Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Today, I ....


 Washed and dried 3 loads of clothes because I am behind in EVERYthing.....

I am sooo not a good multi-tasker...

 and....Mr. Sweet couldn't help me wash and dry and fold clothes because he was busy doing....

 spray painting...
 rain was in the forecast for us and it began to thunder and got pretty dark...


 and we got everything moved to a safe dry place.

I started cleaning up...this is NOT a pic of the wheelbarrow full of broken brick...
water bottles...all kinds of crap stuff but I got it so full and heavy, I couldn't move it an much for trying to help.....

and of course, by the time we quit and got everything moved to safety...
the sun broke out and I have NO idea where those rain clouds went.
 Then, because we can't teach the dogs to do TRICKS...
I made a round of the big back yard and took CARE OF IT...
not because I had to...
because I needed to help out.
This is a big place...the big house...the front yard is like a park...
the side yard like 2 parks....
our SUMMER HOUSE (aka Pool House)
and the back yard....
tons of work so we all chip in....

Now, in between all this...
I painted on my little hutch.

It is coming along nicely...
nothing fancy, ya' trying to fill in those luscious curves on the doors
with chalk WHITE...
I am not good at this kind of thing and I have a good thing going here...
and I'm not gonna push my luck...

This is an awesome gray...

but like I keep telling ya...



Supper time comes around whether you are about to drop dead from pure
tiredness or not...

a green salad 
(actually a few lettuce leaves with
Ranchstyle beans

and pulled this delicious CHERRY PECAN CRISP from the freezer
and we were too tired to get up and get the ICE CREAM for it.
Now, THAT is tired  !

just as soon as we get these pesky projects out of the way...

I can't wait to try this DIY TOBACCO BASKET...
isn't it just awesome...
can't wait to get it finished before winter and put it on my coffee table....
or maybe on top of the LIGHT FRENCH GRAY hutch....

Lucy tells us step by step how to do it...
and I've ALWAYS wanted a large Tobacco Basket... 

The authentic ones are sooo expensive.


  1. Sorry you pooped yourselves out - but won't it be so awesome when you are done?

    LOVE you painted your hutch that color and I cannot wait to see the full results.

    Keep at it, bj - you are so amazing.

    I am excited for you on all your new things creating or soon shall be! ♥

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of the hutch! Sounds like you are both working yourselves to death!!

  3. Sounds like a busy day! The hutch is going to be so pretty. Are you going to make one of the tobacco baskets? I think I'll give it a try on one of my free days! LOL


  4. You are quite the energetic helper and your own ongoing project to boot. Good going!

  5. Omigoodness, you had me at yards like parks. Then you mentioned taquitos. Sighhhh.

  6. Omigoodness, you had me at yards like parks. Then you mentioned taquitos. Sighhhh.

  7. You certainly have your hands full. We got the rain that passed your way.

  8. Yes - That is definitely tired when to tired to get up and get the ice cream. LOL Have not had taquitas in a long time - need to put them on the grocery list.
    Sounds like y'all are getting a lot done around your home.

  9. You are so cute. Just the best. I like both of your greys.

  10. You are busy, busy, busy. How awful not being able to get your ice cream fix :) I'm looking forward to seeing the finished hutch, the grey is rather attractive. Hope the rest of your week is a little more restful.


  11. Love the color of your hutch….looking forward to seeing the completed project!

  12. I can just FEEL all that excitement and energy from your place!! I LOVE the sound of hammers and saws and the thrill of NEW things! Your hutch will be just beautiful! I help my DIL today. We are still down at the ranch and I stained her kitchen cabinets for her. Will finish it up tomrrow. TOO tired to blog tonight so I came over to see what YOU have been up to!!

  13. A very busy day, you need more canine helpers!!! And Mr Sweet, take care up that ladder!!!

  14. What a lot of activity - too back those dogs can't be trained! Love, love the grey of your painting project. Oh my it's going to look beautiful.

  15. I bet you both are going to sleep well tonight, wake up all refreshed and teach your dog to do laundry! I found the photo very funny, still laughing! BJ I'm looking forward to your reveal of all the decorating projects you've been working on. I love tobacco baskets and I think it will be a fun DIY project.

  16. You truly know how to keep busy! It's nice to see so much accomplished. Love the tobacco basket. I saw one once and didn't know what it was!

    Jane x

  17. Hello dear Lady .... Great work as Always.... (told you that it should turn out great, judging from your past works...) and ,once again and that Dessert looks Very good.... and got a "laugh" at the overly "helpful dog...
    ... a great Thursday to you and yours.... from the few images (that we have been shown in older posts ) such lovely Turquoise jewelry...

  18. You are one busy lady! I just can't wait to see the new sofa and all you do to decorate around it. The grey you are using for the hutch is beautiful, and I need to check out that DIY tobacco basket tutorial, Brilliant!

  19. Looks like a lot of work and keeping busy is a great thing. Greetings and best wishes!

  20. Love, LOVE that Tobacco Basket . . .
    Where did you find that . . .
    Love the grey like Lambs Ear or "whatever" plant in the basket . . .
    Succulents might look beautiful too . . .

  21. Your projects are coming along great. Please don't over do. It looks like me may get some rain here today. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. If you could bottle and sell, all your pep, you would be a millionaire. So there.

    Meanwhile, could you just bottle a wee bit of it, and send it over this way? Just a wee dram, will do. I'm sure it would pep me up, tremendously. :-)))))


  23. I am wore out just reading your blog. We got the much needed rain. Wish I had one of your energy pills. Some days, it is hard to get going. You two do not overdo. You want to be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor

  24. The tobacco basket is neat, but I'd not heard it called that before. Don't work so hard! We still need rain, so if you don't need it send it our way. I love the picture of the dog with the tools!

  25. That house seems to be coming along nicely. I can't wait to see pictures of it finished

  26. Now I'm too tired to go get my breakfast granola! and your hubs have been on the go. How nice to have something so tasty to pull out of the freezer!

  27. Sounds like life is good, busy, tasty and productive! Does it get a whole lot better than that?

  28. LUV LUV!!! your new Header and background! Did you do this all yourself? Please take it easy out in that HOT West Texas sun! You just always put a smile on my face. I know that the hutch is going to be spectacular when your all finished.

    Smiles to you <;)

  29. BJ,
    Too tired to get the ice cream. . .is TOO TIRED, dear friend!!!
    I'm lovin' the sneak peek at your cabinet!!!
    Time for you to get some rest. . .Mr. Sweet, too!!!
    Tomorrow's another day!!!

  30. That is the perfect shade. Really looks great. And wow, I've missed a lot on your blog. Here catching up today.


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