Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting ready for my BUNCO PARTY

I have been part of the most wonderful BUNCO group for about 3 or 4 years.
In fact, I belong to TWO (2) wonderful groups.

One consist of ladies "of a certain age", like moi...
The other is my daughter, Stacy's group (40's, 50's & 60;s)
and I started as a sub for them....when one lady left,
I was voted in as a permanent player.

I am about to host my yearly party for the OLDEN GROUP.

but when you are about to have a PARTY...ya GOTTA do HOUSEWORK
and just HOPE you don't get WARTS !
♥ ♥ ♥

While we most likely will use TURQUOISE plastic cups for tea, lemonade and water,
I want these glasses and decanter to sparkle....because

They will be in easy reach on the dining room chest.....

...don't know yet if this pretty short runner will be used or not...
but I want it starched, ironed and "on the ready."

 Last year,
I had cookies and cupcakes on this cute 2 tier rack..

THIS year,
there will be a
Pecan pie on one and a good, OLD FASHIONED
APPLE pie on the other..

I made this APPLE STRAWBERRY bread
a few months ago...

I will bring it out of the freezer and dress it with a Strawberry Glaze ...

will hold either a
that KITTY
shared with us ...
or delicious

at Hobby Lobby
several years ago...
I think he's the cutest thing...:)

Here's a few of my friends from last year...
All of them will be here again this year except for one...
she just had a knee replacement...
"Hurry and get well, Mary...we miss you."

AND...in the LOOK WHAT I GOT NEW department....

They are beautiful...

do ya'll do THIS...??

or is it just my
OCD showing up...???

I want to know just
is going

No last minute stressing because I can't find a bowl or dish or tray
that I NEED....

I decide what dish I want for whatever,
line them all up...
put stickies on them
and I am all set to ROLL......

Daughter and I went shopping last weekend and when I found these
to buy them.....

God Bless Plastic.....

Turquoise and Red with Black and White checks and polka dots...

and, for my friends SNACKING enjoyment while we play the game.....


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! I want to be part of your OLDEN group! lol You gals must have a ball.
    I love all your black and white checks and red--love the polka dots and the stripes. Just so much fun all the way around.
    I do the exact same thing. Line everything up with notes attached AND I have a notebook with a time line on it---3:35 turn oven on and remove main dish from the fridge....etc....etc.....etc....It really help things flow smoothly when you are doing prep. xo Diana

  2. Hi bj, your group is going to have a blast at your house for the party. I love your black and white with red and that's what I'm doing in my kitchen for Christmas but I have the black and white with toile and buffalo checks going on most of the time.
    Yes I do the exact same thing with my serving platters so I know just what goes where. Pop notes all around and even in the fridge.
    Have fun and enjoy your group. Looks like such a great group of friends.

  3. Now that looks like it's going to be a fun party! Makes me wish I knew how to play Bunco ;) Awesome checked salt and peppers, your dishes look beautiful, I wouldn't say it's too many colors or patterns, it looks happy and pretty :) Did you get your photo issues sorted out? I had a hard time getting photos on blogger today so I switched over from Internet Explorer to my Chrome browser and it worked fine. I wonder if it's just Explorer?

  4. I put stickers everywhere when I want something moved at the office; sometimes color coded and numbered.. My boss just rolls his eye. haha
    I have no doubt your friends will feel pampered and treated to a fun night.

  5. Everything looks great BJ - love your black/white accessories. I know that you ladies will have a fun time and the food sounds so yummy.

  6. I am hosting our group on Tuesday, actually filling in as a hostess as the one scheduled is having knee replacement surgery on Monday. Always a fun time.

  7. What a grand fun party. And what the heck is Bunco? Maybe I'd better go reread this to make sure I didn't miss something, I was so captivated by the terrific photos!

  8. BJ, I would love to just come by and watch you girls play and look at all your nice food and cute dishes. LOL. Take plenty of pictures , cause you kno0w we all love that. You are a great hostess. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Sounds like you ladies will have an enjoyable time and lots of yummy food!
    Yes, I have been known to put notes on serving pieces as to what goes where. :-) OCD? No - just organized. :)
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. BJ,
    I L O V E the way you roll, dear friend!!!
    Lovely "set~up" for a night of food, friendship and fun!!!
    Let the good times roll!!!
    P.S. Those black & white shakers have your name written all over them!!! (wink!)

  11. You and I have that love of Bunco in common. :) Your table and your food will be spectacular. I don't think it's too many colors or too busy because you have black in just about everything and it ties it all together.

  12. I think it all looks adorable and no doubt your food will be fantastic!!!!

  13. So clever and festive, bj. Love the food choices too. Should be a fabulous party and I don't even know what bunco is! Lol

  14. Who wouldn't want to be your Bunco Buddy?! You create so much fun for your pals. Love the menu and the great dishes. Labeling those dishes is great idea and will work very well for Thanksgiving.

  15. BJ, what a gorgeous party! Love all the black and white and red. And those pies look delicious! I've never played Bunco before. I wonder if there are players near me?

  16. the plastic silverware reminds me of my mother. She constantly washes them as if they were made of metal.

  17. BJ love your excitement and all your planning will make for.one fun time with friends, Your planning is enabling you to be the hostess with the mostess. With all your enthusisiam, yummy foods and those well chosen delightful plates, spreaders and delightful Black and White shakers everyone will have a blast. I remember your post of last year's Bunco party and I had no idea what Bunco was then but I do now. Have lots of fun. You put your heart into everything you do and BJ you rock!

  18. You look so well prepared! I am impressed.

  19. I love your organizational skills, bj, and your fun, colorful decor. Everyone must be happy coming to your house and enjoying your cheery hospitality. I'm loving Jeeves and your checkered salt and pepper shakers. Every color just goes so well with your black and white decor. Thanks for mentioning my cheese ball, and I hope the Bunco Babes enjoy it!

  20. And I thought I was super organized! I just don't put labels on things, but have all my dishes set out today for my luncheon.

  21. Olden photos.... So your loading pics problem is still not fixed. -pout- -sigh-

    The olden photos are super. I don't mean they are not. It's just that your problem, is not super.

  22. You are one organized lady. Everything looks and sounds so good. Enjoy your party. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. Wow! You are a such a good host! Everything is well prepared! And I love all the food too!

  24. Beautiful, bj ... your Bunco party will be a smash hit. I know you will have a lot of fun and make everyone happy with all the good food and pretty decorations. Would love to make that apple/strawberry/nut bread. Will have to see if you posted it on your blog when you made it.

  25. It looks like a great party, bj! And no, you're not the only one. I do the same exact thing LOL

    love to you,

  26. You ladies are going to have a super time. I have notes everywhere for temperatures and times when a large crowd is expected. It gets confusing with many people around. Everything is so pretty

  27. Howdy! I surfed in through kris's blog. What a fun blog you have here!! I enjoy your pictures! Will follow!

  28. Howdy! I surfed in through kris's blog. What a fun blog you have here!! I enjoy your pictures! Will follow!

  29. Hey BJ, the post it notes on the platters is a great idea! I'll definitely use that in the future. Hope your game night is the best! I've just started up a Vintage Show & Tell linky party, if you want to come link up!


  30. Everything's beautiful!

  31. EVERYTHING . . . looks just delightful!
    Your friends look fun, food choices sound yummy,
    It is going to be a grand day . . .
    I do all that kind of preparing too, Never have done the sticky notes, but good 'dea!
    Now . . . remind me how to play Bunco??


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