Sunday, November 15, 2015

More about the Greenhouse aka Potting Shed

Since my last posting of THE GREENHOUSE
it has "come a long way, baby."

David & Kathy put more shelving in and it is WONDERFUL...

All the plants and flowers seem to love it.
Kathy started all the tomatoes and peppers from seed...
I realize I've mentioned that several times but I am
always so impressed when something actually grows from seeds....

Such a great place to repot plants....

OOO...I accidentally took a pic of the shirt I was wearing..
you would be surprised at the SURPRISE photos I find on my camera..

 David and Kathy added another really cool planter this week...

have you ever seen one like this..??

You plant in each little pod and
wonderment happens.

They work so good together..
she read the instructions to him and he put it all together....
 filled all the pods with potting medium.
well, being the blogger that I am,

These planters are supposed to be really awesome for veggies...
Can't wait to see how good it works.

ALL the plants are doing great....

David set up a watering system that waters ea plant once a day..
It is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

The plants change daily, it seems....
I take my camera out almost every day to record the changes.

Hope your Sunday and coming week is full of blessings and love.
Sending prayers to all.....everywhere.


  1. BJ such a happy place to nurture and grow beauty.

  2. What a wonderful greenhouse. I am very envious.

  3. Love, Tessa...

    It seems like the best comment, now.


  4. Things are thriving in your part of the shed! Love it. I'd like a Kathy and David around. Prayers with you...

  5. Superb set up ,wonderful shelving, and the multi level planter. I think they would get employment anywhere!!! Holding hands down here too.

  6. Beautiful. I love the multiplanter.

    God bless.

  7. Love that multiplanter. Your potting shed looks great and your plants are gorgeous!


  8. Each of you will find something to enjoy with a greenhouse. I do not recall seeing a planter just like that. What a joy to have flowers year round.

  9. What a wonderful spot to do your creative planting thing! Very nice -- and it looks terrific, too!

  10. BJ, The fern looks beautiful . I can't wait to see what grows in the planters you showed us. So good that your family is working together on the greenhouse plants. Yes, I'll join in on Prayers for Paris. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Your green house is fantastic. I have never seen a planter just like that. Everything looks great. I know you are going to enjoy it. My prayers are with the people of Paris . Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  12. Oh-that is SO VERY AWESOME. We would pay a fortune to heat it in the winter here...but you get so much sun much of the year and that is just wonderful. I am envious- although I don't envy your very hot summers. BUT I LOVE your greenhouse! I love the smell of green and growth that comes when you step in a greenhouse door. xo Diana

  13. I love the greenhouse! Everything looks great and I really like that planter!

  14. What an amazing set-up! Hope that you all have lawn chairs out there. What a great place to be warm and read a book. As good as a vacation!

  15. Wonderful! And you will enjoy it all winter, I'm sure. Take care, Sally

  16. Great space! And I am very interested in the planter. How cool is that!!! Sheila

  17. So glad you are getting so much enjoyment from the greenhouse/potting shed. You might have to expand come spring ;)

  18. That is sooooooooo cool! Will the plants keep all winter? If so it would be sooooo wonderful. The first frost is always such a sad day for gardeners.

  19. Those plants are growing very well, they look very healthy

  20. Oh look at all that wonderful live greenery - oh this greenhouse is just too awesome! I am so happy for you!

  21. It's really neat, and it will give you lots of enjoyment. It also always amazes me that some of my plants are from seed. My garden is on a timer too, though I do give it more with a hose when it is hot.

  22. Tomatoes in winter! You are one lucky girl-enjoy:@)

  23. Oh, how fun to have a greenhouse, BJ! It looks quite spacious. I used the sunroom in our previous home like a greenhouse. It was just amazing to watch plants flourish under the right conditions. Enjoy those maters!

  24. Hello BJ,

    If you don't have a green thumb, create a green house! How wonderful! No, I've never seen a planter like that. When things begin to grow, please take more pictures. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  25. Such a lovely setting, and I'm really curious about that planter. Good job.

  26. I love everything about your green house. Love all the healthy plants and veggie growing there and the new planter. Like you, I love to take regular pictures to show how the plants grow.

  27. Fabulous greenhouse -- that stacking planter is awesome! I wish my greenhouse looked like yours, but alas, it is simply storage space LOL!

  28. What an awesome greenhouse!! My mom would have love this as soon as she sees it. So much effort has been put into this. Great work there!! :-)

  29. Great greenhouse bj. What a awesome stacking plantar too. I love all this and how wonderful your plants are doing, so lush and healthy. I so wish I had room for a greenhouse like this in our yard. Have a wonderful week. xo

  30. What a wonderful project, B.J. I agree: it is totally amazing when gorgeous fruits and veggies and flowers all grow from seed!!

    Such a fun and informative post; thank you!


  31. I have never seen a planter like this. Wow! Can't wait to see what you do for the Texas blog hop. Hope you are enjoying a cozy Monday.

  32. Such a cool shed and I love the tiered planter. Here it is raining and cold.
    Flash flooding :(
    Joy @ Books and Life

  33. What a cool planter. I bet is work so well. Oh, how we would love to have a little greenhouse. What a treat for the family. The mixture of vibrant colors in this post are so nice.

  34. Ooooh, coming into a Michigan winter I look at this and just imagine sitting inside with the plants soaking up that sun. Everything is sooo pretty!

  35. Oh can't wait to see that new pot flowing with flowers. I love your 'hot house'.
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    Come over vote for Sally. Go Team Sally!


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