Monday, February 1, 2016

Is it really a ROLL without yeast..??

 Hi, everyone...

you probably saw the photo on the left of
over on FaceBook.

Don't they look delicious ? but...
ROLLS with no YEAST...???
and MAYO...??? 

Well, you KNOW I had to  make them just as soon as possible...
first of all, the recipe says spoon them into muffin tin.
Well, I did...
and mine did not come out smooth on top like their photo.
Sooo, somewhere along the way in the recipe, they must have failed to
tell us how to make the tops SMOOTH...and the sides, too.

Absolutely no doubt about it, these are BISCUITS...not ROLLS...
BUT...very quick to  put together..
no rolling out...
right into a PAM'd muffin tin...
Recipe stated about 15 minutes in a 350 oven to bake
and it took 30 minutes in my oven.

They are more dense than a good biscuit, probably due to
omitting the rolling of the dough and cutting into a bit thinner biscuits.

a teaspoon of salt is just a tad too much  for us....maybe a half teaspoon would be about right.

 They are very tasty, tho...

I really have never met a biscuit I didn't like except for a very few...

We all know how gooood a biscuit is with a favorite jelly.

Homemade from scratch, baked in a heavy cast iron skillet is

 These from scratch CHEDDAR and BLACK PEPPER biscuits are about
as good as it gets and I give my scratch biscuits an

These are scratch but using OIL instead of shortening...
they are delish and here's

Rating on these, especially with CHERRY PRESERVES,


We always can fall back on BISQUICK MIX for a quick drop biscuit 
and they are delicious...

Some brands of canned biscuits are pretty darn good, too.
We love the GRANDS...

I LOVE biscuits as some of you know....

If you saw these "rolls" on your FaceBook and wondered about them,
now you know MY thinking on them.
They are biscuits made with mayo...
and I will give them a
Googling ROLLS :
" A roll is a small, often round loaf of bread served as a meal accompaniment (eaten plain or with butter). A roll can be served and eaten whole or cut transversely and dressed with filling between the two halves. Rolls are also commonly used to make sandwiches similar to those produced using slices of bread."

I'm still convinced a ROLL is made with yeast but.....I could be I think I'd 
better make ANOTHER batch and taste them again (yep...they are that good) 

Ruby Tuesday
Tweak it Tues.  


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Your photos are great. Have a great week. Lynn

  2. Yum, I will have to pick some of those up at the store. You certainly got my mouth watering :)

  3. I make these quite a bit, but with self-rising White Lily flour and good results. 7-Up biscuits are really good, if you haven't tried them.

  4. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and now I am dying for one of your biscuits! They will be on the menu tomorrow and believe me, it will be hard to wait that long ;-)

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. The biscuits look so yummy. Great photos. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. Great post- bj - thank you - makes one wonder why theirs looks so different, so I am in agreement with yours -definately a biscuit (which is fabulous but not as "refined" as a roll) but tastes so good.

    If you haven't yet tried them with lemon curd or clotted cream and jam, please do. If you'd like to try lemon curd and REAL imported clotted cream from England - you can find those tiny cute little jars of them at World Market - that way you try for much less of a $ committment. But I know you will love. I dont' use them together - lemond curd on one and cream/jam on another or for another day.


  7. Fortunately or unfortunately I enjoy most anything that comes out of an oven! All these look good enough to eat! Thanks for testing the recipe bj!!

  8. I agree with you. Without yeast it isn't a roll. Period. End of story. Now I have heard of an angel biscuit that has yeast, but it is a cross between a biscuit and a roll and not my favorite. We still like your tip for biscuits and you know what that is.

  9. I'm so glad that someone I know tried these rolls. I've seen the recipe on facebook for months and they look so good. But with butter and jam, anything baked is yummy.

  10. I'm inclined to think a roll has yeast too. Those look like biscuits to me but whatever you call them you are the woman to make them!

  11. BJ, it cracks me up how you put the manners messages over on your sidebar. You say what all the rest of us are thinking but you're so darn cute and sweet it goes over very well. I agree with all that you've said.

  12. Good post . . .
    It makes me wonder . . ..
    The third post I have seen on bread, rolls, biscuits!
    If I try all three will I be in "danger territory!"
    I think I will space myself . . .
    I need my chocolate this month too!

  13. Okay, here I sit at almost 11:00 PM, craving a hot buscuit! Thanks for that BJ. Those do look more like a biscuit than a roll, but still delicious looking!

  14. I'm trying to convince my GKB to put some black pepper in with our next batch of cheese scones, we'll see.


  15. Hello BJ, your biscuits are making me drool because I so love biscuits with jam.

  16. Hello BJ, your biscuits are making me drool because I so love biscuits with jam.

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  18. Hello BJ, your biscuits are making me drool because I so love biscuits with jam.

  19. Girl, you DO BEAT ALL!!! It's 6 a.m. and I'm sipping my first cup and waiting another few minutes to go wake Sweetpea, who is with us for a few days. She has to leave for school at 7;15, and we both like a little time to ease into the day.

