Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I've never been much of a gardener..
oh, I've had small gardens for tomatoes, onions, peppers....that sort of thing.
Never a very large garden.....just not my thing, I guess.

I do love raising flowers and plants,tho.


Nice, healthy, green ferns are my favorite plants.

I have 3 big, pretty ferns this summer...
I just take them outside and water/fertilize .....
2 seem to do better inside...

Our dining room is just like a greenhouse in the fact with 5 windows and 2 sets of French doors, the room is flooded with light ....

This Asparagus fern loves it outdoors... 
I mist it every day and it takes a lot of water.....

With the greenhouse almost finished, we will have such a great place
to "get everything growing"... a head start on all the veggies and flowers.

Changing the subject in mid-stream...

We had Pecan Waffles this morning....
as we all know, so many of our memories are connected with food.
The first time I can remember having Pecan Waffles 
was at one of my best friend's house.
We were in Junior High (they call it Middle School now...)
and I'd spent the night with Darlene.
Next morning, we had the waffles, orange juice and fruit...
a pretty vase full of garden flowers in the center of the table.
I can't remember for sure, but I THINK her mama was wearing high heels and pearls.
We just didn't have breakfasts like that at home...
good food....always....but not quite as .....well.....fancified....
my friend, Darlene, passed away last year.

xo, bj

P.S. We are still in the low to mid 90's here...
still swimming-pool weather for awhile longer.....

Outdoor Wed.
Ivy & Elephants Wed.  (Whats It Wed)


  1. Love your new blog header look, bj - sorry I have been MIA.

    Your plants are so healthy - so excited about your greenhouse, how neat is THAT? My hubs would love one - talks about it all the time.

    Those waffles, well, it is 4pm and all I've had to day is a cup of coffee and a power bar - I am drooling over that pic! YUM!

    Have a lovely day. Hugs.

  2. What a cute header, BJ and your ferns are beautiful.

    Waffles are a great way to start the morning and those pecan waffles look so delicious. Blessings... :)

  3. I've been telling every other Texan about Macho Ferns and Kimberly Queen Ferns. Try'll love em.

    How many times have I visited your blog and thought I'd be a cow hanging around you in real life!!

  4. And by that last message I mean that your food always looks amazing. :)

  5. Your ferns are pretty. We bought 2 large ferns for our wedding platform and then had them in our homes for several years in Southern California. Here in our part of Washington ferns grow wild in our yard....
    Those waffles look delicious.

  6. oh yum...waffles! you have a nice waffle maker! several at one time. Sheila
    p.s. I also like you new blog look.

  7. I have never had an Asparagus fern. Your is so pretty.You have a green thumb bj.

  8. Your ferns are so healthy and lush looking BJ. The waffles look delicious. Temperatures in the 90's sounds fabulous! It's so much cooler here these days which I suppose you'd enjoy after all the heat of summer. :)

  9. Since you are cooking and eating pecans waffles, you must be feeling better. I am glad as I do not like my blogging friends feeling puny. I have never tried growing fern. Yours looks very pretty and healthy.

  10. BJ, I love that waffle iron...and I want one . I have never seen one like that. My granddaughter Emma love waffles more than anything when she comes here...heck we been doing those toaster waffles. I loved how you said facified. :):) I remember seeing nicer things at my guardian angels house. You have to know BJ, our AC is off and the windows are smells so good in here now...I love airing out the house. I love your ferns so much. I usually have some on the porch...but this year I did not buy any. Blessings to you , xoxo,Susie

  11. BJ, you have quite the green thumb! I wish I could get our ferns to last here. It would help if I remembered to water them more frequently in our heat. The waffles sound so yummy. And it is true, so many memories are surrounded by yummy food. I remember having potato pancakes for the first time at my sweet friend Sylvia's house. I loved that her family shared there heritage with me.

