Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You "Ladies of a Certain Age" might find this FUNNY...

After 2 days of baking pies and breads,
I ran out of flour.

I came across this recipe
and really wanted to add them to our already GENEROUS amount of 


Don't they look absolutely

I had all the ingredients except enuf flour.

As Mr. Sweet was going into town (we live a few miles out...)
I asked if he would kindly stop at DOLLAR GENERAL and pick up
a small bag of FLOUR...

NOW, Mr. Sweet has just started wearing hearing aids but,
because of a lot of sanding in his work shop, he has left
them off the last few days because of the dust.

 This sweet man's main goal in life is
TO PLEASE.....  

When he got home from his errands,
he went straight to the kitchen and I thought he put the FLOUR on the counter.   

He then came into the bedroom and handed me.....

Bless his olden heart...
he thought I said FLOWERS !!!

At this time I didn't put it all together....

I'm SLOW...

I thought,
"he's brought me flowers...

Not wanting to hurt his feelings,
I put them in with the vase of my OTHER plastic flowers...

(actually, I was thinking "what the Heck" )

A little later, I went into the kitchen to start my Pecan Pie Bars...


Only then did I realize what had happened.

We have laughed about it all day....

Funny things like this happen all the time as we age...
We have to LAUGH to keep from CRYING....

OK...that's all for today...
I am on my way to the store for flower FLOUR.
I'm determined to bake those PECAN PIE BARS...
and Mr. Sweet just handed me the sales receipt and said to 
"go get my money back..."  LOL 

Yep...he thought it was a VERY STRANGE request when he thought I said flowers...
especially from Dollar General....lol  lol  lol

XOXO bj   


  1. Bwuahahahaha, hey not even sure if it is due to "a certain age!" Things like that happen to us all, it seems.

    Thanks for the lift and laugh, bj. (Those pecan bars look amazing!)

    I made raspberry crumble bars last night to die for.

    thinking they're not going to last long.....

  2. That's too funny!!! Poor Mr. Sweet, what a dear!!! Hope you get those bars made they sure look scrumptious!!!!

  3. Oh BJ...what a hoot! DH was hard of hearing, too & freq. misunderstood what I was saying, but this has to be the funniest example ever.
    Thanks for the link to those bars...they look delicious!
    Thanks too for making me laugh today. I needed that!

  4. I'm a m literally roaring with laughter. I think I'll print this post in a card to my mom and mom-in-law for Christmas. thank-you for sharing your humor as a gift to us!

  5. I write a a list, so there is no confusion, even to the amount, the size, and probable the price too!! Love those flowers, enjoy them.

    1. Sometimes that doesn't work. Example: My list - 1. bread 2. milk 3. ice
      Now, seems simple enough but imagine my surprise when DH came home with 1 loaf bread, 2 gallons milk and 3 bags of ice. I asked why the three bags of ice, and he said, "Well you had a 2 in front of milk and a 3 in front of ice." Makes perfect sense, right? This is a true story!

    2. Nana....believe me, I don't doubt it for one minute...HAHHHAA....gotta love our men

  6. What a laugh! And now you have another story!

  7. BJ, I laughed too.. How wonderful...this will last longer than those bars. LOL. Plus the sweet memory of it. Gotta love that man. Blessings to all at your thanksgiving table. xoxo,Susie

  8. You and Mr. Sweet are adorable! That is so funny.

  9. Oh my, well he tried. Those pecan bars look scrumptious. Happy Thanksgiving BJ dear!

  10. That is the sweetest cutest thing I've ever heard!

  11. Thanks BJ for the chuckle when I needed it this afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  12. Oh yes...I totally understand. I am about to suggest a hearing test for my hubby. ha! I have made pecan pie bars and I love them way way too much! Have a lovely weekend with family! Sheila

  13. Hello bj, Thanks for the good laugh. My Bill would so do this. Sometimes he shocks me with what he thought I said to bring home. Now, I write everything down for him. You gotta love em! At least they are willing to go to the store for us. We too live 11 miles to the nearest grocery store.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and yes...make those delicious pecan bars. Yum. We are baking three pies for only 7 people. One day I hope we can all be together for Thanksgiving again. Seven is a very small crowd for our big family.

