Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweet & Savory aka How Does Your Garden Grow

Hello to all my family and friends...

Yesterday (22nd) was just beautiful and the first pool party took place.
I didn't get photos...
it was a swim party for great-grands and a couple of friends.

♥ ♥ ♥ 

I had a couple of  cans of crescent rolls in the fridge left from my Bunco fun...

 and only a bit of ham and cheese left.....

 so I made 4 SAVORY with ham, cheese, butter and poppy seeds....

and 4 SWEET with melted butter, cinnamon and sugah....

This, with grapes, made a heck of a great breakfast for us two olden folks.... 
They both were delish...
and I would swear they put on their best dress for these photos
because they surely do look pretty...!!!

I have fun with my pretty plants doing so well in the dining room of
 the SUMMER HOUSE.... 

They are all thriving in the Southern light.

Come on over...
I saved these two, 
 XOXO, bj

p.s. i just saw an amazing recipe on FB involving
cream cheese...
sprinkling of powdered sugar...
and I still have ONE can of crescents left....
STAY TUNED......heh heh heh 



  1. Yum! I have a can of crescent rolls in the fridge and I think they might just have to be used today. Thanks for the delicious idea!


  2. First here!?!


    Looks yummmmmy BJ.

    And your indoor flowers are lovely!!!


    1. Nope. Not first. But second. :-)))))))))))))))

  3. oh they do look good,, yum!

  4. I was going to say I saw a recipe for cream cheese and strawberry jam, but then saw your last note so I will be waiting to see how you use strawberries with them. Soon, please, soon!

  5. Yum...Yum...Yum! I saw the strawberry crescent recipe..I think I pinned it. I can't make too many sweet things because of Mark's diabetic diet, but every now and then I go crazy and make something just for me!

  6. Those look and sound delicious! Thanks for saving a couple!

  7. They look so good, will be right over.......

    Have a great weekend.

  8. BJ, I love seeing what you have cooked up. :) I bet it always smells good in your kitchen. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Looks great, BJ. Very tempting to eat :)

    Thanks for sharing...

  10. Like one of the grands used to say . . . "good 'dea!"
    And I will add . . . yummy too . . .

  11. What a great day. Love the poppy seeds.

  12. BJ - Both look amazing! Hope you find the strawberry recipe. I'd love that also.


  13. Yummy BJ but you got my interest with pool party. Still way to early for us in Philadelphia and our growing season starts around Memorial Day. But I do have pretty Purple Pansies that are thriving. I love your shares and your plants look very healthy.

  14. A pool party already! Lucky you :) I can't think of anything more fun than having a gaggle of grands having fun right outside my door. You do live a charmed life my friend. I'm on my way for some of those crescents!

  15. I think I have to make some of those! They look delish and easy -- just right for a Sunday morning!

  16. Oh my BJ, those look delicious and the pool party sounds like a whole lot of fun. Your flowers are so pretty too. Thanks for sharing and have a great day :)

  17. I really have to do some baking!! I have a scone recipe to try out, and a coffee cake recipe we love. Hopefully later today and early tomorrow I can get a few things done.

    God bless.

  18. The pool party sounds like fun. The breakfast looks delicious and your flowers are doing very well looking good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. I'll bet that someone will send you that recipe, and then you can make the goodies and show us all how it's done. They sound do yummy!

  20. BJ, I'm with Pondside. I just bet someone is going to get that recipe to you. It sounds yummy. I just finished making French toast, a favorite for our weekend breakfast.
    Pool parties ~ I bet many in our blogging world can't begin to imagine that Texans are already in the water. I was in New Braunfels yesterday. The river was full, and I mean full of groups already floating down the current in those giant innertubes.
    Happy Sunday!

  21. Pool party!!! Sounds wonderful and the food looks yummy. I would love to join you in the fun and claim one of those crescents…...

  22. Bj it is always enjoyable visiting here, I'll take my crescents out to the pool, maybe even take a dip,(in-my-mind).

  23. Delicious looking crescents and yes, with grapes make a good breakfast. Enjoy.
    Audrey Z.

  24. Yummy. The strawberries ones sound yummy too. The girls photo session was lovely. You have a beautiful family. Your/we (HeHe) are very blessed!
    Have a good week.


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