Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Watering Cans

In memory of my good friend, SALLY of SMILING SALLY
and her weekly BLUE MONDAY link parties,
I will be posting BLUE all this week.... 

It's funny, the things people love....

Years ago, I saw a magazine spread about
Andrea and Bruce Dern (the actor)
beautiful California home.

She had a greenhouse which she called THE POTTING SHED
built right into her home...

it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

 In the magazine article, it showed a large floor shelving unit, to the left
of this doorway into her potting shed,
just full of all kinds of watering cans.

I've searched everywhere I can think of to find that picture but I've not found it.

I've loved watering cans ever since I saw her collection...
*I sure wish I could find that photo...

Searching the web, I found some really cute watering cans....

I love this darling blue and white one.

I had one just like this but when we moved, it somehow got lost and didn't make the move with us...

I adore these brightly colored, polka dot ones..

the whimsical ones are so so cute...

 ...a pretty fancy one that I really like.....
 All of the cute one I've shown sure make my little
turquoise watering can look PLAIN.

but add some cute colorful letters...

and it suddenly  takes on a little bit of personality....
and, I mean...if there's anything EVERYbody wants, it's a
Personality Plus Watering Can...
(sometimes, I wonder about myself...)

 it wants to sing and shout....
and pour some water out....

Now...if I can draw cute curly-q's from one letter to the other,
it might be pretty cute....
HAHHHAAA....the things I think of to blog about....
Oh, well...
it's fun...
and that's what it's all about.

 It was time to repot some starter plants and being on a SOCIAL SECURITY budget,
I don't always feel I can just go buy bigger pots...

 I save a few larger plastic containers and I don't mind one bit using them
until the plant will go into a larger one....
here I've just finished potting in the coffee container...
and about to do the same with the ice cream bucket...

You can pick up the large plastic potting containers at Lowe's Home Improvement for free...then, you can set them into a prettier container...or even spray paint the plain, free ones...

these little plants will go into those pretty soon...and I have a few pretty pots to sit out by the pool come summertime.

This "corn" plant has really grown but began getting dark tips and spots on the leaves.
GOOGLE, knower of all things, told me to cut the brown spots off,
replant in finer soil ( Miracle Grow is always my go-to potting soil).....

keep it out of direct sun but in a light and sunny place...
I sure would like for it to grow to about 4 or 5 feet ....
wonder if it will...

and then, before I could get this Watering Cans post published,
my new Country Living magazine arrived in the mail box...

...they are featuring WATERING CANS...

 and cute potting benches....
I have to repaint mine and the wind has been blowing every single day
and I am using spray paint.....
*heavy sigh.....
maybe tomorrow...

"I'll be seeing you, Sally."

XOXO, bj 


  1. I love watering cans also Bj, I have two and one is like yours,maybe I should give it some personality! I leave them on the patio for decor. I know about things not making it on a move..!

  2. Watering cans are both functional and fun... I had a darling little mister (a sprayer that mists flowers) and your post made me wonder where in the world that thing went to. Probably with everything else I put in a yard sale, gave away, put in the dumpster when I moved. too bad.

  3. I am fan of plastic watering cans these days. I love a metal can, but they are just too heavy, once filled with water. Now a copper can is pretty decorative, and not EVERYTHING has to be practical....right?

  4. What a beautiful blue tribute to our Smiling Sally. She will be missed by all of her blog friends. I'm keeping her family in my prayers. Hugs, Diane

  5. Clearly you have a green thumb! I always find that cute decorative watering cans never work as well as the old plain janes -- they always leak or slop or something.

  6. BJ, Sally would love your post, I bet. I loved those fancy watering cans. Some times I use old milk jugs to haul the water to the flowerbeds. I have an nice old watering can for the porch. Hey girl, we do what we have to do...your plant containers. :):) I just bought a fake tree sitting in an old tobacco can...so that coffee container may become the going thing years from now..lets' just say you are ahead of your time. LOL Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. Great watering cans. I really like the way you decorated the plain one. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. One thing we have in common, plants or maybe two things, good cooking. The watering cans are so cute, but I do not use one. Just get a glass or whatever is handy. You should really have some nice flowers this spring with the hothouse.

  9. Sweet tribute for our friend Smiling Sally. I love watering cans bj. I have a few, I haven't thought of it being a collection but I guess it is. Love your pretty pics and i still use anything that will hold soil to pop a new plant in.
    Have a good day………..

  10. You're right on trend! That potting shed in the magazine is amazing, I fell in love instantly. Wonder if I can get Earl to build on to the house?....

  11. I'm sorry about the loss of Sally, bj. She was a sweet woman.

    I think your watering can is cute :)

    hugs to you,

  12. bj ... lovely tribute to SALLY of SMILING SALLY and her weekly BLUE MONDAY link parties. She would love you for that. Love your post on watering cans too. I have a small collection of galvanized metal ones but seldom use them to water plants with.
    One is painted blue and that is my favorite. Thanks for a nice post.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. I want a potting shed and I bet you saw some of my friends at the Beach Boys and guess what...my Mattie and Coach Been are having a beenie baby!

  14. Posting blue for Sally is a lovely thing to do -- and I love each and every watering can!

  15. I love the yellow watering can with the flowers! I'm sorry about your friend, Sally. I didn't know her, but I can tell from what I've read that she was a special person.

  16. It was fun seeing all of the cute watering cans. I like the way you "fancied up" the once plain plastic one. I have one little ceramic blue and white watering can, but it doesn't hold enough water for actual plant watering, so I have a plain yuck-color green one that I use for actually watering plants. I don't know what it would take to fancy that one up. It is not too pretty. Maybe I could spray paint it a different color.

  17. Love all the watering cans I don't know why but they remind me of tea kettles ...love those too ;) I would love to have a Potting shed !!!!

  18. Hi BJ I remember the magazine spread of the "potting shed" of the Derns. I too feel in love... Me with the amazing chippy house, painted floor and appointed room. No doubt about it I adore watering cans, I have 3 vintage galvanized and I've kept them original but love painted happy colored ones too.
    We made it up to 70 today, I think Spring has sprung!

  19. I loved the pretty watering can photos. I have a friend who is crazeeeee for watering cans, and I have given her a few for her collection. She tends to make collections an obsession, so she is currently in a four step watering can cure things. lol... I love yours. So sorry about sweet Sally. Love your idea to honor her.

  20. I loved the pretty watering can photos. I have a friend who is crazeeeee for watering cans, and I have given her a few for her collection. She tends to make collections an obsession, so she is currently in a four step watering can cure things. lol... I love yours. So sorry about sweet Sally. Love your idea to honor her.


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