lights are nice. Great photos. Have a blessed evening and know that my prayers are continuing for you and Bill. Madeline

  19. BJ, that is great news that Mr. Sweet is making improvements. It is a difficult time for you, dear one. I'm so sorry. I pray you hear the strong voice of your Mama comforting you through our Heavenly Father.
    Your cute hand sign looks so charming on your pergola. I hope you enjoy planting your flowers and relaxing in that pretty spot. ♥

  20. Hugs and love to you and Mr. Sweet. Good for him for being able to get out of his wheelchair and into his bed. Continued prayers for all of you.

  21. You have light and flowers, you have Mr Sweet's growing strength, and your immense inner strength. You are both surrounded by the love of family and friends, you doing everything possible BJ... You are both amazing.
    with lots of love to you all.
    Wren xx

  22. Nothing like digging in the dirt to ease the stress. Day by day....

  23. Yea for Mr. Sweet. I am so glad he is getting stronger each and every day.

    I use the same potting soil in my baskets and planters.

    God bless.

  24. I've been away but I have continued to think about y'all and pray for your Bill....and YOU!
    Your garden/yard looks beautiful!

  25. I'm so glad he is gaining strength. Your new lights are cute and I bet you're going to have some wonderful summer nights under that beautiful pergola!

  26. I am not your precious mama, but I surely would remind you with a big hug that every single thing is going to be all right. You and Mr. Sweet are loved with an everlasting love... So glad that you are giving yourself decompress time at the park, at the pool, planting flowers, and hanging lights. Excellent! Well done! So glad to read that Mr. Sweet is a trouper growing stronger each day!

  27. Ive never seen pink merigolds. Those are so pretty! I used to put them around my tomato garden. They work! Everything looks so beautiful and the sign is perfect. Glad to hear your sweetie is getting stronger each day. If you look around, I bet you can see your Mothers hugs everywhere. I know you miss her.

  28. Hello bj, I am so glad to hear Mr. Sweet is doing better. What a great garden sign! I love all your space and such a lovely park to relax. What lovely memories about your mama and her flowers-I got a bit choked up as I miss my momma so much and I sure could use her now as my oldest will be going off to college in the fall and I am strong now but don't know how Ill keep up the brave face. but I do know I've got to let her fly. Have a Lovely Day Lady continued prayers for your Mr. Sweet.

  29. Been thinking of you guys a lot--keeping your Mr. in my prayers. Your lights on the pergola will be so sweet.

  30. Your flowers are looking very pretty. The Potato Vine is such a neat plant. - Loved your garden sign. Good to hear your husband is improving. Have a wonderful weekend.

  31. The "Days of our Lives" theme song was what my mother put us down to nap to every day...then she'd watch it as she ironed! Sometimes I wish my mom was the type to hug and soothe, but she was never one for warm and fuzzy. Good lesson for me in how I want to be as a mom, no? Take care of yourself even as you care for Mr. Sweet. And I love those solar lights - perfect!

  32. Even though you can't see us, hopefully you can feel the multitudes of us who are holding you in our arms right now, and we are saying, "Everything will turn out alright!" Keep planting those blooms, Mr. Sweet is going to enjoy them when he gets home! xxx J.

  33. So happy Mr. Sweet is doing better. It takes time... give him my best wishes for more recovery every single day.

  34. Here is a hug. Everything will be alright. Sheila

  35. It all looks lovely, BJ -- and everything is going to be fine. You're seeing good things now and it takes awhile to regain strength. Keep yours!

  36. Getting our hands into the dirt for the first time each promised Spring helps get everything back into place, somehow. It's the REAL getting back to our own roots in those motions and gestures so long done by those who love and have loved us; it CENTERS us ever so gently as we right a plant, get those roots into the welcoming soil, and absorb some of that Spring sunshine into our own Winter-chilled bones.

    Love and hope and thoughts and prayers from your friend WAY over here in the Heartland,


  37. Lifting you up to the Lord, B.J. He's always there for you and Mr. Sweet.
    Hang in there. Your friends care.


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