Friday, May 6, 2016

Out my back door....

Hello, all...
The wind has been blowing non-stop for days and days
and about to wear us all O.U.T.
It's not stopped me from working outside, tho.

I want to show you a little "RESTING" spot
I created outside out back door.

I bought new cushions for the patio chairs..
I tried MANY colors to see what I would like but...
in the long run...
BLACK and WHITE won out.
I just flat can't help it...I LUV black and white... 
and, it is so neutral, you can use absolutely ANY color with it...
it's a perfect background for color, makes any color really pop. 

One of our grandgirls, LACEY JEAN, bought the cute rug mat for me
and she chose the perfect colors ....

She knows how much I am loving aqua blues and greens together... 


 I love this little fishie pillow so much,
I might have to go buy another one.....

I bought Fabric Spray to help keep the cushions from fading in the sun so fast...

 ...that little turquoise table...
perfect size for holding cups, glasses and candles in  little LIME GREEN  buckets.

We never, if ever, eat outside...
either too windy...
too hot...
too many bugs...
so a little side table is perfect for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 

This area is back by the greenhouse
and the large back yard...
when we are out working there, we need a place
 to sit/set/sat....(i never know which one is right)
to have a cold drink....
and to just catch our breath. had to be PRETTY, too.

 and....IT IS...
well, to ME, that is...
all my favorite colors gathered together in one tiny spot...
and I just love it.
(notice the stones holding down the little rug) little PINK phone is showing up in a lot of these photos...
can't get very far away from our phones, tho, can we...

I love geraniums ....

the sun was shinning so brightly, these photos look like neon.....nearly

 Such a pretty back yard....
( I LUV this photo..)

Trees haven't been planted in this large yard....
it is so quick and easy for son or DIL to mow without anything in the way.
They are trying to decide if they might want to plant something along the fence.

I love using cute pillows outside
and need a place to put them when someone wants to sit/set/sat down....
I found this canvas holder at ...hmm...can't remember for sure....
maybe Target...
ANYway, it's perfect to hold my pillows...

 Our back door/s...

We have plans for many more pot plants and flowers...hoping the wind blows it's self out soon so we can enjoy being outside more.

I have so many plans for out there...
can't wait.

 This view is going to get better and better with the addition of more 
rose bushes...
and more blooms on the ones there.

I was using the white basket to hold my pillows before
I found the other holder...
this photo was before I cut all the tags off the cushions...

 I love this bright spot outside my back door.
oops....gotta go....I think I hear that pink phone ringing....
♥ ♥ ♥
I almost forgot to tell you that I have several new things
added to my tiny outdoor space and one of them
is on order and I am about to have a hissy fit for it to get here.



  1. bj! You have created a very lovely spot to sit a spell and enjoy refreshment. Love the colors!

  2. Oh and I may I add that I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  3. What a pretty spot! Your view is already pretty but I can imagine you'll be making it even prettier. :)

  4. You have great ideas and carry them out very well. It is nice to have quite spot to sit and relax. The best of mother's day to you. With such a loving family, I know you will.

  5. Very pretty bj . . .
    I like how the rug ties everything in . . .
    I'm hoping the winds begin to rekax for you!

  6. Pretty little area to relax and unwind! I love those colors, too! And the fish pillow, now it is just fabulous! :) Happy Mother's Day ~Rhonda

  7. It's a perfect spot to sit a spell. I love the colorful rug and the geraniums are really pretty! I know you will enjoy your sunny spot this spring and summer!

  8. I love your colors---black is becoming a new favorite of mine here and there. I feel so stylish!! How neat of your grand to get you that rug, that's a cool color combo.

    Enjoy your sweet spot, BJ!


  9. Your little outdoor retreat looks so fun! Love all of your bright and cheery colors.


  10. sweet! I plan on doing some sprucing up outside today too! Its not supposed to be sunny today.. but at least it will be warm and not raining! Have a great mothers day weekend!

  11. I love your resting spot, and it's the perfect spot for you to sit and enjoy a cuppa for Mother's Day!

  12. I am like you, bj, I love the fishy pillow!!

  13. It looks VERY inviting and comfortable!

  14. Just started buying my bedding plants a few days ago, as you know. I am making a trip today to get a few more, and hopefully will be getting them potted in the next few days. Our summer season is so short that I need to take advantage of what we have.

    I love the new pillows and the colours just pop.

    God bless.

  15. You created the perfect spot for relaxing out in your back yard. The colors are so inviting. I just love every thing about it. Have a blessed day and I hope the wind calms down. Madeline

  16. Lovely little spot. I love the blue. I was my plan to go with that shade to match the cats chair.
    Still workin' it though. Your little spot is a very nice place to sit and enjoy the day.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. This looks so cheery! I especially love that fish pillow -- green and turquoise rock! A nice haven, BJ!

  18. Love your outdoor spot, so cheery and pretty colors. Can hardly wait to see your outdoor decorations.

    Happy Mothers Day.


  19. Love it !!!!! When the wind stops you can add a fancy patio umbrella too !!! Love the cushions and I am too a sucker for Back & White !!! Love you new pillows !!! Where do buy the Fabric Spray ? I am in the process for the first time making patio pillow covers (alot cheaper to make than to buy new pillows hope it turns out )

  20. It is a delightful spot and love your BW with colors to complement ~ Looks a wonderful cozy place ~ Great shadows in your images!

    Happy Mother's Day in the USA

  21. Hi BJ... I just love your sense of color and design.. so FUN!!!! But I stopped over mainly to tell you thank you so much for your so wonderful comment on my Mother's Day post!!!!I had to go walk around the yard to to compose myself!I am also you newest foLlower!!! Hope you will follow me, too.

  22. a lovely spot to relax.... You have a very nice home (full of the things that you enjoy) that is a very Good thing to have...
    a pleasant weekend to you and yours... Hello from Marshville.

  23. What a beautiful spot to sit and relax!! Lovely garden bj, and great shadows too :)

  24. Great shots bj! always fun to stop here for a visit. Thanks for sharing and enjoy a wonderful week. xo

  25. Hi bj, I noticed your thumbprint and realized I visited a different post. HA! Your colors are all beautiful together. You have a designer's eye. I mean it!!! I kept looking for some cookies or something to eat. HA! Out your backdoor is a place I would enjoy very much. Your photos are always amazing.

    Happy Blue Monday.
    Love, Jeanne

  26. Let me just tell right here and now, I absolutely love this sitting area you put together . It is lovely, everything is wonderful.

  27. Let me just tell right here and now, I absolutely love this sitting area you put together . It is lovely, everything is wonderful.


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