Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Mama

Happiest Mother's Day.....
Mother's Day is a modern celebration honoring one's own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.
What a beauty.


Her mother, EMMA, was expecting a baby when her beloved brother,
FREDERICK, left for World War 1
and my Grandmother Emma told him,
"No matter if this baby is a boy or girl...I will name it FREDERICK....
and she did, indeed.
Sometimes, to tease my mama, we'd call her FREDDIE
and she'd pretend it made her mad...
(she never could turn her head away
 fast enuf 
to hide the smile that made her face light up...) 

EMMA died when my mother was only 8 years old....
EMMA was in her 30's when she became ill with tuberculosis and passed away...
I am so sorry I didn't get to be with her, growing dad's mother also passed before I was born.

My mother, "Freddie"  was a ROSIE, THE RIVETER, during WW2...

I was too little to remember how she looked during that time but she told me all the ladies wore scarves around their hair,
 probably for safety reasons.

How cool it would be if I could have a picture of her,
 working in that airplane factory..
but I don't....
so I am claiming the woman on our left (above) as my mama....LOL
just look at her using that rivet gun......

Mom was the most talented lady that I have ever met.
She was the kind that could do anything she wanted, and do it well...
It NEVER crossed her mind that  she might not could do it.
Painting, drawing, sewing, cooking...she did it all....
but the best of all was the kind of mother she was...
I learned so much from her..
to honor our family name...
to give a job your very best, no matter what the job might be...
to always, ALWAYS remember THE GOLDEN RULE...
She loved my little brother and I with an unconditional love
and altho she has been gone 28 years, I still feel her love.
Mother had a fabulous personality...really funny and witty and
she had a LOT of friends.
EVERYONE loved my mom !

Happy Mother's Day
to my mama....
 I wish our daughter, STACY..
daughter in law, KATHY
our granddaughters, JESSICA & MICAH

Happiest Mother's Day to
all mothers past and present.
bj aka MOM aka MEMAW
 aka to my mom, dad and brother,


  1. What a loving tribute to your Mum, Grandma, and all other Mums in your family. On a day like this, we miss them so much more. Smiles from heaven will be with us all day.

  2. Happy Mother's Day bj . . .
    What a fun visual . . .
    A "could do anything" with the scarf on her head . .
    Your momma would be happy and proud of you . . .
    Nice tribute to her, your grandmother, daughter and mothers everywhere.
    Happy Day to you!

  3. I miss my Mama too! Sending HUGS your way this morning as you remember your sweet Mama! Happy Mother's Day to you dear B.J.

  4. And a VERY happy Mothers' Day to YOU, Sweetpea!! I hope you and all yours have a wonderful day together.

    What sweet stories of your Mom and Grandmother---I'm so sorry you didn't have a Memaw of your own to ---they're very special in children's lives. That's why I try to be the very BEST Ganjin that i can, every day.

    Love from the Heartland,


  5. Beautiful tribute to your mom and grandmother. Happy Mother's Day bj!

  6. A beautiful tribute to your Mom. She was part of the Greatest Generation too!

  7. A wonderful tribute to your mom on this Mother's day. Some of our mothers may be gone but never are they forgotten. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Mother's Day. Madeline

  8. A Very Happy Mother's Day!
    Lovely photos of the Mothers of your Family!

  9. Enjoyed living a moment with your family tree. They say before we're born, we choose our family...appears you choose well dear BJ.

  10. BJ, I loved reading about your Mother and Grandmother! Memories are so special! Happy Mother's Day! Pam @ Everyday Living

  11. BJ, I loved reading about your mom and grandmother. I didn't have any grandmothers either. Only saw one grandfather, one time. You mom taught you to give everything a try at least.... and do your best. Your mom and grandmother were both very pretty ladies. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  12. Hope your day was wonderful. Beautiful tribute to the Mothers in your life.

  13. Happy Mother's Day BJ. You come from a long line of wonderful mothers.

    God bless.

  14. Lovely tribute! Hope your weekend and Mother's Day was wonderful.

  15. What a toucing story, dearest bj, it really touched me in the deep !
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, I wish you a most wonderful new week aheaad, sending much love to you


    P.S. Your new header is gorgeous !!!

  16. Wonderful post, great tribute to those beautiful moms.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog
    gardenthymewithdiana I'm signing up

  17. Oh bj, I love your post so much. Describing your mom...could be my mom. She didn't work during the war but she was raising 6 children. If her iron broke she would take it apart and fix it, as well as the toaster or anything else needed fixing. She was strong and independent. Best of all she gave her children the same strong will. We sisters always know how much we were loved to this day. Our dad was much the same way. I bet our moms would be the best of friends. I love her name and you look so much like her. Beautiful women both of you. Your daughter looks like you too. Her legacy lives on. The photos you shared are awesome.

    About the wine barrel photo. I am sending the one I used for the competition by email. It can be printed at Walmart for very little expense. It is an 8X10. Enjoy. I am so pleased that you loved it. The size can be changed.

    Love you,

  18. I love reading ALL your posts but this one was extra special & brought tears. We really are so very lucky as a family to have & be such good mothers! I will love you just the way you love your mom ~ forever and ever!


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