Monday, November 2, 2015

Score !!

I went thrifting with friends
and now I want to show you what I found....

I collect WHITE...
WHITE anything as long as it  makes me fall in luv...

...just take a look at this  BONANZA OF BUYS.....♥
 OOO, YES....

THIS long-tall-sally caught my eye right away...
over into the cart it went.

just look at her fluted rim on top and the cute scalloped bottom..

 She's so regal and elegant
I was MORE than happy to pay $8.00 for her.
I looked around for the 3 other pieces but they weren't beside her so I thought maybe they had sold them separately 

when I got up to the check out,
the fella there said,
"Oh, no, ma' can't buy just this one piece..."

"But, I couldn't find any others that I thought went with it"
"Can I just buy this one for the $8 ?" 
"Oh, no ma'am.....we can't break the set up"
"I'll help you look for the others....." 

So, he found THIS BEAUTY on another shelf....
"Here, ma'am....another piece"
Oh, my goodness...
my heart went pitter pat when he handed this beautiful jar to me...
I believe this is a BISCUIT JAR....
is it ...??

Then, on yet another shelf two aisles down, 
he said, " Here, ma' must be another piece...."

tall SUGAR BOWL....???
or JAM JAR...??? 

It's adorable with the precious STRAWBERRY and LEAVES on the lid...
and a slot for a pretty spoon.
It is surely meant to hold JAM... STRAWBERRY JAM...

He looked and looked for that 4th piece and I said 
"Please, just forget the 4th problem"
and he said,
" Ok, Ma'am....if you take just the 3 pieces, that will be only $7...."

Here's the thing....
none of the other pieces were marked as part of a set...
they ea had their own price marked on the bottom...
♥ ya think he was just being EXTRA NICE....??


LIFE is so GRAND.....

I found this next piece a few days before our shopping trip...


I almost went to my knees when I saw this beauty...

WHO would donate this to GOODWILL...??

It's so pretty.

and again, a scalloped edge around the bottom...

The lid has this crack across the entire tip...
it goes all the way thru.
I may just add some glass glue to the inside of the lid to keep things in place.

Since I won't be using this tureen for anything other than PRETTY
I'll not worry about the crack...

What I WILL do, tho, is LOVE this pretty handle.


Yep, it's been  VERY good thrifting of late.

My thrifting partner.....

 This is DONNA LUKE, a Facebook friend.
She lives in California but was in Lubbock  visiting family....
she had a friend with her and I was meeting my friend, Martha....
 so  we all met for lunch and a bit of thrifting.
It was a great afternoon...such a treat to meet her.

I bought her lunch...
she bought me a gift that I will tell you about a little later...

THANKS, DONNA, for giving me the chance to meet and spend
a little time with was so fun.


  1. Everything is just beautiful. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Fun day all round!!!!!!

    Btw, if I make your blog Full Size Screen, I can see the cute background at the edges. I had not make it Full Size Screen before.

    Have you told your Dear Readers that they can do this "magic"?

    On my Mac, I look to top right hand corner and click on the little "arrows". Don't remember about how to do it, on a Pc.

    Just sayin'.....

    Happy November hugs,

  3. Morning BJ,

    What a FIND! The "Sally" is a chocolate pot, I believe. Thanks for giving this pretty thing my name.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Wonderful white! I love white as well, as it is so easy to include in decorating.

  5. Major score BJ!!! All have tons of personality and charm. How much I love the adorable strawberry handle,

  6. Love your finds! I have the same pitcher - it is so graceful. I love any dishes that are white or cream - one of my many addicctions.


  7. Well, you certainly did well on your hunt. I love every piece you found.

  8. Beautiful collection, and op-shops, hospice shops or goodwill shops, the most wonderful places to look for those special pieces. They have been a treasure for someone in their past, now yours to enjoy.

  9. BJ, The white pieces are all gorgeous. I like the strawberry jam jar a lot but the tall vase is really nice. That was nice to get all the pieces. Sylvia D.

  10. I am swooning too, BJ, I love to find treasures like this, the man was indeed being nice, and you were being blessed too! I think God loves it when we go thrifting,(btw one of my favorite things to do)! ~smile~ Enjoy your treasures!

  11. BJ love your new found treasures. So beautiful. Glad you got to meet up with a fellow FB friend. Happy New week.

  12. Ohhh bj, such treasures you found while thrifting and then to meet up with friends....even better!!

  13. I see why you are so thrilled. Each piece is beautiful and photographed together they really make a statement!

  14. I'm swooning along with you!! I love finding white things especially with a gold trim. Love it!!!! You always make me want to get up and decorate.

  15. That sales clerk was being very nice to you BJ. What a great find. I really like the tall jug and am wondering if it is for keeping celery in it in the fridge. Hm. What do you think? It would make a very pretty vase though. Have a great week!

  16. What great finds. The sales clerk was very nice to help you. You and your blogging friend from California had a good time. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. You DO know how to have fun!!!! Great finds and good times with a new friend! YOU are a winner!!

  18. What a great bunch of finds...lovely pieces.

  19. That is truly amazing! Something this beautiful and at an amazing price! And to find so many pieces! What FUN! Sweet hugs, Diane PS I'm going to the thrift store tomorrow...wish me luck! haha!

  20. Awesome finds! Those will look so pretty all together :)

  21. You really did SCORE:) Love those pretty white pieces that you were able to bring home with you! What a great time to spend with friends! Have a blessed week ahead, BIG HUGS!

  22. Thrifting life in Lubbock is definitely good. Love the white pieces, especially that tall pitcher with the flirty details. Glad you got them for such a bargain. Yea!

  23. You did very well BJ. Glad you were able to find and bring home pieces you love.

    God bless.

  24. 7.00$. That is unbelievable. You are quite the thrifter...way better than me. I have never heard of a biscuit jar, but it certainly makes a lot of sense.

  25. What a great day of thrifting, you did well BJ. I have three different cookie jars and love using them on the counter.

  26. You found some charming whites and what a sweet helper at the thrift!!

  27. that is nice , dear Lady... glad that he could find All of the pieces...
    a great evening to you and yours....

  28. BJ, Wow, you just had the best day ever. Getting wonderfully sweet bargains. I loved them all. And then meeting your friends. Life is good isn't it? Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  29. Beautiful pieces bj ... and what fun you had finding all of them. So nice of the young man to help you. Good timing too as they will fun to decorate with for Christmas. Glad you got to meet your Facebook friends.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  30. OMGOSH! Can you BELIEVE you found those three pieces...and for $7??? WOW-- God was smiling down on you that day, bj! I REALLY love that tall's gorgeous and that tureen is fantastic. I suppose someone got rid of it because of the cracked lid. Their loss-your gain.
    Looks like you and your friend had a wonderful time! xo Diana

  31. Wonderful that you girls got to meet up.

  32. Yes, you definitely scored! It sounds like a really fun shopping trip!

  33. Now that was a PERFECT thrift day!

  34. Such a wonderful thrifting day my dear! Love the white pieces and all for $7! Well done!!

  35. Unbelievable! The pieces are wonderful buyt what a special treat to encounter such a wonderful man! Big smiles here!

  36. OH, those are lovely finds! They would fit into any theme beautifully. What a delight you must have had to find them and at such a deal.

    Coming to you from Mosaic Monday ... wishing you a beautiful day!


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