Monday, January 25, 2016

1st BITS & BOBS of 2016

those little things, non-related, that we always want to post about.

Sometimes, I walk into a room and notice something 
that's not anything to have a whole post would just make a cool photo..
and I do love coming up with a cool photo.

 This little cutie pie was at the ballgame the other night.

hashtag HANDSOME
ya gotta just love it.... I do.

Some of you friends may remember the lamp I bought and filled with
wine corks for my daughter in law one year for Christmas..

It turned out so dang cute, I wanted one....
( WANT is my middle name )

One thrift shopping trip turned up the most darling little fillable glass lamp for $2
and I almost broke it, grabbing it so quickly.

  I knew I still had PLENTY of those awesome WINE CORKS I had ordered off EBAY.
(I have had a DEEP love affair with EBAY for over 10 years...LOVE. THEM!!
now...don't ya think it's a cute little thing ? 

It's turned out to be my favorite lamp of all time...

...a birthday gift from a friend.

I love coco mix, especially in a cute jar.

OOPS....the steam got to my camera lens..
you can't even tell what this is....

It's a
served with sliced onion
and cornbread muffins
and butter
and sweet Texas tea...


  1. Veggie soup looks really good. Such a cutie at the first of your blog this morning.

  2. Cute photo of #handsome, and the veggie soup looks delicious, and I can't believe I missed National Pie or Pi Day. xoxo Su

  3. Love BOTH of those cute lamps:) You are SO creative! Enjoy your day dear friend, a great day for warm soup:) HUGS!

  4. BJ,
    LOVE our $2 lamp, dear friend!!!
    Your veggie soup looks divinely delicious!!!
    I'm sure you got a kiss or two on those chubby cheeks!!!
    He's a d o r a b l e!!!
    I'm swooning over your black and white check salt and pepper shakers!!!

  5. Love that the black shade contains the light so that it spotlights the contents of the jar base---Good Job!! (and you say you're not creative??)

  6. That $2 lamp is the cutest dang thing ever! Score!

  7. Your handsome little fellow is adorable!I love the wine cork lamp base! My husband enjoys wine with dinner and I have a large collection of corks in a bottle--it would be nice to do something like this with them. Looks like delicious soup!

  8. The lamp with black shade is cute, I would say elegant! Btw With a glueing gun you can make cute wreaths with wine corks - if there are left overs, maybe add a few garlics as well!

  9. Love the lamp! I have saved wine corks for years now and keep them in a huge jar, but the lamp is such a great idea!

  10. Someone should gift you a t-shirt that says hashtag adorable. #Adorable!

  11. Sweet "baby handsome!"
    Love the wine cork lamp . . .
    Veggie soup looks like a winner . . .

  12. Adorable baby and love the lamp. That's a pretty good bunch of bits and bobs.

  13. Love the lamp and the precious baby!


  14. love your lamp. I had to give 6.00 for mine lol. I still havent decided what to fill it with.

    yes he is a handsome lil fella..

  15. BJ, That is a handsome lad...perfect shirt for him. I saw a shirt on my new great grand and it said Captain Adorable on it. These sweet babies have plenty of cute clothes. I think you lamp is the number hanging on it. Your soup make me think of my dad...he was pretty much the cook , when he got home from work faster than mommy did. Dad would use his macaroni noodles in lots of soups. I miss my parents. Blessings to you today, xoxo, Susie

  16. Love the lamp.

    Veggie soup is one of my favorite soups and yours looks scrumptious.

    God bless.

  17. Your soup looks absolutely perfect! I love the corks in the lamp. Charming!

  18. Handsome is as handsome does - an adorable baby indeed! That is a lamp that would be a lot of fun to open as many bottles as needed to fill the lamp. It would take a long time to decor, imbibe and save the cork though :) Thai is a fine looking vegetable soup!

  19. Love the lamp! Have a great week, Lynn

  20. BJ love your little bits and bob posts. EBay and etsy I love.

  21. First. Sorry I missed pie day. I was sick end of last week and thru the weekend.
    But...Loved your bits and bobs. I love that lamp. 'I want'. Now I can tell my daughter what I'll do with all my corks. I think she was actually wanting them but she didn't ask for them. Only what I was going to do. I did give her an idea. I plan on a Christmas tree for the bar cart. And now a lamp.
    (we drink too much wine) Ebay who'd a thunk. Soup looks yummy. I have plain ole pintos goin!
    Have Sassy Fabulous Day sis!

  22. Your photos are great. The little one is a handsome young fellow. I always enjoy seeing your decorating ideas. The soup looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. What a cutie! The soup look yummy and warm. I think I need some of that today-it's cold here in Dallas! Have a great week, B.J.

  24. That soup looks seriously delicious. And I always love your decor ideas. You could write a book! And I also love your new profile are so pretty!

  25. the corks make for a nice decoration....
    ... and thank you, dear Lady for the wonderful coffee....
    a great day to you and yours....

  26. Soup looks great! I love making soups and stews


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