Thursday, June 30, 2016

Splish Splash favorite singer and song from 1958..
Bobby Darin and his SPLISH SPLASH
I danced to this song at least 2 million times...
and you know how favorite songs take you back to times and places in your memory...
*heavy sigh
Well, with SPLASHING on my mind,
and after seeing some really cute DIY  BIRD BATHS on PINTEREST 
which, by the way, is going to be the death of me,
I decided I needed a cute, colorful, small birdbath on my 
backyard patio...
birds LUV to splish splash, don't 'cha know....:>)

This was my inspiration...
I have shown it before...

The perfect thing about this is that you get to choose YOUR colors... just ANY color that tickles your fancy will be adorable..., off to LOWES for pots and paints......
primers and glue....
sealers and a bottle of cold wine water...
(this shopping in the summertime is for the birds...haha...pun intended)

Well, I ran off and left my printed copy of the cute birdbath at home
so....when I got to the store,
my mind went totally BLANK...
totally...did I need 3 pots.....or 4....and can't I add more if I want to...??
**** NOTE:
we don't have smart phones...
Social Security frowns on make-your-life-more-fun 

so I called Mr. Sweet and asked him to turn on my computer
and go to my blog and describe the birdbath to me.
 Mr. Sweet...."What...??"
me......"The computer....turn it on for me...."
Mr. Sweet...."I have NO idea how to do that"
 good grief !!
I called my friend, Martha, and asked her if she could pull up my blog
and while I was explaining what I wanted,
a total stranger walked up and said,
"I'm going to make myself this same birdbath and I can show you
just what you need...."

 Picking the paint colors is where all the fun is at...

these colors make my heart sing...
especially when LIME GREEN is added...   

I needed 2 coats of primer for these terracotta pots but when I looked
at my paint again...

COOL.... heart races pretty fast when I look at these colors together....

I have one coat of clear sealer on each piece...
tomorrow, I will add another coat and then...
ready to put this baby together with E6000 glue...
then, I'll put it in among my flowers and fill that pretty green platter with water..

 ...when Mr.Sweet built the greenhouse/storage room/shop,
he also made a shed outside...
it is so nice.. benches...vices...and anything else that's....

My little nearly-finished little
birdbath is drying out there,
with a box of something HEAVY to hold it all together until it dries..

then, I will move it in place,
glue the finishing cute pieces on...

fill it with water and bird seed and
see what happens...
put a large, pretty moss rose plant in it... 
* I'll tell you why THAT thought crossed my mind when I get it all finished and looking adorable...ha


  1. That is so cute, bj. Love the color choices. I have done the same thing and called MyHero to look up something for me...only to be met with the dreaded...WHUT? on the other end of the line. lol Hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am just trying to visit a few blogs tonight. Thought about you a thousand times, I did! xo Diana

  2. I made one about 10 years ago and it's still in use. Colors have faded, but the birds sure love it. I love the colors of yours - very pretty. Enjoy your bird bath.

    Happy 4th.

  3. This looks so good! I hope you get a lot of bird visitors.

  4. Just wait 'til you see a bird 'splishin' and a 'splashin'. It's so fun to watch.

  5. This looks great....I am always making lists of things to buy, and leave the list behind!!

  6. This is awesome BJ!!!! I love all of the colors! Hope that you are having a great summer so far.

  7. That is so pretty! You did a great job. How neat that other lady was making the same thing??!! Great timing!

  8. OMG BJ I have got to make me one! thanks for the inspiration! love the workshop Mr sweets built, my Dh doesn't like nor knows how to turn the computer on, and is perfectly happy with that ~wink~ I am a believer in God's perfect timing, the lady at the store was one of those!
    Bobby Darren ad Sandra Dee were to of my favorite couples!
    Have a blessed and happy July 4th!

  9. How perfect! A stranger, coming to the rescue, and telling you just what you needed to buy!!! Isn't it nice, when people are nice??? :-))))

    Hooray for the fun you have!

    Keep coooool hugs,

  10. WOW! That is a really awesome DIY project, lady! Love those colors, too!

    Sorry I have been so absent. Just posted some good news, which kinda explains my month-long recess from blogging. I have a ton of catching up to do now!

    Please have a safe and fun holiday weekend! Big hugs!

  11. How fun. Can't wait to see the 'Splishin' and a Splashin'. Have a good day.
    I'd love to hear from you but Google took my comments away. Or Blogger. Or some thief in the night.
    The only way you can comment is clicking on that dumb Google+ thing where my comments should be.
    Maybe if I go Lowes I can find somebody to help me! It's worth a try!

  12. Great idea . . . colorful too!
    I already have four bird baths . . .
    I think a bright colorful one might be a welcomed addition!

  13. I was also inspired by that bird-bath you featured so while at Home Depot, I decided I'd pick up pots and make one as well. Same problem. I looked at the pots and thought, hmmm, did I need three or four? I knew I needed the big plate, but was there also a small one on top? So confused was I that I bought two clematis instead and now two days later have yet to plant them. Is this a sign that summer might get away from me? Happy weekend. xoxo

  14. OK NOW I WANT ONE haha

    I like your colors and thanks for the nice tutorial
    love your shop area also
    and yes how I miss all the music from the 1960's wish I could go to a sock hop dance

  15. Bobby Darin had some great songs. Your bird bath is looking good, love the colors. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. bj this is so cute!! I love Bobby Darin also. Happy weekend!

  17. You are so funny. I love the colors you chose and can't wait to see it in the garden. I've wanted to make one of those for years. Maybe you'll get me jump started!

  18. Very pretty BJ. I think I just may have to make one for myself since yours seems to have turned out so beautifully.

    God bless.

  19. That has happened to me. Isn't the worst when yo know what you need but can't exactly what. It is frustrating. Looking good. Can't wait to see


  20. I have 'Splish Splash" on a 45. I used to listen to my moms records growing up.
    You and Mr.Sweet made me laugh. Too cute.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy that darling birdbath!

  21. Serendipity was with you, bj! Your colors are so happy and your bird bath is going to be so pretty. If I didn't have my little waterfall, I'd be making one of those. Happy 4th to you and Mr. Sweet.

  22. Looks good and is very creative !! Hello from Marshville, dear Lady... Wishing you and yours a great Holiday weekend...

  23. Yay for helpful people who know what you're thinking! Fun colorful bird bath. Splish splash that brings back lots of memories and I'm amazed that we only took baths on Saturday night just in time for church on Sunday morning!

  24. paint and primer is a bit of a deception. Behr came up with it first and everyone followed suit. It really just means a paint with a better bond and coverage. If there is no paint, I'd still recommend using a traditional primer.

  25. Soooooo adorable I'm totally making one or two !!!!! Perfect Summer craft :)

  26. Well I do declare that is super cute. Loved your color choices.

  27. Awe...this project turned out super cute. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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