Sunday, September 4, 2016

Late summer Bits and Bobs

Fall is knocking at my door...
and nipping at my heels...
and I am so not ready to turn loose of summer...

 I hate to have to wait until ANOTHER summer
 to see all these girlies having such fun...
♥ ♥ ♥

and seeing the doggies having fun around the pool...

 ...and I'm going to miss hanging out on my pretty swing...

 all the bright colors of summer..

...and green hydrangeas ....
and watermelon...
and  cute paper watermelon  napkins....
but FALL can be fun, too, I suppose....

not to mention that with a change in season comes a change around the house...

I do very little Autumn decorating...
a few pumpkins...
a couple of wreaths...

I will start working on a pretty Autumn mantel probably next week...

a few Autumn candles...

Autumn isn't my favorite season...nor is spring.
I love summer...and wintertime.
However, there's so many GOOD things about all seasons...

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

....changing the subject, but....

 Raspberry Jam is such a favorite of ours...

I tucked some inside a few crescent rolls and got too too much...
they overflowed...and were luscious...


  1. I'm really not ready for Fall either - like it's going to wait till I'm ready. LOL I love the long days of summer and like Fall but it's just that Winter comes after Fall. I am definitely not a Winter fan. Ice, sleet and snow are not favorites of mine.

    Enjoy what is left of summer.


  2. I guess there is something to love about each season, but summer and fall happen to be my two favorites. YUM - jam in cresent rolls, I have never thought of that. Just pile on a big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream, please!

  3. I am ready . . . VERY . . . Bring on the leaves, cooler nights, marching band, football games, school days, waving to the school bus . . .
    I am ready . . . VERY . . .
    SAVE SOME raspberry Jam . . . looks yummy, I'll be over soon!

  4. The raspberry jam looks so good. I am afraid that I am ready for summer to leave as it's been here much to long.

    the girls look like they are enjoying themselves and the one dog looks like her is ready to jump in. Fun times BJ.

    Enjoy Labor Day and take a nap in that great swing.


  5. I'm not ready for summer to be over either, but I do feel fall in the air.

  6. After the heat and dry weather of the summer I am actually looking forward to the cooler temperatures of the fall. I love the colours, the last of the garden harvest, and even the smells of autumn. Does that make me strange???

    God bless.

  7. I already for fall. It will be our first fallin our new place. A couple more months and we will be here a year.
    Love those napkins.
    I think you can have fun in any season. I understand about the pool. You will miss the swimmers.

  8. I find something to enjoy in EVERY Season, but it has been SO hot this Summer, I am kinda ready for cool weather:) It looks like you all are having some fun pool time! Enjoy your evening dear B.J. YUM to the raspberry crescents:) BIG HUGS!

    1. It's been hot, but surely yo'll miss those early nights of summer. I know I will.

  9. Ha! I like overflowing! Sorry your favorite season is waning...but as we all know it will come again.

  10. You're so cute relaxing on that swing...but surely autumn in Texas is just an extension of summer. Am I wrong? You'll
    keep right on enjoying the swing for weeks yet. Am I wrong? You are one of the few people I know who enjoys
    winter as a co-favorite with summer. We are opposites. Oh my. Look at that crescent roll all brown with that raspberry
    jam oozing all over.

  11. BJ,
    Gorgeous gals in the pool!
    Gorgeous G'Ma on the swing!
    Lovin' the hints of Autumn in your photos!
    Autumn is for baking. . .here on the Prairie!

  12. Not having a pool, I really hate summer. All I get is a jungle growing in my lawn

  13. Love your reference to Ecclesiastes, "To everything there is a season." Like you, I love summer and am hating the thought of seeing it go. The dogs look like they are having fun by the pool, and that swing looks so comfortable. I think raspberry jam is my favorite jam/jelly!

  14. Oh, your crescent rolls overflowed. What ever shall you do?! :) They look absolutely delicious!

  15. Sweet summer memories! Fall has made an appearance here in Oregon. Cooler temps - autumn rains - sounds of crickets at night - leaves gently beginning to fall here and there. Fall is a favorite time of year, but so are the other seasons in my part of the world.

  16. BJ, your header is so pretty. I've started the fall nesting around here. I may go back now, and edit some. I just tend to go overboard! Trying not to use too much orange, but it showed up anyway. Looks like your girls and you had a wonderful summer. I have a swing on my screened porch that is so comfy. But I'll wait til it's just a little cooler to lie on it. The roof is metal and it can get HOT in the summer. Hope you enjoy a wonderful week!

  17. Spring and fall is my favorite, then summer and winter! The last two years has just been too hot here in Georgia. Love all your décor.
    Enjoy this Labor Day!

  18. I'm not quite ready to do autumn nesting yet -- I want the summer to live on forever, though I know it won't. Mornings here are cooler. Late afternoon is the best time to swim, when the sun has come over to the west side of the house. But soon, the pumpkins and gourds will be out, leaves turn and we'll be counting down to the dread days of winter!

