Thursday, March 24, 2016

Decorating with Leather

Hi, everyone...
we are still feeling poorly but better...

I am not going to be able to share many Easter photos so,
I'm using just a few images from the web....
just looking at them makes me feel a bit better.

Leather sofas and chairs are timeless.
Leather isn't known for it's soft look
but if you are going after something other than a vacation house
or masculine  decor,
you might be looking for ideas. 

 A lot of people  have a little trouble decorating in
a French Country...
or Shabby Chic...
or even traditional
if they have leather sofas...
or hubby's infamous leather REcliner.

I've found some really great decorating ideas involving LEATHER....

...just look how comfy and stylish this room looks with leather sofas...
I think she did a wonderful job here...
she likes a bit of cottage and maybe a touch of French Country and
JOANNE incorporated those sofas with their soft pillows and luscious throws...
and I LUV it.

When I asked permission to use her great photo, she said,

"Of course you may take a photo, BJ ~ that's a wonderful compliment and I appreciate your nice comment.  It did take me a long time to incorporate the brown leather with my cottage style.  Thanks so much for visiting!"
~ JoAnne

 Please go over to see her beautiful home and
while you're there, please tell her bj said HEY.

I've no idea who this pretty room belongs to but it's another perfect example of how to decorate in the COTTAGE STYLE with a leather sofa  .

I think it interesting that pastel blues seem to work with her leather....

Pottery Barn sure knows how to decorate with leather.
*heavy sigh
every time i try to stack books beneath a table, it looks messy and i end up
putting them in the bookshelves....

I love the softness this fabric ottoman gives to the leather...
but comfy...

the wall color is a tad too dark for me but the paint we have
picked out is in this color's called NATURAL WICKER and I love it...

Using lots and lots of pillows on your leather sofa/s
really make a soft statement.
(that's my leather sofa....:)

This pretty room doesn't have as much color as I like in my own surroundings...
but it's a beauty.

Our two leather sofas that I am trying to figure out how to
"take it with me"....
I do love them...
and the pillows, throws and even the fun Buffalo Check window topper helps
to soften the look of leather.
I happen to be partial to the caramel colored leathers myself.

we KNOW you are good with leathers...
(love the color here)

I've posted the above photo before...
but, I just LUV it..
the rug...
the pillows...
the color of the leather...

and nothing beats the soft, buttery feel of genuine leather.
It can be dressed up or down...
casual or dressy...
most of's so so comfortable.


  1. Do hope that you get to feeling better Soon..
    Hello from Marshville..

  2. Good evening BJ I'm happy to know you are feeling a little better. Spring colds are tough. I too love leather and enjoy it in our rowhome.
    🐰 xoxo, Vera

  3. Keep getting better BJ. Many many hugs. Love the leather in so many of the pictures you posted today.

  4. I have a burgundy leather reclining loveseat -- I love it!

  5. Hope you get to feeling allllllll the way better SOOON!!!!!!!

    PS: I would love to sit and read, in that first photo. Just plop me down and I'm good to go.

  6. We did make our first house offer and it got accepted. Good advice about the home inspection, though the bank is making us do it regardless. I had no idea you could or should do that a few months ago. Inspection should be soon, if it goes well, we'll have our new house

  7. I like leather too. We have two dark green leather chairs an ottomans in our TV room. There's nothing like them for comfort and ease of care.

  8. Feel better soon friend! You have some beautiful ideas here, I always love your decorating posts!

  9. Lovely photos and lots of inspiration here. And yes, I also hope you are continuing to regain your health. What a bad spell!

  10. Thanks for sharing the pretty photos of decorating with leather sofas, bj. Hope you'll continue to feel better. Happy Easter blessings are sent to you.

  11. Feel better you, ya hear me? I have been wanting to change out my family room furniture to leather:) Love these rooms and ideas! Have a blessed day dear B.J. BIG HUGS and healing PRAYERS coming your way!

  12. BJ ~ I love this post and I'm so flattered that you like my living room and are using it as an example. Decorating with leather is difficult especially if you love cozy, charming spaces like I do. You have some other great inspirational photos as well. I especially like the one with the fabric ottoman. One of the things I have loved about the leather is not having to worry about stains and it never looks dirty like the fabric sofas I have had in the past. Thank you so much!

  13. Take care of yourself, B.J. Sending warm hugs to you and will keep you in my prayers. Happy Easter. Beautiful and heartwarming photos!

  14. Great leather ideas. I have 2 leather recliners and have had to make them work in my room. I hope you start to feel better. Have a wonderful and happy Easter.

  15. I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling *peaked*, as my Mom would say, especially over the holiday.

    I really enjoyed seeing those photos, esp. the PB ones. We've never felt comfortable sitting leather here in Ohio, as it always felt too cold. My sister's sofa, in AZ was VERY nice though!

    Have a lovely Easter!

  16. Cool post. We don't have a cat anymore so our next sofa will be leather. Although I'm afraid I might always be cold. The Cowboy keeps it frigid inside in the summer.
    Thanks for sharing all these ideas.
    Have a Happy Easter!

  17. BJ, I love browns and caramel colors in leather. I am not a fan of black or red leather...but I am sure they can look good in the right scheme. When I see red leather, I think of Rosanne Barr,when she wore a big red leather dress(She was big at the time) to some celebrity function...someone said she looked like a recliner. Dang, now that hurts. LOL I think aqua blues look so nice with browns and caramels. Hope you get to feeling better for Easter. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  18. So glad you are feeling better, BJ! I hope you will be back up to speed real soon. Just love all the pretty rooms in your post. I do not own any leather furniture, but I do think it is pretty, not to mention durable. My best friend went with leather in her main living area a couple of years ago and it really looks great too. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!

  19. Enjoyed your pictures and comments on decorating with leather. I have never wanted leather, but it is beautiful. Hope you continue to feel better and have a wonderful Easter.
    Audrey Z.

  20. I enjoyed & Loved your leather sofas & decor pics ...also gonna start following A Pocketful of Blue!!!


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