Monday, November 16, 2015


...but, then, I've already established that with..

my new little throw...

Hello to one and all...
the other day while out grocery shopping,
I stopped in TARGET
and in the $3.00 bins, 
I found a couple of things I was really excited about....

..a stack of adorable little tiny plates...

The four above were all in one set...
I looked quickly to see if they "had my name" on the bottom
'cause they sure fit right in at the Summer House...

Aren't they just 

Do I

tickled to even HAVE 12 little Plaid plates....YES, SIREE....

I just love the size...
perfect for snacks or desserts...

They came 4 plates to the stack...

I bought 4 sets so there would be enuf for the Bunco ladies....

...worked PERFECTLY with my colors and patterns...

what a DEER little pillow....
and with black and white plaid behind him,
I was a pure sucker and bought it sooo quick.

It's a tiny pillow...
about a 10x12 size...
O, I just luv it....(it's the LITTLE things, ya know)
I think it looks pretty cutesy tucked in with all the other reds....
in fact...
it was the only one they had and I will keep looking for more...
perfect little gifts to tuck in with a tin of homemade cookies, don't ya think..?
If you like it, go check out your Target's bins, there by the front door.
It always has SOMETHING I can't seem to live another minute without....

O, BOY....CHRISTMAS is right around the corner...

xo, bj


  1. I thought I like the dessert plates and then I saw the pillow. Perfection!

  2. Cool beans on the find. We snagged men's sweats at Target for 5 bucks each.

  3. I love plaid too and brought out 2 wool plaid throws...just for looks. It's not cold here but the plaid looks cozy. Hugs!

  4. Wow, these finds are awesome. Love the plaid dishes and reindeer pillows. Have a great week!

  5. I'm hitting the dollar table at Target for sure tomorrow. That little pillow is the cutest!

  6. WOW! You scored some great deals. I love the pillow:)

  7. Oh, my goodness....I am driving 45 miles to Target tomorrow in hopes of finding some of these for me. I LOVE them.

  8. Fun score, BJ. I'll have to stop by asap. I always check out the $1 bins at the front. I bought the black and white pillows earlier. They were $25, but noticed they are now on sale. Didn't dee the mini.

  9. Great finds!! I have to go to Pueblo to go to a Target store -- hope to get there this week, would love to have some checked plates. Your Bunco ladies will love them. Sally

  10. Love these sweet plates!! I just may have to go and check out Target!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  11. I do not shop much anymore. Only if I have a gift to buy. With Christmas knocking on my door, will have to get out. Seems it comes faster each year.

  12. BJ love your little plaids. Tiny is always the best and the pillow is perfect..Happy Monday..Judy

  13. I love those little plaid plates. They are just perfect for you! AND that little pillow is really really cute! I heard someone say they were looking for them in Target but couldn't find them. I bet they sell out quickly!
    Hope you have a Mad-About-Plaid kinda week. xo Diana

  14. Love your plaids.

    But shusssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Don't say Christmas is right around the corner. Shushhhhhhhh, you all. -grinnnn-

    But I do admit, I am getting ready to decorate!!!! ,-)))))


  15. Oh Bj, what great finds - congrat to you. Love the plates - i seem to love plaid this year also. Found some really wonderful soft throws at KMart, can you believe. I haven't been in that store for 15 years, but I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of their things were better than at Walmart. Love the pillow also - you hit the jack pot.
    Have a great week,.

  16. Loving your great finds. From plates to pillow delightfully plaid and happy and fun.

  17., love, love. I need to get to Target!!

    Jane x

  18. Oh wow! I love those plates and the pillow! I hardly ever go to Target--must make a trip very soon!

  19. wow! you found some great deals! Love those cute little plates and especially the pillow!

  20. I have a rooster trivet in my kitchen that says 'start your day with a song in your heart'. That's what your posts do for me.
    Love, love, love your plaids today!

  21. I LOVE Target but rarely get to ours as it is an hour away in the opposite direction of everywhere else we have to go. GREAT finds!

  22. I don't shop a Target to often but when I do the first place I visit is there $1.00 and $3.00 bins. Love the plaid dishes you found, and the little deer pillow is so cute. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. Beautiful AND a bargain:) I know that your house is gorgeous with all of that pretty plaid! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  24. Love all your plaids, plaid plates, teapot and cushions. Lovely for all seasons!

  25. My Target bins always seem to be shopped to emptiness, no wonder with all these cute deals!

  26. Love all the neat stuff you bought. Looking like Christmas already.
    Good job bj.

  27. Ooh, girl. You lucked out and hit the jackpot. I love your new plaid pretties.♥

  28. I don't know why but this post makes me think of a lovely ski lodge. Cozy and comfortable! I love it!

  29. Oh gosh, and I was just at Target today for groceries and didn't check out the bins!!! I guess I'll make a trip tomorrow. Thank goodness, Target is so close to my house!!

  30. Love all the plaid bj. The deer pillow is super sweet. Gotta love Target.
    Have a great evening.

  31. BJ, I love your plaids. I use big red and black buffalo plaid throws in the winter. I have got to get some of those dishes. LOL. I went to kohl's today for new pillows.. spent 64 dollars for four, they would have been 160 before the sale and my discount pass.I thought that was deal. I was shocked at all the dark looking clothes...the whole store looked dark. I need to make a trip to target. Love the pillow and can't believe 3 dollars. Wow girl, you are a shopper. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  32. I just bought that sweet pillow...I love it. Looks great in your home! Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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