  19. It's not so bad that that you're heading into Fall because that means we are getting Summer - woo hoo :) What a priceless photo of the dogs with the ball. I have no doubt that your family enjoy themselves whatever the season!
    Have a fun week Bj and maybe you'll get a little lie-out on the swing :)
    Wren x

  20. Girl, you bring out the BEST in every season!! The colours and that photography---I never can wait to click on your button, and jump on a new one soon as I see it.

    We had a lot of colour yesterday, as well---Sweetpea's ninth birthday (delayed a bit by storms and heat), on the patio with rainbows and unicorns. And we ranged from NINE to NINETY! What a fun day.

    I'm getting the fall decorating feeling a bit, though I'm going with more pink and white than oranges this year, and just told Chris that the first PINK pumpkin he sees this year, I want it. They're absolutely such marvels of nature, so satiny and smooth. Just lovely.

    I think you'll have many more days of sun and warm to enjoy that pretty swing, no matter WHAT the calendar says.


  21. I enjoy every season. They each have something to give us pleasure. Your photos are great and the food looks delicious. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Labor Day. Madeline

  22. It's a shame that all that poolside fun has to come to an end I know, but your list of Fall delights sounds wonderful too, such a lot to be thankful for. I'm so happy that you shared with us at Mosaic Monday again this week.

  23. You have such a beautiful matter where you live or what time of the year it is!!!! Fall is fast approaching here in Iowa too... I dread winter...but just one of the joys of having I love Strawberry jam... Tom loved the raspberry!!


  24. I just love that photo of the dogs at the pool ♥

  25. I love summer, but I love fall, too. Every season has its beauty. Love the photo of the kids (of all ages) playing in the pool. What a great attraction that would be for your family! Have a wonderful week, BJ.

  26. BJ Who would ever want to give up Summer with the fun activites and pool you enjoy? Love your energy and excitement, as you know I simply adore you. I am starting to add fall touches tomorrow in our house. Guess what, check in a little while I am posting today! Our weather is back in the 90's sure doesn't feel like this endless summer is ending with Labor Day.
    Enjoy the holiday,

  27. Fun post. Enjoy the pool while you can! The Fall linky party is on at my blog.
    Come on over and link up! It's over here:
    BTW I love the Snoopy! XXOO

  28. Enjoy those last bits of summer to the max. I can't believe it has gone so quickly this year, but you are correct, fall is just around the corner. Happy Labor Day!

  29. Hi BJ,
    I am a summer girl and do not want to let go of the beauty of summer either. Your pool looks so beautiful and inviting. Those girls look like they are really enjoying the time in the pool. Hope your Labor Day Week End was great. Let's hang on for a few more weeks of summer!!!!

  30. Hey Sis. Thanks for coming over and linking! I loved this post. Thanks for sharing it at
    The Fabulous Fall Party!
    Come back often. The Party goes all the way to the end of October! Enjoy your Fall! (and the pool while you can!)

  31. I know.. I hate to see summer go too.. but I do LOVE Fall. and I love to decorate for halloween. I actually love all seasons and all of our america holidays. but winter is probably my least favorite. If I didnt have to go places, like work.. I might feel differently! lol!
    now I shall be thinking about those cresent rolls!
    have a great week

  32. Interesting (easy to make dessert) idea, dear Lady,... looks like you and yours had a pleasant Holiday weekend....
    Hope that all is well... and Hello from Marshville...
    Cool "list" as well...

  33. I have to admit I'm an autumn loving gal BJ. Summer is nice for gardening but once the temperature becomes cooler and the leaves begin to change colour, well, I'm in heaven. The scent of autumn is earthy and my baking takes on a pumpkin/cinnamon tone which makes the house smell great.
    You look so cozy snoozing on your pretty swing.

  34. I know you have had a fun summer with all the activities of the grands. There will be more warm days that you can still enjoy your nap in the swing. I am looking forward to cooler weather. I need to get in the mood to pull out some Fall decorations. Hugs, Audrey Z.

  35. Its hard to say goodbye to summer, but I'm waiting for some fall weather. I'm with you, bj, I love raspberry jam. Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day and enjoy the end of summer!

  36. It looks like fun. I love fall... it is my favorite season... though it is so subtle here.

  37. thats a pretty and bright and colorful summery post!! LOL.....but yeah, Fall is nice too. I love summer but not he bad hot heat that beats a person down. I did decorate for fall you...just a mantel, a few fall-ish vases/bouquets, and a Fall wreath. And my Fall pottery. Thats bout it. Hope y'all had a nice holiday!

  38. Hello bj, It looks like your Labor Day was full of fun with your darling grands all around. You are so blessed to have your grands close to you and near where you live. We miss ours so much. Your photos are fun as always.

    My favorite Season is Fall. Yep, we are almost there. The decorating starts as soon as we get home next week.

    Football is a big deal with us. It is a time spent with some of our grands and the love of our Gator games. Good thing it is a big deal because we travel a long way (9-10 hrs. on the road one way) to see those games. Yikes.

    I will be 77 in Oct. Getting there too bj. I figure 77 years of lots of gathering of experiences and fun. Hope we have lots more years to keep going. Smile.

    Happy Blue Monday.
    Love, Jeanne

  39. Well the pool does look inviting and the dogs seem to really be enjoying themselves. I for one though prefer the cooler fall weather & being able to decorate for the season.


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