  12. The ferns AND waffles look great!

  13. I used to work at a place that sold ferns and seeds. We'd play a prank on new people by telling them someone needed help finding the fern seeds.

    Ferns don't have seeds, they have spores.

  14. BJ my Mom grew such pretty ferns both indoors and outside. I love ferns and conquer up stories in a moss laden forest with slippery rocks and dabbled sunlight, OK I just went into a fantasy. But I truly love ferns, but do not own nor grow any.... But what I love more than ferns is PECAN WAFFLES, Yikes I have really left a disjointed comment!!!!

  15. Your ferns are so lush and green - like the tropics! You take such good care of them.

  16. I'm sorry to read that she passed away. I agree, food is tied to memories. I love that.

  17. Your ferns are glorious! I have such poor indoor light And those waffles look delish -- what a wonderful memory of days gone by. They closed the outdoor pool at my gym today. I for an hour swam even though it was being drained (it takes a long time to drain a big pool!). I'll sure miss it.

  18. Your ferns are fantastic. Enjoy that pool as long as you can. The waffles look delicious. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  19. I should try some ferns. It's been ages, since I have had any plants, indoors.....

  20. Beautiful lush looking ferns, especially the asparagus fern. Very tropical looking and will be ideal in the glasshouse.
    And the waffles, well they just look divine.


  21. Wow - you have a green thumb for sure - not me!! And your waffles look delish!

  22. Still quite hot, and those ferns, you musty give them heaps of TLC, they are thriving.

  23. Your ferns are BEAUTIFUL !!
    I love indoor-plants. I have lots of light and several plants in our apartment

  24. Your ferns look healthy and lush, bj, and so do those waffles! Hope you're feeling better.

  25. Hi bj, all your ferns are so healthy, lush and green. I love the asparagus fern. It looks so fine and delicate. The waffles do look good too!

  26. Your plants are gorgeous. Ferns love the heat so yours probably are loving all your hot weather there. How sweet about your friend Darlene and her mom making you guys a great breakfast wearing high heels and pearls too cute.
    Great memories.

  27. You are looking quite spiffy over here, dear BJ. I love this fresh new look. And, ferns are a favorite for me, too. Yours are so pretty and healthy.

    There you go making me hungry again. Waffles. Pecan Waffles. Gotta love them.♥

  28. I'm so sorry about your friend!
    And I have a black thumb...but I love those waffles...Hahaa

  29. I love plants too. It's been so long since I've had any. I splurged and bought some this summer. But they are struggling. Hopin' they will perk up since it's cooler. If not I'll just enjoy yours.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope your Thursday is Fabulous.

  30. Ohhh Pecan waffles look delicious


  31. Oops...I think you are missing one pecan waffle. It was yummy!
    JM, IL

  32. I hope your cold is gone, bj!

    Those waffles look wonderful and I'm thinking breakfast is in order for tomorrow night ;)


  33. Your ferns look so healthy and pretty. I love Boston ferns and buy two fresh ones each spring to hang on my front porch. I have to leave them up all winter, even though they die, because my Carolina wren family sleep in them at night - this has been happening for several years! Nature is amazing!

    Mary -

  34. Your ferns are beautiful and those waffles looked so yummy. Weather here today only in the 60's.

  35. I have some wonderful memories of sleep overs too. I am sorry that your childhood friend passed away. But you have now shared her memory with all of us and I think she is glad to still be on your mind. Still hot here too :-(

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  36. Your ferns are gorgeous! I have never had ferns looking so luscious! So sorry to hear about your lifelong friend passing. What a nice memory to have of her.

  37. So true that many of us remember events by the food we enjoyed. I think pecan waffles are a wonderful way to remember your sweet friend and her mama! Oh I wish that I could grow ferns to look like that!

  38. GREEN . . . my favorite . . .
    Love your ferns . . .
    I think that is what I need around here . . . Some new life . . .
    I think some fern varieties will be it!
    THANK YOU . . .


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