Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A "whole 'nuther world".....PICNICS...

Since we are nearing the  end of SUMMER, 2015...
I wanted to share this post of a SUMMER PAST with old and new blogger friends.
Aren't we all so blessed to have such wonderful memories to
look back on and feel that warm, happy feeling we all love so much.
After getting
all my ducks in a row....
I decided that MR. SWEET and I should have a small picnic...
in the park....
by the lake....beneath a huge tree....
this tree isn't nearly large enuf, tho....and, it seems to be occupied anyway!

.....but here is a big, old Oak tree...

We sprayed for ants all around where we lay down our picnic blanket...
our blue vintage picnic basket held lots of good finger foods....

Our menu on this hot, muggy but very delightful day...
Hot Dogs
Fresh, juicy pears, straight from the Farmers Market...

we even picked up a beautiful, summertime bouquet.....
I loved that they wrapped the flowers in brown paper with twine....
I am such a romantic....

Days like this will live in memory always.
I remember, long long ago, going on picnics with my family, cousins, aunts and uncles..
I had so much fun...and will NEVER forget them.
ICY cold STRAWBERRY tasted so goooood......

The things that tasted most delicious on this hot, muggy day...
the icy cold, sweet Strawberry Lemonade...

the the ripe, cold WATERMELON chunks...
and the juicy pears...
The hot dogs ?? We went back home, Mr. Sweet cooked them on the grill
and we sat under the air conditioner to eat them !!!!
...just too hot outside for us olden folks. :)

Our little lake at the park only 4 blocks from
is so low of water.
Rains have danced all around us here on the Plains of West Texas
 but drops have yet to fall.

  Thank goodness trees this size just send their long roots right down for the water they need to grow this large..Especially here in this dry part of Texas.

Ya'll have a blessed and grace-filled day...
OH, I know....why don't you just pack up a lunch and head out for a 



  1. Beautiful and a great memory. Keep enjoying yourselves and making more lovely memories. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. BJ, What a beautiful memory you made for you and your husband. I know you had plenty of rain this year did we, now it's like draught conditions ...what the heck . Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Love that picnic area, Down here, lots of rain, one local street cut off under an overhead train track, we are cosy, the fire is going, and coffee, perfect for a spring starter.

  4. Sounds like you had a great day ,dear Lady...
    an a New "memory" to cherish... Good for you....

  5. Sounds like you and Mr Sweet had a very nice day and so many new memories. You are in the same situation as we are in - drought - no rain. But they say we are going to have a lot this winter. I am from Missouri, you have to show me. LOL
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend BJ. Did you get your new couch?

  6. It looks so pleasant and pretty! You must try again when the weather cools to a fine howdy do.

  7. Oh BJ, I got teary-eyed seeing that park. I miss home so much! What a wonderful day you and Mr. Sweet had on your picnic. I'm glad that you had the forethought to bring ant repellent!!

  8. What a precious time spent with hubby. I totally understand going back home to eat. LOL This summer heat has been so hard on me this year for the first time in a long time. Special memories!


  9. Yep. It's still a little warm but getting cooler everyday. This was a fun post. Your very creative.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  10. What a wonderful picnic post! Makes me want to drag out my picnic basket and take off for the day, but I have to can tomatoes and beans today. Maybe tomorrow. To bad we can't send you some of yesterday's rain. A town just south of us got 4" of rain yesterday afternoon. We were driving through that downpour. Lots of flooding in the area. Hope that wonderful tree of yours survives the drought.

  11. Finding the perfect picnic day can be a challenge. I remember them from my past . . .
    I think a perfect picnic day needs a breeze . . . gentle enough to not blow the napkins away!
    Moving enough to keep the crawly critters and other bugs right on movin'. . .
    Warm , no humidity . . . blue sky, fluffy marshmallow clouds . . .
    I wonder if I can find a day like that . . .

  12. What a perfect way to spend a summer day! Glad you & your sweetheart got to enjoy!

  13. A picnic seems like a wonder way to spend a summer day. And, yours was so delightfully displayed and then, I bet, devoured.

    1. are so darling! How fantastic to prepare a romantic picnic for two....we used to enjoy those in Maine quite often....I agree with you's often too hot to sit outside and daydream.....gorgeous and fun photos! Big hugs to y'all!

    2. Haven't had a picnic in a dog's age.

      Too hard to get down and get up again, and to sit on hard ground. ,-)))

  14. How festive! What a wonderful time for you to experience together. And it all looks beautiful and delicious!

  15. BJ that romantic picnic has imprinted in your and Mr. Sweets heart as a precious memory. I appreciate you sharing it. Just curious how you got all your ducks in a roll ... Lol. Oh those pears (I love pears with a chunk of cedder cheese) I can taste the strawberry Lemonaide and so could go for a glass on this hot 94 degree day! The flowers so pretty - you so delightful.
    Hope you soon get rain. Enjoy the long holiday weekend.

  16. BJ, such sweet memories will stay with us forever! That is a beautiful lake even though low in water. Over here, we would rather stay in air-con room for our picnic, too hot and hazy to go out doors.

  17. Jean,

    It looks like such a wonderful day. I love all the goodies and yes the heat is terrible.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  18. Lovely thoughts and things to remember. I have to admit my favorite picnics are indoor ones.

  19. I do love a picnic! I like them best when they are in our gazebo or on the deck! Not too hard to traipse back and forth! The best picnics are the ones when it's cool enough to leave the doors open so we feel like we are living in California!

  20. It looks like a beautiful picnic BJ. No picnics here this week, rain, rain, rain and hot and muggy as can be. I'm cowering in the house until it gets cooler ;)

  21. BJ,
    Ah~h~h. . .so~o~o r o m a n t i c!!! ^sigh^
    I'm sure that you and "Mr. Sweet" will reminisce of this day
    long beyond September. . .
    I have one "tailgate" picnic planned for our Annual Vacation!!!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!!

  22. Everything about your picnic sounded delightful (except for the Watermelon). Lovely lake and that tree at the end is so pretty.


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