Thursday, November 3, 2016

Put it on the Shelf....

Remember this sign that I bought for a certain spot in my dining room...?
then, when I got home, it was too large for that certain spot.

We hung it over this shelf in my kitchen area...

I lived with it a week or longer and while I LOVE the sign...I   just hate it over that shelf...

it just never looked right to me...

so this morning,
I took it down....

 and hung my very favorite sign in the whole world over that shelf,
put a couple of Mackenzie*Childs canisters on it

Sometimes, even when we hate to admit it, we make mistakes
when trying to fluff our nest....

First off, the color just looks really bad to me against that orangey wall...

and I had trouble with things I put on the shelf...
never could seem to pull it all together...
too many things here..

 it seemed to get waaay too busy for my room.....and for me.
Now, this looks a whole lot better to me...
I know it's all in what you like...and style...
but THIS makes me smile when I look at it...

 I am much happier with this pretty black and white sign
that our beautiful girl gave me several yrs ago.

Sometimes, it just takes awhile to get thing "right to your eyes".

 P.S....I gave the large sign to our girl...
most likely, she will hang it in her lake house...
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  1. bj!!!! It is perfect now. I loved the sign, too, but this is much better. You just KNOW when it is right, don't you? It is a nice 'clean' look and suits you perfectly. xo Diana

  2. You're right. I loved the other sign but this just has the flow and look more like you. It's terrific.

    Thanks for the clock reminder. I had forgotten!

  3. When you're right, you're right, I love this so much more. All those darling black and white accents just look so great together, and I love the message on the sign :)

  4. I prefer it with the black and white sign. It just looks better.

  5. Although I was one of those who said the red sign looked good to me, this sign is perfect! Now...could you come do my walls?

  6. Looks fabulous! (I still like the red sign for its cheer and optimism.) I also very much like some other signs around here. =D

  7. I've been moving things around and making more holes than my Dear appreciates but size and color, etc., etc., matters in certain spaces. To my eye the Fruits of the Spirit sign works better on that space, too.

  8. I like the sign but I agree, the black one goes better there.

  9. Decorating is all about editing and making choices...the thrill is in the process...and I love your result!

  10. The saga of the sign. Me too. I move things around alot. Then get it all like I like and then we move. LOL.
    I am not moving again for a loooong time. I am happy to have dirt!
    I love what you did. Now to figure out the sign. Maybe outside on the patio area! Keep us posted.
    Come over and link up maybe you'll get some suggestions.
    BTW the Cowboy is logged in it looks like a comment you don't recognize.

  11. I love the way you have the shelf now, it really looks so good. You will find a place for the other sign, or give it as a gift to someone.
    You made my day with that picture of Sam Elliott. I ran into him, his wife and daughter about 8 years ago at Harris Ranch Restaurant. Be still my heart - he is much better in person.

    Have a great day.


  12. BJ, much better. I love those canisters. Yes it all fits now. The red was out with the wall color. Since you pointed that out. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  13. Hope you find the perfect place for the other sign.

    God bless.

    1. I did, Jackie...I gave it to my girl...:)

  14. I knew youd change it! Haha. I liked it but the black does look a bit more calm on the orangy wall which I didnt even notice before!

  15. I do agree, I think the smaller sign works better.
    Plus there is a balance in the black and white . . .
    Never anything wrong with thinking about
    The Fruits of the Spirit . . .

  16. So......where did you put the other one?? Inquiring minds want to know!

  17. I love the red and white sign but I agree with you that it didn't work with your walls. The 'new' sign with the scripture on it is perfect in size and colour. And, I'm with Linda in the previous comment - where did you put the other sign?? :)

  18. Glad that you decided upon you placement of the "gate" sign, dear Lady...
    Hope that you and yours are well...and Hello from Marshville....

  19. You were right bj. The black and white sign goes much better with the wall coloring. Glad you found a home for the other sign. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  20. I like the sign too. It turned out cute and has a great message.

  21. I do that a lot, too...move things around until I just KNOW it is right.

  22. I love the way it looks now. What an amazing difference. You never know till you change it out. Also love your clock change reminder at the top. So handsome!

  23. Right choice. It is amazing how just a little simple change can make. Both phrases are nice, but the old one would apply to me. I am thankful for every day I can get out of bed and move.

  24. I do like the black sign there, although that red sign will look great somewhere else, I'm sure!

  25. I agree, the second looks so much better - good choice!

  26. Oh, yesss! The new fluff is much better.

  27. This sign is perfection!! Everything looks great and yes, black & white always works. This sign would make me feel good each time I looked at it. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy having the other one.


  28. HPS!! YOU need to publish your own decorating book!! I love every thing you do!! You have such a knack of putting things together!! Also love you little "voting" reminders at the top of your page. We can only pray the best man will win.
    L, dana


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