Friday, April 1, 2016

Things I never pass up at yard sales....and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I'M SORRY.... 
I was over visiting with KARI ANNE that lives at THISTLEWOOD FARMS
the other day and she was telling us
the 7 things she would buy at a yard sale if she only had $5.00
and it got me to thinking of things
 I never pass up.


I never ever pass them up unless they are broken....
you can paint, strip, modge-podge.....
all kinds of things to make them really stand out...

Every one of these mirrors were bought at yard sales or thrift shops.
I just painted them all white and hung them together for a
BIG statement in our entry.

Some wooden, some wicker...and a plastic or two, I think.

 ...a favorite mirror with a fun Christmas wreath.....

 was transformed using decorative DUCT TAPE...
brought a bit more of my favored black and white into the dining room...
love it !


just as KariAnne says,
ANY white dishes look fantastic when you get them home.
I love ENGLISH...
but I also love ANY white pieces...
even the cheap pieces look amazing mixed in with all other...

 A few of my pieces here came from my mom...
but the majority are from yard sales and thrift stores...
I NEVER pass up white, lidded, handled little sweet sugar bowls...
even chips and dings don't bother me one tiny bit.

SOMEtimes, you can REALLY make a SCORE
like I did on these 4 beautiful pieces for $8.00...
I nearly p'd my pants.

isn't this piece beautiful....
SHUTTERS of ANY kind...
oh, yes...I never, ever pass up wooden shutters, no matter the siZe...
I've had a love affair with shutters most of my adult life. our olden house, I used decorative shutters on ea side of the hearth
and I am so so so sad that I sold them when we moved...
why ? .....I've no idea

They were one of my favorite things but I must have been in a funk while  going thru what I thought would fit in this pretty 
SUMMER HOUSE and thought I didn't have a place for these....

I have an intense search going on for more... 

and I love metal house #'s....

Vintage shutters on ea side of this window mirror....
i still love this cottage

I had 4 long shutters hinged together for a screen in our olden house..
when we moved into the SUMMER HOUSE,
Mr. Sweet put two on the opening going into my dressing room...

and the other two beside the window.

there's just something about shutters that gives personality to a room....

I also used shutters on either side of my quilt in the dining room.... 

they just add interest and charm and I love them. 
Glass Jars
I love 'em to the moon and back...

As we all know, they can be used for a million things...
and some like this vintage ATLAS
looks fabulous empty.

or filled with candy...


they don't have to WORK...
but they DO have to be cute....

 I used to see these adorable crystal-like little clocks at every thrift store
I walked into...
I only have 2 and now, it is RARE to find them any more..

 My mama bought this vintage, cast iron clock at an Estate sale
over 50 yrs ago...she repainted it all and it works like a charm.
I've had it for 45 years and counting....

I love olden clock faces and always buy them when I find them...

this large clock face is my latest find
 and I don't know how I ever lived without it...
beautiful hands and numbers....
the perfect bit of rust here and there....
and it keeps PERFECT time...

Oh, there's lots of things I find at thrift stores that I love
but now that I am pretty much out of room to store things,
I really have to LOVE it before it comes home with me.

Hope everyone is having a good week... sure is nice to feel healthy again.

...and because you've come to expect
something to EAT here at the Summer House...
starting about this time of year, 
I start lovin' FROZEN pie...
especially KEY LIME or LEMON....:
blue monday
make it pretty monday
amaze me monday 

Jent, we all love you SOOOO much.


  1. Hi BJ! I really love the things you shared here. Some great ideas for wooden shutters! I think I can use some of those! And like you, I'm a sucker for mason jars. So versatile! All looks so very lovely and fun here!

  2. You must be a professional decorator -- you have such an eye for design and arrangement!

  3. B.J., I absolutely love thrift stores! You have a really beautiful collection of items here, and I love your taste!

  4. Beautiful ideas!!! Thanks for sharing.
    PS: I'd like a piece of that yummy cake ;-)
    Have a nice weekend

  5. So glad you are feeling up to all this. As I said before, you can take anything and make into something better. You have a good ideas and thankfully Mr.Sweet carries them out.

  6. Ohhh, I'm so happy that garage saling has started up again! I love to look, but I seldom buy anymore because I'm running out of room. Sigh. I love to collect things, too. Your rooms look all your collections.

  7. You do know how to have fun! I especially like your white ironstone...always a favorite of mine.

  8. Love, love, LOVE all your finds. You have such a flair, Beeeeeej!!!
    p.s. I am posting a bit more these days. Hop on over and visit, when you have time!!!

  9. You have some very interesting and nice things. I am so glad you are feeling better. The pie looks so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. You make me want to go to a yard sale and buy mirrors, clocks and white pottery!