    Much love,

  14. Funny! And so sweet!! So did you get those pecan bars made? The flowers are pretty....i love flowers

  15. Aw! Those pecan bars look amazing BJ, hope they're on your table soon. Happy Thanksgiving-enjoy:@)

  16. Oh that is funny! Laughing is the best way to stay young!!

  17. Thanks. I needed a laugh. You provide. He is sweet. Mine is too he doesn't always listen or comprehend either.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  18. This is so funny. I least he did bring something home and they were very pretty flowers. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving. Madeline

  19. What an adorable story, bj! Your Mr. Sweet just made me smile! Hope you got your flour, but your flowers are precious.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. So funny bj ... thanks for sharing. Hope Mr. Sweet found it funny also.
    I will bake the pecan bars for you and let you know how good they were.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z.

  21. Your Sweetie had the best intentions to make you happy. For once, he did not think of food, but doing something nice for you.

  22. Oh that's a fun story. You'll get more laughs from that one! =D Are you going to get your money back or save your beautiful plastic flowers?

    (John has already gone to bed...worn out from getting a haircut today, I think. He saw money I had set aside and wondered what that was for...a pie from the Library Sale. "How could I forget THAT?!" I wondered the same thing. He dearly loves the pie sale.) Yes, I am making pies, but no mincemeat!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. that's a funny story, especially the dollar general part

  24. Love your owl vase, love you and the humor you add in a perfectly normal day. Happy Thanksgiving BJ!

  25. Aww! That is so sweet and so funny! You're a wonderful couple! Enjoy the pecan pie bars; it looks like they'll be good!

  26. This is too funny BJ. When I send my guy off to the store I not only give him a list but a map of the store! lol!

  27. That's so funny! What a sweet thing to do. He could have brought you just about anything else but you did say 'flow-er'! Have you stopped by my blog to ready about our adventures with our new trailer? It's worth a laugh or two, dear friend. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving - what a day to count our blessings!

  28. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet . . . Mr Sweet!
    Flowers from the Dollar Store . . .
    A fun giggle . . .
    (Did you get your flour!)

  29. Oh how funny, so glad that you could laugh about it. Wishing you a most wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds like there is going to be lots of yummy food.

  30. You guys are a funny couple. Flour/flowers.

  31. Ha ha..BJ, I am laughing at your story, at the same time I am also laughing at hubby and I. We have our own funny stories too but like you said, sometimes it is better to laugh than cry. I guess we all have to go through our aging.

  32. LOL!!!! How funny. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  33. AWWWW. So SWEET in every sense of the word. We just had a long, repetitive hug with Grand #4 as they headed for home, because every time we'd do "GROUP HUG" with her, her Ganner's hearing aid would go off and sing in her ear. She thought that immensely fun, and hugged him about six times for the "music."

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your own Lovies!!


  34. Well, the flowers are beautiful, even from Dollar General...LOL
    I hope those pecan bars taste as good as they look ;)

    BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway on my site :)

  35. This is too funny. I can totally see this happening to us except that Bill swears that he hears just fine! I'm a new follower and fellow Christmas in Texas Blog Hop participant. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and those pecan pie bars look amazing.

  36. Hubby and I also have this occasional lapse in understanding due to his hearing limitations. He needs to make and appointment to get them checked again. Have a really special Thanksgiving Day.

  37. Haha. Yeah, I totally get that and see how it happened. So funny...except that now you have to make another trip to get the Flour. :-) I'm waiting for Mr. C. to bring home the Southern Comfort so I can brine my turkey. I wonder how he might misconstrue that. LOL

  38. ...and by the way, DO have a wonderful Thanksgiving, bj. :-))

  39. I think your hubs gets cuteness points for this "mistake" So cute!

  40. Just read your recent post. Closing comments, grrrrr. Anyway, love the apples. Yum, yum.

  41. That just made me smile...... so sweet!

  42. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I'd keep he flowers forever. A good laugh is hard to find these days.


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