Wednesday, August 3, 2016

...the sky is falling....the sky is falling...

What is it about chickens and roosters that we all seem to love..??
Roosters especially, can be Frenchy..
and we all love FRENCH anything.

They can be FarmHouse...
and a lot of people like that old-fashioned FARM HOUSE FEEL...

and SOME roosters can be downright SASSY...

or is that COC of the Walk..??
I never really know..
French version of Cock is COQ of the Walk 
 either way, they are so cute strutting around my kitchen

and then....I have this ugly one...
I found him in a thrift store for a little over $1.00
its a Mackenzie*Childs pitcher and sells for just a bit over $100.00..
now, I really got a deal on this even tho I don't think it's very pretty...

I will admit that he has very pretty tail feathers...

here's the link to order him from Mackenzie*Childs
he is listed as $125.00

 NOW...this Mr. Rooster on a polka dot plate
is a favorite of mine..
and there's always been a bit of envy between these two...

You can plainly see which rooster is the most handsome...

but they are all fun..

I have a few more roosters..some packed away, but have reduced 
quite a bit.

 I've been a bit under the weather the last few days and
our sweet grandgirls, 
made this most beautiful pie for me...
In fact, it is downright STUNNING.
 so while I was having the roosters parade across my table,
I decided to have another slice of the BEST Chocolate pie.
 ...and believe me, it tastes as good as it looks..

and my favorite drink with Chocolate pie is icy cold milk...
I love this pretty green plastic goblet from The Dollar Store


  1. I've always thought it was "cock of the walk"....but then, what do I know? LOL Your chickens are cute - especially love the colorful, fun ones. That chocolate pie would make anyone well. Hope you are feeling better.


  2. I bought some roosters recently. I thought to myself that I would start collecting them in the kitchen. Then I thought.. they would never be out. Im always decorated for a holiday. I have no "normal". but I bought a few anyways and the collection needs to stop there for me. they are out right now.. but soon Halloween will take over every corner and nook and cranny of my house.. followed by christmas.. so the roosters are destined to spend months and months packed away! lol! but I sure do like them! lol!
    have a great day

  3. We got a few bowls from dollar tree. They actually matched the set we had gotten before

  4. That looks yummy ♥

  5. Oh and they even made a meringue! Well done! I sure hope that between the chocolate cream pie with meringue and the cold glass of milk that you are feeling much better.

  6. I have a few roosters in my kitchen also. Love chocolate pie,sweet of your granddaughters to make you one. Hope you are feeling much better.

  7. My sister is the rooster lover in my family. She used to have so much stuff but since older, she only has a few things she will not part with.Sorry you are not up to par, but thankful the "girls" are taking good care of you. One thing for sure, if I had those pies, they would either cure or kill me. Stay cool and take care.

  8. I think "Cock of the walk" is correct as well. What darling grand daughter's. The chocolate pie looks just fine.

    God bless.

  9. Well, if that delicious-looking chocolate pie doesn't cure what ails you, I don't know what will! YUM!

  10. The pie looks delicious. Hope you are feeling better. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Oh I love roosters I guess because it does make me think of a French countryside farmhouse lifestyle and I love your less-than-handsome one. I bought a hen cookie jar at an auction that actually crows when you lift the top -- silly and certainly not a cock-of-the-walk but close! Feel better soon. xxx J.

  12. That pie truly does look delicious! Love your roosters too~What a buy for the Mackenzie Childs rooster.

  13. BJ, Not only did you pass your "pretty girl"genes to the grandgirls, you passed the cooking gene too. LOL. That pie looks so tasty. I love chickens too. My daughter who raises them has her kitchen /family room done in chicken décor. I really like M.Childs décor...but that pitcher, I do not think I would pay the asking price. LOL. You got a deal. Blessings, take care of yourself. xoxo, Susie

  14. We always enjoy the great photos that you post of the things that you have collected, dear Lady...
    ... and Hello from Marshville...

  15. Wow - what a delish looking pie! And what a great find on the pitcher. My mother has an outdated calendar in her kitchen because she likes the picture of the rooster - ha!

  16. You are so lucky ~ what a fabulous find! Enjoy and stay cool!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. Those grands sure know how to make Grandma feel better, that pie would do it for me ;) You got a great deal on the MC pitcher, I usually love everything they do but I have to admit that piece isn't their usual quality. I might put it on ebay and se if I could get enough to buy one of their pieces that really makes my heart sing!

  18. $1..................WOW! No, you didn't get a deal but you got a steal! The pie looks yummy and I know that it made you feel better but not as much so as those sweet grandgirls making it for did! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Looks really good. The Rooster on that dish is cool and I'll say, what a fantastic deal on the pitcher. Their price are outrageous.


  20. I'm sorry you've been under the weather, bj, but I know for sure that the grand girls' chocolate pie perked you up! Wasn't that the sweetest thing to make a grandmother feel better?

  21. Sorry to hear you were not feeling too great. Your grandgirls are awesome to make you that pie. Looks so yummy. Hope the rest of the week will be better and you will feel better. Love the roosters and hens they are adorable.

  22. I'm very happy to hear your dear grands are keeping you in the sweets! Praying for you and yours dear lady!

  23. Hope you are feeling better. All the love in that delicious pie should do the trick.
    Audrey Z.

  24. Sorry to hear that you've been unwell. I hope this cheerful rooster table setting has cheered you as much as it did me. Be well!

  25. Now I'm cooing and crowing over all your chicks with the fluffy Actually more-so over that Pie !!!!! :)

  26. Love your roosters, happy and cheery. I love milk too, prefer whole but I drink 2%.

  27. BJ, sorry you've been under the weather. How nice to have sweet grands who can make you pies! I like a meringue on my cream pies, too.

  28. BJ, I hope you are feeling better, that chocolate pie did the trick! It looks incredible! I love your roosters and what a find on the MC! Happy weekend! Pam @ Everyday Living

  29. Happy Pink Saturday, dear BJ. I so hope you are feeling better. Grandgirls and chocolate pie sounds like a sure cure to me.

  30. Pretty sweet grand girls making you chocolate pie . . .
    I hope you're feeling "tip top" now . . .

  31. I've been craving a big piece of chocolate pie JUST LIKE THAT. Mercy that looks delicious!!!

  32. Oh my that pie looks amazing


  33. I bet those grandgirls will have you feeling better in no time with that yummy looking pie.

    Don't you love a great buy like that rooster? Even if he's not your favorite it's still a good deal.

  34. Wow- chocolate pie- and homemade to boot...YUM! You have found some great deals- I like both roosters.

  35. Loving each and every rooster! Sassy indeed!


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