Wednesday, July 27, 2016

hot pepper toast

makes the BEST foods...

She makes 
and it is as different a pimento cheese 
as I've ever had.
I just had to try it.....
She said to use Fire Roasted Red Bell Peppers  INSTEAD OF PIMENTOS
but when I was in town at the groc store yesterday,
I, for the life of me, couldn't remember just what went into the recipe.

 (this is PATTIE'S photo)
you can see why I was so hungry for them.

I knew I needed a good cheese...
I had mayo, onions, hot sauce,  cayenne pepper...
but didn't know what kind of other pepper...

I had an fresh Anaheim pepper so when I got home
and looked at Pattie's recipe,
I just put the pepper on my burner and roasted it until it was 
dark dark, all over...
ummm...I so love fire roasted peppers.

 I'm having trouble with my little blue point and shoot...
sometimes, the photos are clear and sharp...
and sometimes NOT...(or it could possibly be the Old Age Tremor...)

 I could hardly wait to pop one in my mouth....
and when I did....
I remembered in a split second
that was no ANAHEIM PEPPER...
it was that JALAPENO PEPPER that Mr. Sweet had bought a few days ago
he likes a few slices of it in the deviled eggs he takes once a month to his
work out buddies.
So, with a HOT pepper,
cayenne and hot sauce...
They were PAST spicy...
and waaay past hot.....


but O SO TASTY...

I'll make them soon, using the ingredients that Pattie calls for.
Please swing over to her site...
she is a real cook and has so many great recipes to share.
and please tell her bj said HEY..

"Thanks, Patti, for the amazing recipe."



  1. Well my man would love these!!!! I would love them too but not with really hot peppers! Bless your heart..Instead of you needing someone to light your fire you needed the fireman to put out the fire huh? Hugs and blessings sweet BJ.

  2. BJ,
    that looks so delightful, I love hot and spicy! Now, if there was only someone here to make them for me...perfect!

  3. Ha ha, an unexpected surprise for your mouth!

  4. I would love these spicy things!

  5. Oh they looks so good. We love hot and spicy around here!!

  6. I want one of these right now! Oh my goodness..a taste of heaven!!!

  7. These sound and look delicious! Will try them without the jalapeno!


  8. BJ, It's hot outside...and now you are making it hot inside. LOL. Ted Bear would love that. :) That man likes hot spicy food. It all looked very good though. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  9. I'm not much of a hot food person

  10. Oh my...they look super delicious!

  11. Would have been too hot for me, but they look so good.

  12. Oh my BJ was that ever a zap to your senses! The toast does look so good and I can't wait to try it.

  13. You Spicy gal :) Looks delish !

  14. OK I'm laughing my butt off!!! Ya know I love heat and found when the top of my head itches it may just be a little too hot. BTW both recipes look very yummy and maybe one of each would of been the perfect snack.

  15. Ouch! I felt for you BJ. I like spice but I don't eat Jalapenos - just too plain hot for me! Those look very good though and I'd be tempted to make them with something less spicy.

  16. Oh dear, that was a surprise! After all that work and anticipation I would be mighty sad. They sure LOOK good though!

  17. To hot for me to try, but they do look good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. I love jalapenos if they are not too hot. I'll be trying this for sure.It looks really yummy! Have a wonderful week!

  19. They do look good! Jalapenos have a lot of flex in their heat - some are really, really hot and others quite mild. Eating them is always a surprise!

  20. Amazing how such a combination of simple ingredients can make for such a tasty treat -- if you use the right pepper! ;-)

  21. OHYHH, Honey, yourself!! That looks absolutely scrumptious---we're roasted pepper people, as well. Chris will stick four or so great big several-color bell peppers on the grill as he cooks out there, and bring them in in a double-grocery-sack. Fifteen minutes, a quick peel and cut, a little olive oil and crushed garlic and a sure hand with the Kosher salt---oh, my. I wonder if it's good for us to eat one apiece with a burger? And we've been doing our own chipotles for ages---I just get out the gloves for those.

    I've been touting Paminna Cheese for years on my blog, and it seems that many other folks are quite fond if it, as well---I'll bet the recipes for Paminna Cheese are as argued over, with mayo vs. Durkee's and onion-or-not, as "heated" a topic as sprinkle vs. dunk.

    Yours look absolutely divine---today's the day, for I have every single one of those ingredients, even half a lovely baguette from last night, and since we're home from TWO trips this July, it's the night for a good old simple burger on the grill and some Netflix.


    Stay cool, faraway friend,


  22. Oh My...I'm afraid it's too hot for me.
    Hope you don't mind me borrowing your Republican graphic.

  23. Hi bj, Wow, this sounds pretty neat ... I must give it a try! I do like hot peppers! :-) Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and for reminding me of SOMEWHERE IN TIME. Yes, that movie fits the old hotel on the postcard! :-) Have a great weekend!

  24. oh my does this look delish! We will see if my hubby can handle the heat :)

  25. they may have been hot but oh my goodness they sure look DELICIOUS!! Need lots of cold sweet tea to wash those down with! ha ha LOL

  26. they may have been hot but oh my goodness they sure look DELICIOUS!! Need lots of cold sweet tea to wash those down with! ha ha LOL

  27. Even though you told me about it, reading this blog post still made me laugh. Your toasts look wonderful and the perfect accompaniment to a pitcher of margaritas or sangria.


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