  11. First of all ~ I am so happy that you are feeling healthy again. I was about to pack up some of my homemade chicken soup and drive it up to you! I love all the same things you do. Shutters are probably at the top of my list. We are not alone, I saw acres of shutters at Round Top last weekend. And finally ~ I love your wall of mirrors!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  12. Oh, you genius!! You love what I love---white frames and wicker and glass, and all those wonderful old "Mason" jars and Lemonny anything.

    To prove the point, I jumped up this minute, between reading and writing, and Dawn-washed two hefty lemons, a lime, and four very fresh eggs. They're all rinsed and drying on paper towels, as is a lovely old glass loaf pan which came with my family's first refrigerator. We used to make an uncooked fruit cake in it every Christmas, out of graham cracker crumbs, candied fruit, Dime Brand milk, and enough of our just-picked-out pecans to equal the rest.

    I'm going to layer regular old icebox pie fillin' into the pan with Nilla Wafers. It's one of Chris' favorite things ever, and will be splendid after the baked fish and green bean salad tonight.

    You're my inspiration---every day.


  13. Great post, Wonderful images and good photos...over-all Very "Creative"
    Have a great First day of April, dear Lady...

  14. I had forgotten about that cute mirror with the black and white checks! I love that look so much. I have that same duct tape and I have never used it, guess I need to find something to use it on that will be as cute as that mirror! Happy birthday Jent!

  15. I need to stay away from garage sales for awhile lol. I have too many projects going. Unless it will go in the garden then I don't have to stay away lol.

  16. everything looks amazing. happy birthday to your son in-law.

  17. hello my friend...I love all the photos! April is HERE!!! at last!

  18. Loved seeing what you " can't pass up!"
    Great mirror wall . . .
    Nothing better than white, milk glass, assorted pieces . . .
    I can't pass them up either . . . especially little cream pitchers . . .

  19. BJ, Happy birthday to your SIL..he's a looker. I also loved everything you did...are you my lost sister ? LOL. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  20. Ha! It's always good to have a list of what to buy or what to leave behind at a "sale" I'm trying to think of what is hard for me to leave behind. I'm a lot better these days at being able to leave things on the shelf. Love your mirror entry!

  21. Thanks for sharing your tricks. I've really wanted a grouping of mirrors. I'll have to show your photo to the Cowboy so he can see how good it looks. Maybe he'll snag me a few!
    Have a good weekend.

  22. Oh- You love so many of the same things I do, bj. Mirrors, white dishes, shutters...and so on! I have loved shutters since I first saw them in a neighbor's house when I was about 6 or 7 years old. You have so many wonderful things you have collected, bj. Now, I will pray you can find a few more shutters! xo Diana

  23. So thankful you are feeling better! Your home is just lovely! Beautiful post! :)

  24. Well appears you've perked up a little if you're thinking of garage sale issues! Happy you're feeling better.

  25. BJ, glad to hear you are feeling better. That virus is a mean one!
    Your entry with the mirrors is so charming. I think you've got a terrific idea there.
    Isn't it interesting what we go to at thrift sales? I'm drawn to old wooden things like boxes, bread boards, and rolling pins. And of course dishes! Love beautiful ironstone too. Thanks for sharing your garage sale favorites. '-)

  26. I love mirrors too. I like your wall grouping of them! Very pretty. I am a sucker for old photos and do not have enough space or walls to hang all my phamily finds! I always dreamed of having a tea house so I could show case all my dolls. Ah...still a dream.....and I love tea, anything to do with tea, tea pots and cups and saucers. If I only lived in a house with a million rooms! HeeHeeHee! My SIL grew up in the Florida Keys and he loves Key Lime Pie but only ones made with real key limes! My daughter has perfected the Key Lime Pie for him. I also have several good recipes that are simple for lemon pie. Yummy! We could be twins bj! Love all the cool phots you shared. Have a great weekend and a Happy Pink Saturday too! xo

    1. I am a sucker for mirrors and clocks too, BJ. I love how you grouped the mirrors in your entry....Christine

  27. BJ,
    I enjoyed this post so much!! Love all your mirrors and I see what you mean about shutters! Love how you have displayed all of them!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  28. I also have a few things I never pass up = wooden salt and peppers and silver coffee pots. I am always looking for things to paint!

  29. I just went to my first estate sale of the season yesterday and scored some fun items. I adore your mirror entry way and the clock faces have become so fascinating to me. Found a great red check thermos for my kitchen yesterday.

  30. Great thrift store hints. I always buy some of the same things you do and also buy any vintage picture frames. Love the clocks and clock faces!

  31. Bj, thanks for your comment on my blog. If you like to make my cookies or other rcipes, please find the "conversion table" on the top of my blog.
    Hope it helps :-)
    Happy Sunday


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