    But THIS. THIS just woke ME right the heck up, I can tell you. What a bright, beautiful gallery of the most beautiful luscious scrumptious sumptuous biscuits I've EVER seen, anywhere. Miss Betty Crocker would be pea-green with envy, The Doughboy and his pre-made Pop-its and Frozens would be absolutely over the moon, and the absolute QUEEN of the Biscuit World---Miss Martha White, herself, must all be just rolling around in flour and dough in a frenzy of applause. You get the "Gold Medal" for this one.

    I can make a biscuit. I can make a FINE biscuit---drop, roll, cathead, tee-ninexy little fairy ones befitting perfect pink ham slices on a silver tray, lard, Crisco, Butter or oil---but these are simply what all biscuits aspire to from the first fluff of flour out of the bag.

    Simply gorgeous, and absolutely divine.

    You just get on with your talented cookin' self, Girl.


    1. hahhaa...I swear Rachel needs to write a book...such a way with words....

  20. And a biscuit, here in England is what you call a cookie!! Your biscuits are our Scones.
    What's in a name?!

  21. I know better than to read your blog first thing in the morning:) You make me HUNGRY for a big 'ole biscuit! I don't make them often but just might have to have one with some jelly oozing out:) Have a yummy day! HUGS!

  22. I was going to say that those look an awful lot like biscuits, but you beat me to it. Glad they tasted great.

    God bless.

  23. BJ,
    So~o~o glad that "Mr. Ed" and I had biscuits with our scrambled eggs and Yogurt this morning!!!
    Otherwise, I'd be making "biscuits" sometime today!!!
    We tried a Raspberry Preserves from Aldis and it is delicious!!!
    P.S. I can't make a n y t h i n g with yeast. . .I stick to quick breads!!!

  24. Lol! This reminds me of a funny story. A few years ago you told me to use a cast iron skillet for my biscuits. Since then that is the only way I make them. When I had my masectomy, my husband took over the cooking for me. He complained that he just couldn't get the biscuits right. I opened up the cupboard and showed him the cast iron skillet. I swear it was bathed in heavenly light with angels singing. That ole thing he asked as he turned up his nose. Now that he sees what a difference it makes he holds it with the same regard I do and no longer turns up his nose. Every time I bring out the skillet I always think of you and it puts a smile on my face. What a great way to start the morning, memories of BJ!

  25. They sure look yummy, BJ! I wonder why yours didn't come out smooth on top, though?? I'll have to experiment a bit as these sure sound quick & easy, with ingredients always on hand.
    Love your close-up shots...they make my mouth water.

  26. You're not kidding about the cast iron. I use mine all the time. It's supposed to be my camping cookwear - but why I ever bothered buying anything else, I'll never know. They just clutter up the place. :-)

  27. My Goodness! I saw your Texas light come on when I dashed out the door at 12:45 to go with Caro, and here you were when I got back. Hon, you just lift any and everything you like or can use, any time. I just scribble down stuff all scattershot, and heaven knows what I will end up as. Don't ever even proofread much.

    What a sweet thing to say, and I'm so honored that you liked the post. We have a lot of the same memories, I think---just a little bit of geography between.


  28. And I DID just get a new book!! I have my blog printed up every year---have eight volumes now---and I've been too busy and plumb tuckered out since Christmas to get this year's together, So I had them just grab the little blog called "PAXTON PEOPLE" where I describe and talk about a whole townfull of folks I've known, wish I did, or just make up as I go along.


  29. BJ, You are the best biscuit maker. I love them too. I think that recipe might have been mixed up somewhere. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  30. I love biscuits, bread, and rolls of any kind. And rolls, to me, are made with yeast. Have you tried the recipe on Susan Branch's calendar for this month? They sound good, too, but maybe more like a scone.

  31. Yummy. Lot's of options. I have to admit sister dear you got the biscuit making gene. I can't make a descent biscuit for the life of me. When we were young married we eating dinner and watching Little House on the Prairie when the girl became blind. The smart ______ Cowboy put his biscuits on his eyes.
    Can you believe I'm still married to him. LOL. I am better but not much. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll try this recipe and fool him!
    Have a good Wednesday.

  32. Good Mornin to ya ! They both look very good ...Love Honey drizzled all over a biscuit or roll works for me !!! Then again ....I wouldn't mind drowning those in some Southern sausage gravy !!!!

  33. Sitting here on a diet... ALL of them look good LOL


  34. You are a hoot! I say any roll is a good roll. Will try those with mayo.


  35. In Canada we have a coffee place. Tim Horton's and they sell them. I like them but yours look much nicer and yummier and fluffy.

  36. I am not a baker, but I do love a good biscuit or roll. My weakness for sure!! :)

  37. So yummy!! I love rolls and biscuits...well most baking really :) And you take such gorgeous pictures too!
    Helen xox

  38. I'm suddenly very hungry! I haven't had cherry preserves on biscuits yet, but I will soon :)

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