Wednesday, December 21, 2016

...sights and smells of Christmas ♥

WOW...time is FLYING by.....
Christmas Eve will be here before we know it..
and then....

I'm ready for ready as I'll ever be, I think.

I've tried to make CARAMEL candies and it didn't work out so good..

bubbles that stayed, no matter how gently I stired...

and, after a few hours, it was still sticky...didn't set up well..
tastes like a million bucks...
so good...
...guess it's back to the drawing board on candy making...
but will do it NEXT year..
No time allotted for candy making now..
on to COOKIES...
I hope YOU are having better candy-making luck than I am...
well, maybe in the morning, 
I might try this 
recipe I just found...
I know of a really great candy shoppe that I might just visit tomorrow afternoon.....

Candy Shoppes are real STRESS BUSTERS this time of year...


  1. I bought some great caramels from See's. I did make a few cookies today, though. Have fun bj!

  2. I made toffee this year - by accident!!
    I MEANT to make divinity, fudge and date nut roll......but I ran out of time.
    It's on to real meal dishes now! Perhaps for New Year's!

  3. I had forgotten all about Christmas carmels. My Mom made them every year. After a couple of years of 'spoon' fudge, I gave up on candy making.

  4. BJ, get yourself a candy thermometer. I use one all the time and my candy always turns out well. Harvey says my Christmas caramels are wonderful.

    God bless.

  5. If the caramel didn't set up it will still make great jars of caramel sauce for ice cream! Hope you didn't throw it out! I usually stick to cookies and even then I have a hard time giving them away before I'm tempted to eat them! Merry Christmas friend :)

  6. I say brave to try . . .
    Not being a baker as you might remember, I tried a recipe few days ago.
    It turned out ok with its delicious Peach preserve filling
    BUT from start to finish, hours and tedious and I ended up with
    only one dozen cookies . . .
    So . . . I will stick to soup and spicy, tasty yums . . . I have more luck!
    Merry Christmas bj . . .

  7. I have not done any Christmas cooking yet except for some Biscotti to gove the neighbors. I plan to make some kind of cookie tonight. I usually make pecan balls but I end up eating to many. We will be going here amd yonder on Christmas eve and day and there will be plenty of sweets.
    Now i want to know what you use to change your header picture and the little falling snowflakes.

  8. When I was a girl, some friends and I made a pan of homemade marshmallow candy. I don't know what happened, but the whole thing was hard as a rock. We couldn't even chip it out of the pan! The whole thing had to be thrown away, pan and all, LOL

  9. I feel like I didn't do all that I wanted to do int he way of cookie baking this year, so I know what you mean! I also bought a Colin Street Bakery fruitcake to cut into slices and add a little oomph to my cookie tray. Store bought is fine with me - I have never found a recipe that holds a candle to CSB!

  10. I am not a candy maker. I will stick to my gingerbread cookies and pumpkin breads. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. BJ, My baking days and candy making days are over...too much work for failures. LOL. I would drizzle that caramel gooey over some ice cream and say that is how I wanted it. :):)My mom used to tell my girls that she baked all those Archway cookies in her cookie jar...that's becoming my approach now.:) Blessings to you dear friend, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. Merry Christmas...

  12. We haven't done any baking yet. But, baby girl was craving caramel. However, we are both now on dairy free diets. Found the most delicious coconut based ones. So good.

  13. I am so sorry those caramels didn't set up for you! Crazy---The devil must have been hiding in your microwave! I have been using that fantasy fudge recipe (using the marshmallow cream) for years and I make peanut butter fudge by adding the peanut butter chips instead of the chocolate chips. SO good!!
    Have a great Thursday, bj. xo Diana

  14. Merry Christmas BJ to you and your family.

  15. Darling BJ,
    thanks most sincerely for such an inspiring post !

    Wishing you all my best for your coming days,
    may your Christmas be the Merriest and the Brightest ever


    Xx Dany

  16. You HAVE to love the candy shop. I can bake all day but candy is out of my wheelhouse and much more stressful! Great idea!

  17. Must be the year for failures. My tried and true Fresh Apple Cake failed. I may have to blame it on myself or the weather. I bet the caramel candy did not go to waste.
    Have a happy Christmas. (I know you will!!!)
    Audrey Z.

  18. Love to you and yours - it's Christmas time once again!

  19. Oh, well! Just so it tastes good, right? LOL! There's always next year, God willing. Have a Merry Christmas, BJ! I appreciate you. :)

  20. Ooh I love caramel . Never tried the candy but have made the sauce . Can't wait to see what you make next . Merry Christmas . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Merry Christmas, bj. Many blessings!

  22. What are you going to do with that caramel? Jar it and pour over ice cream? That sounds really good. Hope that all future baking and candy-making attempts go well. I have had my share of baking woes over the past month myself. Ha!

  23. Oh, candy this time of year. So many choices and recipes! I'm with you, I'd just stop by the candy shop too!

  24. Tim loves peanut butter fudge. Sorry about the caramel but at least the taste was good!


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