Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bits and Bob in January

THE SNOW of 2015
After over a week since the GOLIATH SNOW STORM
hit Lubbock,
we still have this much snow left all over town and countryside.
 The above photos were taken by a local television station.

The frozen pool was the COLDEST looking thing I've ever seen.

While the  pool once again LOOKS like a swimming pool,

 there's still a lot of snow outside my window....brrrrr

 During all the cold weather, we sure have been enjoying
hot, homemade soups....

I made a pot of POTATO SOUP today 
with only potatoes, half and half, milk, salt, pepper and sharp cheddar cheese...
O.....and butter  !

I didn't have another thing to add to it but when I got out and went to
the grocery store, I came home with 
celery and green peppers to add to the next pot of Potato Soup.

Speaking of soup...

 most of you won't remember that
Nabisco saltine crackers used to come in this darling tin.

I remember them on the grocery store shelves very well...

They stopped using the tins and started using boxes for crackers
sometime in the 1950's...

I found this tin at an estate sale several years ago and
I would just love to give all the grands one in good condition...
they are absolutely WONDERFUL to store sleeves of crackers in.
(but would the kids like a vintage tin better than a spiffy new one...???
they will all be starting housekeeping next year when they enter college
and they are going to need so many things...
big things....
little things....
How exciting for them !

I so remember my first apartment shared with my cousin, Skeet...
in Dallas...
18 years old... 
the kind landlady furnished us with dishes and a few pots and pans..
I don't think we ever cooked one single thing...
and corn dogs at Fair Park...

I remember washing clothes and sheets in the bath tub...
 and hanging them all on the land lady's clothes line.   

With the temps here in West Texas staying so low,
we may not get rid of all the snow until


  1. I guess they figured cardboard is cheaper than metal

  2. Potato soup sounds wonderful!

    I saw that blogger notice. I don't get it -- but I guess it's what it is...

  3. Hi Bj, Your post brought back memories of my college days. I shared an upstairs of a house with three others. We only had two bedrooms so that meant sharing a bed. We all brought things from home and my parents would bring us things from the farm, but those were the fun days because it was across the street from a fraternity house. You definitely had the snow. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  4. Yes, some of our friends have already started dropping off. I'm gonna wait and see what happens. I've lost anout twenty to date. More some days; less others. still do have plenty of snow. I'm glad to see the pool looking more normal. Now, if you do ask your grands about the vintage Saltine tin, I'd love to know what they think.

  5. Oh I remember those tins. And also had a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco in 1968-69 that was furnished with dishes, furniture, sheets...everything. My good friend and I shared it, each paying $200 per month. That was half of our salaries! We made $400 each as bank tellers for Bank of American on Powell and Market St, where the cable cars turn around. Thanks for the memories. I just love to remember how tough we had it back then. It makes life today look like easy street.

  6. There's nothing like a good pot of homemade potato soup!!! We're supposed to get some snow flakes on Monday then a bright sunny day on Tuesday! Since we are down on the ranch in our camper I would prefer NOT to get snowed in!!
    I remember those tins!
    I would add the Follow by Email if I knew how to do it. Maybe. I'm not sure. I don't want to clutter up people's email since I post just about everyday.

  7. I had no idea, bj, that you got snow like that in Texas. Love your look back. I always say those were the days when we had half the money but everything was twice the fun. Wonderful memories.

  8. My kids got snowed out of Lubbock for 3 days...lucky us the we're here. We enjoyed them so much. Mattie showed me pics of the cows on the interstate

  9. I wonder what the heck Blogger is doing. Seems as if they are always changing something.

    I follow most of my blogs the old fashioned way so I really don't know when they are going to change that.

    With all that snow you look like you could be living right up here in Canada. Welcome to my usual winter world.

    God bless.

  10. Look at your snow! It's been so mild here that all of my plants are still living and I have roses blooming. Isn't that crazy? Pouring rain though...

