Friday, July 22, 2016

One of my Favorite Copycats....A Rerun

I have so much fun doing copy-cats of things out of
just about anywhere.

The following is probably one of my favorite copy-cats.....
pure fun.....using things around my house.

one day, looking thru some of my decorating magazines, I spied that luscious
 I was just drooling over every bit of it....

I delight in copying a beautiful scene with my thrifted items...

I just LOVE showing that you don't HAVE to have a
 lot of money to spend on a certain look...
I just LOVE showing that you can get the same
... with just some great imagination and some fabulous thrifted finds....
I think the key is to learn to be able to use OTHER items to represent the look you are after...

I surely don't have all the beautiful things on the table above.....
but....let's see just what I DO have..
SUNFLOWERS...check (my table would look a LOT better if I had REAL flowers...)
ROUND TABLE.....check < from my mother>
ROUND TRAY ...check
CUTE CUPS.....check
REAL FRUIT....check
OK, I am ready to satisfy my COPY CAT instinct...
Let's start gathering....

see that bit of fringed fabric...?......LOVE it... looked a LOT better after I pressed it...
Not just like it.....but close.
The idea is why I love INSPIRATION photos so much....

OF COURSE it is not exactly alike...
MY colors are LIGHTER..
we only use INSPIRATION photos that we LOVE to help us establish what we would like to accomplish.
If I were going to gather items for a table top JUST like this one,
I would choose all my pieces in about the same, neutral darker in the INSPIRATION...
(I would also probably be in the SOUTH of FRANCE...:)

The INSPIRATION photo is from
2001 DO IT YOURSELF magazine and
gives this great TIP...

"When arranging, go for a graceful curve:
Imagine drawing a line over the top of the display;
the resulting line should be wavy, not flat."
 Now that's pretty cool to know....
I generally fly by the seat of my pants when arranging pretties..
if it looks good to me....I go for it. :)

Now, I am thinking THIS might be a good arrangement for the things that I DO have..

See how an INSPIRATION photo can spur you on to create your OWN ideas,
It's not nearly so much fun if you go out
 and BUY things especially to copy a photo.

Is being able to satisfy your own self when you create a table top.
.a mantel...a dining table,
a form of creativity ?
 I've been told that it IS.. 
I think we don't have to be able to create a table top that will go into a beautiful magazine...
What I love is when my family says something like
"OH, GOSH...that old table looks fantastic !"

I like the brick red of the SUNFLOWER because it
matches the brick red of the sunflower plate.. 
....even the little tiny flowers on the french, paisley print book blends in well.

I love the little french pot that my daughter gave me years ago...
and I love using it EMPTY....
I loved learning the tip about the wavy line....
I love that we are NEVER too old to learn...
and....NEVER....EVER...too old to play !!
Ain't life GRAND !

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  1. BJ,
    Your copycat table looks great. I like your white fringed table covering better than the dark coverings in your inspiration photo.

  2. Your tablescape may even be a little prettier than the original in this day and age when all homes are going white and bright. Love them both.

  3. You did a good job of coping bj. Your table decorations looks as good as the one you found in the book. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Fantastic! You took an inspiration and created it with 'bj style' shining through.

  5. Beautiful! Alas, I missed the decorating gene when they were handing it out.

  6. Wonderful copy cat! I miss when we use to do those for a blog party!

  7. I like your display better - very pretty and fresh. It's so fun to exercise your creative and playful mind. (:

  8. A rerun... A very pretty rerun...

    But wondering if the heat is just too much, to run around taking pics...?

    I can understand, my Dear. Even up north, we are in hot weather. :-)

    Stay cool hugs,

    1. not really, Tessa...sometimes a good post deserves a few more rounds....I just left this on YOUR blog....

  9. Thanks for running the rerun! What a pretty vignette. I think everyone sees things that inspire us to do something - even if we change it to meet our own needs and with what we have.

    Stay cool and have a great weekend.


  10. Love the rerun. Sometimes they become classics.

  11. I don't remember this original post, so am happy to see the rerun. Really nice copycat and yours looks much better. Always fun to try something new.

  12. BJ I like your's better. Prettier and brighter.

  13. Nothing wrong with a little inspiration

  14. I am so forgetful, I would not remember it being a rerun. I love seeing what you come up with.

  15. I agree, BJ. We don't have to spend tons of money just to make something look pretty or do a copycat. Great post. Happy Cherry Season. YUM !!!!

  16. Fun to see this, BJ. A home run! I like to get inspiration from magazines, then "shop" the house to see if I can get a similar look. It's a fun way to look at one's things with new eyes.

  17. I have usually decorated with "bits and bobs" that I "rescued" along the way . . .
    I identify completely with the " sweet table look" you have created . . .

  18. Love it. Great job. I actually like your better!


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