Friday, November 25, 2016

Every year about this time....

I love changing bedding in our bedroom from 
Summertime to Fall and Wintertime

It's really not a HUGE change as I generally
use a WHITE Coverlet...
so I can just change up colors of my pillows and blankets..

I love 
but a big, fluffy comforter just nearly smothers me right to death...
so I steer clear of them...

My bedroom goes from cool cremes, whites and turquoise.....
♥ ♥ ♥ 

 ( I am so sorry Doris Roberts died..)

I sure am partial to these colors...
but they seem a little "light" for the 
coolness of fall..
and the blustery cold of winter... 

I've already told you that I love using the color RED for room warmth
during the cooler months of the year....
I bring out THE BIG GUNS...
perfect color to warm up hearts and cold bodies...

I KNOW....
this is lots of red...
 bright, it almost hurts your eyes...
and keeps me awake at night....
(not really)

The fun part of this bedding that it can be converted from the
very quickly...
and with a white foundation,
I can have a play on choice...

here....let me show you....

 While I COULD add turquoise for a wintery look with
fluffy pillows and throws,

this is still my favorite for a warm winter's night....
O, and just so you know,
most of these pillows are only added when company is coming...
too many to remove every single night.
( and we moved the shelf to the dining area..
I'm known world wide for changing stuff around....often)

never !

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Mosaic Monday 
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  1. I really love the floral and check cushions, such a cosy combination.


  2. Sweetpea, you never fail to BRIGHT me! Happiest of holiday seasons to you and all you love,


  3. I like it! Just perfect. I'm also a fan of mostly natural colors and then adding a seasonal touch to them. Now if you'll Excuse me while I admire the corduroy pillows you have here.

  4. Not too much red for me! I love it -- it's beautiful and festive without being too Christmas so it'll last! Love it!

  5. I love to change out my covers during the summer and winter also. Pretty!

  6. Love that bunny pillow! Such a cute accent piece.

  7. BJ, Girl, you know I love your black and white checks...well that red just goes perfectly with the checks. I am putting away my creams, tans, and browns and getting out my red/black buffalo checks. I use them for Christmas season. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  8. I love the change.. It is so bright and cheery. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  9. No doubt about it for me. The red would bring cheer into an otherwise drab winter afternoon.

  10. BJ, *I* am "known worldwide for changing stuff around" almost *never*! :D But I love your changes! Gorgeous!

  11. Red is a warm, cozy color for winter and changes the look of the room in a dramatic way.

  12. Very pretty bj and so cozy looking. Red is perfect and never too much.
    Audrey Z.

  13. I usually put flannel sheets on the bed come winter. Haven't done so as of yet, but the temperature is dropping and I will be doing so soon.

    God bless.

  14. I've just changed up to summer sheeting and some of the nights have been quite hot for this early in the season. Love the red, it's so cosy for winter.


  15. Wish I had the storage space to have a seasonal change of clothes for my Stone House. And wish I lived close enough to see yours in person!! Happy Thanksgiving weekend, BJ! xxx J.

  16. Oh I love the red! It looks perfect, BJ.

  17. Delightful . . .
    I change for the seasons too . . .
    You always give me ideas!

  18. LOVE this!! So beautiful! You most definitely have a gift, my friend. :) God bless you!

  19. Very pretty and I like that you change your bedding up for the different seasons. Keeps it fun and cozy.

  20. Hello bj, I love every thing you do to make a lovely, warm and inviting home. I too love red. My mom was known worldwide for redecorating all the rime as well. Including wallpaper on an accent wall in our living room. She loved to sew and made curtains, pillows, etc. She loved it. I miss her and her love of life in all things.

    Today I cleaned more than decorated and tomorrow I will get going again on Christmas. Three of our children and families will be here for Christmas. So exciting.

    Have a great week.
    Love, Jeanne

  21. I love the red! and the ability to change everything around! You do it so well!

  22. I BJ!! OMG...your room looks so colorful and cozy and inviting!! You truly have a decorating gift!!

    HPS!! L, Dana

  23. I love your winter bedding. It looks so cozy.

  24. Love it !!!! Very cozy & warm I don't think I would eva get outta bed

  25. Love the winter look to your room, the red/black/white combo is stunning!
    Happy Mosaic Monday, bj.

  26. You have more energy than me. I never change anything. When just one makes no difference. Does Mr. Sweet ever wonder if he is in the right place? You have a good taste and use it well.

  27. You definitely have an eye for color combinations!! The red is gorgeous. Lovely for the holidays.

  28. I love both of these looks BJ. They have their own appeal for each season for sure. It's nice to have a change for the seasons.

  29. You do red well! Love the changing looks.

  30. What a wonderful transformation you have done! I love your "winter red look!" So cozy!

  31. I love the red with black and white! Beautiful! I thought of you today. I went to Big Lots to buy Christmas cards and remembered you got some bedding there awhile back. I was on a mission though and didn't look around. Maybe another! Hugs!

  32. The red with black and white certainly changes the room. It's lovely and cozy for winter time when we all need that extra bit of coziness.

  33. I love the way you change your bedding for the season. I keep intending to do the same but life keeps getting in the way. Some day I hope to make a red and white quilt for Christmastime in our room. Until then, I'll just enjoy seeing the changes you've made in your bedroom. You always inspire me!


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