    I do remember those metal cracker tins. Those were the days! Peanut butter and crackers all the time. :)

    Thanks for sharing the Google link. I posted about that yesterday because I had heard but wasn't sure exactly what the source was.

  11. You do have lots and lots of there over there. I love potato soups too. Over here biscuits now come in paper boxes, very few in metal tins.

  12. Living on corn dogs and peanut butter -- only the YOUNG can do that, LOL!

  13. Love your vintage tin and you soup looks wonderful!

  14. That's a lot of snow. I hope we don't get any because everything shuts down when we do get snow. Your soup looks good. The vintage tin I remember. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Wow...that's more snow then we have up here in the northern states! What weird weather!! Yes, yes, yes, I do remember those tins and dish I had one today! Hopefully the grands will love them, if you find more! Foggy day here today;( Blessings, Gert

  16. Looks like that blizzard will be one to remember for a good long while! Your frozen pool looks so sad - now that it's blue again, it's much happier.
    Potato Soup - yum!
    That Google thing - weird. Why do they always have to change things?

  17. You really got alot of snow. The soup looks so good and warm and homey. I remember those tins for crackers. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those-that would be great for cracker storage.

  18. I too have one of those cracker tins.
    Yeah, Google is messing with us again. I just add blogs to my Feedly and avoid all of that following business.

  19. I love vintage such as the old tins and have a few. They are very useful and I used to keep recipe clippings in one of them.
    Phooey on Google...why can't they leave things alone? :)

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  21. Oh my! I'm guessing nobody wants to jump into that pool right now. We had potato soup last week, so good when it's cold out!

  22. I love potato soup! I do remember the cracker tins ~ :) You know, the first year we lived in Amarillo it snowed 17"! I stayed up nearly all night just watching beautiful. Had never seen more than maybe 1-2" so I was fascinated by it! I wasn't working at the time and schools and a lot of businesses were closed. Had a great time with the neighbors playing cards, eating, etc.


  23. BJ oh crap my comment just vanished ... Anyhow I wrote that being Polish I love soup and your potato soup looks wonderful and the next batch with celery and green peppers will be amazing. Tomorrow I am maKing an 18 bean soup with smoked turkey thighs. It's freezing cold in Philly so please keep your snow, lol.

  24. BJ,
    Love homemade potato soup, dear friend!!!
    Today, it rainy, damp, dreary day on the Prairie. . .
    so~o~o "Mr. Ed" and I made a huge pot of goulash!!!
    We must have been hungry as we made enough for three days of meals!!!
    Thank goodness for freezers!!!
    Love all your Sassy photos in your right sidebar!!!

  25. My mouth is watering just looking at those soup photos!

  26. Your snow is beautiful, but I know you have had enough of it. Melting is the messy part now.
    We had 70° here today but cold days are on the way. Potato soup is Mr. Z's favorite and yours look so good.
    Take care. Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. Brrr is right! You really had a storm! Potato soup seems like a great idea on a cold winter day!

  28. I must say you've had far more snow there than we've had here. I bet it's been cold for you for sure. Here we're use to it being cold and as long as we don't have ice/snow to mess around driving in I can live with that. - Neat find on the cracker tin.

  29. I have already noticed some of the blogger changes . . . I need to read up, thank you!
    Wishing you more melt and more warmth . . .
    And happy days . . .

  30. Brrrr! My mom has that same tin. :)

  31. Wishing you a wonderful 2016 BJ. I can't believe that you had all that snow - it looks so cold.
    That pot of potato soup looks so good, yumyum. I have been making a cabbage soup with vegetables and pork sausage and a little red pepper. It's good too.

    Stay warm and be careful in that snow.
    Have a warm terrific weekend.

  32. It is so crazy that you, in TEXAS got all that snow and here in Pa. we have not seen one flake!!! It is finally cold though. Winter has arrived. Babysitting today and overnight. First overnight....pray for me:):)

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