Monday, November 9, 2015

~ Bloom Where You Are Planted ~

I am having trouble loading photos so will publish a few posts
I have in drafts...
Once they are gone, I'll take the computer in and see if
my computers guru guys can help....
We are LOVIN' this new little GREENHOUSE...
is what I call it.
"the potting shed"
 Perfect for a bit of Autumn color
I bought several pots of MUMS on sale yesterday
and gathered up larger pots for transplanting...

 All resting in larger pots now so they can grown bigger...
 The garden person told me it would look beautiful
even when it snowed....
I am sooo impressed.
Ready to roll these around and put them around in the pool area....

more photos later...
right now,
we are being blessed with RAIN.....yay

( this was last week...I don't always post in REAL time)

xoxo, bj
Blue Monday...( Sally, I KNOW I am stretching the lone little blue watering can into
                          a BLUE MONDAY post...but, I love playing in Blue Monday. :)


  1. Sorry you're having problems. The pictures that are on here though, look so pretty.

  2. The picture problem might not be just you. I saw that message somewhere else today too.

  3. Hey BJ,

    No problem. That watering can is so cute.

    Thanks for playing today.
    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  4. Forget the mums...I see tomatoes! Fresh from the vine tomatoes...tomato season does not last long enough up here. And we wait so long for the next season. Of course, those mums are very pretty and must make the pool look great. I never did buy mums for the outside stairs that John built...not enough sun for them anyway I suppose, And would you believe that there are no more mums for sale either?

  5. And I hope that it's an easy fix for being able to upload your pics. Always something in Blogdom...

  6. When I worked in a produce department, kale would get popular when Dr. Oz would tell people about it.

  7. BJ how I envy your potting shed. Hope everything else is going well for you, sorry to hear about your computer frustrations.

  8. Our computers are nice when they work right, but the pits otherwise. Do you still have plenty of space? You know nothing much is free. I enjoy pretty flowers anyway I can.

  9. Love the mums!! Hoping your computer issues get resolved soon!

  10. I am so sorry about your computer, bj. I know this is a stupid question but did you try turning it all the way off and then turning it back on. Also...if you go into your settings and clear your history and cookies that sometimes "fixes" things too. Good luck!
    Loving your "potting shed". xo Diana

  11. BJ, Hope you get the computer fixed quick and not a lot of money. Your plants are doing well. Yes, I love that Kale lasts a long time and even in wicked cold can give some color. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  12. Good luck with the pictures issue!!!!

    It's good to have posts in draft! Came in handy with this issue.

    I do them, but only about a day ahead. :-)

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I wish my mums looked that good. You've got a green thumb.
    I had the same problem. Not totally convinced it was my computer. Because the problem fixed itself.
    But I got around it. It was a hassle but what I did was begin a Locked pinterest board. I could get photo's loaded there for some reason. Then I just copied and pasted. It worked for me.
    Good luck I hope you figure it out!
    Have a good week.

  14. I'm so sorry you're having computer issues - that's so stressful! I do love seeing your pretty plants and imagining what fun you're having with your new greenhouse. Now, if only I could talk my sweetheart into building me a greenhouse. . .

  15. I hope you get the problem with your computer worked out, good thing you have some posts in draft!
    I love that ornamental Kale, I need to remember to plant some next spring because by the time I want it for fall, it's super expensive to buy!

  16. BJ,
    Sorry about your photo situation, dear friend!!!
    I'm just tickled pink (or is it blue) that you have this greenhouse!!!
    I remember when you posted about your Garden Potting Bench before your move!!!
    The enjoyment you get from planting is just great!
    I have a Kale, but mine isn't as vibrant as yours.
    (Possibly because it's on the covered porch and doesn't get much direct light!)
    Thanks for sharing all those lovely plants!!!
    Rain would be lovely; however they are predicting S N O W for the Prairie!!!
    I L O V E SNOW!!!
    Blessings upon you, dear one!!!

  17. It's always something with computers! Your photos look lovely!

  18. Good you had the photos in drafts!! Our growing period has passed this year so it's nice to see your colors. I HATE computer problems.

  19. Such pretty flowers! I am a follower. Sorry I don't know how to help you but I tried to "google" it. All i found was a blogger forum where you could post problems or errors. You could try that if you have not already. Good luck!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  20. Love all the color . . .
    Good luck with your computer . . .

  21. I wish I could help. love your mums!!!! and you!!!

  22. Beautiful mums very colorful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. So sorry you are having problems uploading pictures. Hope your computer peeps can help you out.

    God bless.

  24. Hi bj,
    I am flower obsessed so I quite enjoyed your flowery post today! I hope your computer gurus fix all your troubles!
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  25. Hi bj,
    Sorry about your computer issues. It is always something!!! Love your mums and I am a big fan of kale it looks so pretty for fall.

  26. Wonderful greenhouse. Looks like you will have tomatoes all winter. Your mums are looking so good too.
    Hope the computer fix is minor.
    Audrey Z.

  27. Sometimes you are having computer trouble. I'm not having picture issues but other issues. It's frustrating isn't it? I was paying attention to the red cart you have, sorry



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