Thursday, April 14, 2016

This MAY be CORNEY...

 Hello, everyone...

 Part of the fun of photographing my food
is looking around my house for cool props to add interest to the photos.

This time, to show off my
I chose my iron bird on a stand...

 and the iron twine holder with the cute little bird...
and my Gerber daisies...
they aren't blooming right at the moment but the green leaves are gorgeous.
These adorable twine holders are sold by
for around $34.00....I bought this one in a small shop here for $10.00
because the scissors were missing.
 (I had these small ones, tho and they work great)

They are now selling the same twine holder at
but with a rooster...

and they have cute scissors with them.

They sure make cute, inexpensive gifts.....

I made homemade veggie soup a couple days ago
and for lunch today
we had a bowl of it and these amazing CORN FRITTERS...

They really turned out good..
only thing is they are FRIED...
and we don't eat much fried foods anymore.

Surely a few won't hurt us...
and when we've eaten our fill and there's a few left,
I just cover them and we snack on them during the day... 
they are delicious cold, too.

I will say, they are scrumptious served hot, with a tad of butter on top.

Now, THE PIONEER WOMAN puts a little sugar in hers...
and fresh chives...
I didn't want sugar in mine this time...
and no fresh chives to be found around here....
and they were STILL delicious...
you're gonna just LUV 'em.
♥ ♥ ♥
Hope all is well in your world.


  1. I love corn fritters, but we have them only about once or twice a year. We don't fry much either, but these sure make me want to get out the pan and make some today. The iron birds an twine holder are adorable.

  2. The twine holder is very unusual. Love the iron birds. I have never had corn fritters. Yours look very delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. Delicious! You have the very best food in all of blogland!

  4. Yummy and pretty. Love your thrifty find! I found at the store yesterday Bacon Cream Cheese. It was on close out. Not really cheap but I bought it. Oh how yummy it might be on your fritters. I cooked cornbread last night. I think I'll add a slice with Bacon Cream Cheese to the Chicken Noodle soup simmerin' on the stove. Yummee! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  5. Hi BJ! Corny, yes, but in a tasty corny way! I would love to have your recipe! Is it The Pioneer Woman's recipe but without the sugar? Your little twine holder is so cute. Now you always stage your delicious looking food so well! You always make my mouth water too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. oooooh bj, these look soooooooo good!! i too, am trying to staying away from fried food, it's not easy!!! we have a restaurant in our area that makes and serves these. they top them with powdered sugar!!

    i am also always looking for props for pictures. i sometimes use things that are revenant to the area where i live, shells and stuff, that represent the jersey shore!!!!

    1. * relevant *....i know i spelt this right, it must have been auto correct!!!

  7. My mouth is watering for some of those delicious looking fritters! Love your twine holder too!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

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  9. I love corn fritters...and had some drizzled with maple syrup in a restaurant once. Oh my! Yum! Yours look yummy too. Sheila

  10. Now, if only we could smell and taste those corn fritters through our computers - all would be well! They look delicious. I love your twine holder. So much so that I went online to look at twine holders. They are so cute - in so many styles - but yours is absolutely darling!

  11. Your corn fritters look delicious. Yum, with vegetable soup even better. Think I know what I have on my menu this weekend!
    Hope you have a great one………..

  12. Bj, I love me some fritters, a little fried foods once in a while ain't so bad, right! Love your photo props too!!

  13. I love corn fritters! Haven't had any in a long time... way too long! :) Love your twine holder, that is just too cute! ~Rhonda

  14. I love that you enjoy taking photos and arranging things so beautifully,, then the end result we all get to enjoy!!
    Your cooking draws us in and your photos keep us coming back for more,, or is that the other way round,, not sure but I love my visit here,, I always leave hungry!!

  15. I really like your twine hold, it looks good. You would never know the scissors did come with it.

    Those fritters look so good and I haven't had them for a very long time.

    Great pictures BJ.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Just getting back into the swing of cooking things here. After 15 days of no cooking it is a tiny bit difficult to get back into having to cook and do dishes.

    God bless.

  17. Yum on the corn fritters and soup. Always looks so good. Love the string holders too.

  18. I don't think staging is corny at all especially when you have corn in those fritters LOL!

  19. I love how you take pictures of your food. You do make some wonderful things to eat. That sounds good to me. I like corn muffins with our chili soup. But I bet these fritters would be great. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  20. You do have the best props and the tastiest looking food. You folks enjoy a lot of variety.

  21. Man, I'd love to eat one or ten of those corn fritters!

  22. I have one of those twine holders but don't have the cute rooster on top. They sure are handy tho! The corn fritters look fantastic. We have a place here called Charlie's Chicken that has those and I always get them when I eat there. YUM!


  23. Those fritters look delicious and I like that you look for great props to showcase your photos.

  24. Your props BJ are always enjoyable and add such interest to your lovely photos of your yummy food. You rock my friend.

  25. Thank you for the recipe---I don't think I've ever made them, BJ!

    Your photography is always spot on! :)


  26. You are a stylist at heart! And oh, how I would love to dine at your house! Looks fabulous and I bet it all tastes even better!

  27. What cute props, bj! I haven't eaten or made corn fritters in years, but I sure do love them.
    How's your David doing? Love and happy weekend!

  28. I hate the taste of fried foods but I know, folks love 'em. Glad yours were good.

  29. I need to make some of those corn fritters. Yum

  30. I sure would like one of your corn fritters about now. I guess I need to get up from here and make plans for our dinner. Staging the photo is part of the fun, and you are a champ.

    Happy Pink Saturday. dear friend.♥

  31. Hey Girl. The answer is in the video.

    Happy Weekend :-)


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