Wednesday, August 19, 2015

...twice baked potatoes

Why I think I can cook ANYthing that THE PIONEER WOMAN shares with us is beyond me.....
but everything she makes looks so so good and every now and then, I THINK I can do it....and I never, ever can.

Take a look at these from her site....

*drool all over the place

Potatoes are baked in the oven first...
then sliced, scooped out...
adding lots of the BEST ingredients...
fill ea little cup with the potato mixture.

I couldn't help it...
I just HAD to try my hand at them...
and let it be known right here...
( think I don't have kitchen wrecks....but here's proof)

Oh, I know the errors of my kitchen ways...
first off, SHE said BAKE your washed potatoes in the OVEN for 30 min.
I used my microwave...
NOT thinking about microwaving makes the skin of potatoes very very SOFT. 

So, right from the start, I ran into troubles with the freakin' WEAK skins...
they wouldn't stay in a continuous  little circle .....
and, I didn't have a really tiny cookie cutter like SHE used to scoop the potatoes out
of their skins.

No way was I going to 'give it up', tho....
too many delicious ingredients went into these babies...

I just "played like" this is the way they are SUPPOSED to look...

...and, if you noticed in HER photo...
they, AND THE PAN, were all neat and nice...

I had luscious 
cheese ♥
real butter ♥
milk ♥
spilling out all over the place...because...???
remember my skin rounds were very WEAK.

I also added chopped onions
chopped peppers
and a little more cheese and bacon than I probably should have.
I didn't add the sour cream as Mr. Sweet doesn't like it.
The bottom of ea potato round was crispy with spilled-over cheese and sooooo good.

These are so good, I hope you will take a little extra time with your
dinner some night...and make these little gems for your family.
Oh, we know they LOVE you already...
but that love will go up another notch when they taste these.

And, take it from me...
even if they don't turn out pretty...
they will taste just wonderful...     

I have to tell you that when I said, "well, MINE fell way short of Pioneer Woman's,"
He said, "these are so good, NObody cares ...just promise you'll make them again SOON..."
and, ♥...that made me feel very good, indeed. new sofa isn't here yet...and I am WANTING it....right now !!


  1. BJ, I think you had spill over because you really loaded them up with some tasty goodie. Can you ever be too messy with cheese and real butter ? LOL That was sweet what your husband said. That must be prove that they were good. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Those look absolutely amazing!! They may not be as neat as the originals, but your replicas are oozing with goodness...literally.

  3. I have always said, it ain't about the presentation...but how do they taste? Cause it can look all pretty and taste real awful. LOL

  4. I must say yours look so good with all that yummy cheese spilling over!

  5. congrats, bj!!

    I must admit I am afraid to make those `things`
    They look awesome!!


  6. Those twice baked potatoes look delicious. I'll wait till things cool down to make them. Truth be told...I like the way yours looks more than the top photo!

  7. Couldn't make it without those sweet husbands. I am sure mine would have said he didn't care what they looked like! I have never made twice baked potatoes because they seem like a lot of trouble. I'm happy with a really good loaded baked potato.

  8. They sounds wonderful and that is what is important - to taste wonderful. Your Mr liked them so that is all you have to worry about.
    I am sure if he didn't like them you would know, but he did. Hope you get your sofa soon and I am looking forward to see your big reveal.

  9. Sometimes 'rustic' looking things are the best tasting ;-)

  10. But it looks so yummy,, i'll try this one day...
    Thank you. :)

  11. If I came across her pan of the potatoes and your pan of the potatoes, I would choose yours every time. Look at all of that delicious cheese just flowing over the edges of the potatoes. I would take the ones overflowing with melty cheese and all of the other goodies that yours had every time.

    When it finally cools down enough around here I will have to try making these. I hope mine will look as good as yours!

  12. Oh you are just so funny BJ - your twice baked looks yummy and I hope you saved me one or two!

  13. Yours look very good as well BJ.

    All those dark and gloomy clouds and not a bit of rain fell here. I was quite disappointed.

    God bless.

  14. My Step-Mother makes these .... very good ... cheese (sometimes bits of onion).. and a serving of sour cream atop...
    Nice post dear Lady ... we feel much better now that it has cooled of and we can breath much easier...
    a pleasant evening to you and yours...

  15. Oh, they look pretty good I think , and the fact that they taste so good, that's makes them a winner!

  16. Dare I say that yours look better?? You can see all the deliciousness in them spilling out. That's how I like my food to look. Great job. Thanks for sharing the recipe too!

  17. I love making twice baked potatoes...but just half the potato, rather than slice them. That would be quite an undertaking....yours look SO good and delicious! Hey, when your Mr. Sweet says he loved's all good! Bravo BJ!!!

  18. OH YUM! I will certainly make these! I have a big 'ole bag of potatoes and that looks like a great way to use them:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  19. Well, you can tell they tasted amazing, even if they didn't turn out as planned. I love twice baked potatoes.

  20. Ohhhhhh.... Can smell them and taste them, just from your glorious photos!!!!!!!!! -sighhhhhhh-


  21. Hope your sofa gets there soon. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Hmmmm very yummy and delicious looking. I don't mind the look, anyway, I think they look good too.

  23. I like the looks of yours better and I know they were way better than P.W's. You do know that she has a staff of people helping her make everything look so clean and photo ready. Wish I did.

  24. My mother always said look does not count, it is how it taste. She rarely failed in anything, but when a cake did not do rise, it was great just the same. You still get a blue ribbon.

  25. I checked the original recipe - such a lot of work for the lowly potato (and I would not throw the ends away!), and I can understand your much quicker approach. I bet they tasted awesome and I love my food to have that rustic look on my plate anyway, haha!

    Mary x

  26. Oh, I know just how you feel about copying something from Ree's book. It's kind of like making one of Martha Stewart's recipes that require using every pot & bowl in the kitchen, forgetting that it is I who will be doing the clean-up! Seriously, though, your taters look really delicious....messy potatoes, dripping with butter and cheese are making my mouth water!

  27. I usually avoid the microwave. Daisy eats stuff from it all the time, I just can't stand the taste 99% of the time.

    1. The one thing I never EVER cook in microwaves...MEAT...of any kind...and I don't like meat warmed in there, either.

  28. Some of Ree's recipes are winners. They look so yummy, lots of butter and cheese. If you want me to add your sitemap, just let me know....

  29. Yum. Are you going to bake them in the oven next time though? I would. My mom used to make these, but just with potatoes and milk put back in... None of the good stuff. A good side dish that way even though )))

  30. You know what they say....Looks aren't everything. - These still looked very tasty.

  31. I have had a few cosmetic failures in the kitchen. My theory is that once it's in your mouth it's how it tastes that counts. Those look soooo good! I'd eat those in a heartbeat!

  32. I just have to try this….GENIUS Love this.

  33. Now bj, we must remember that PW has a big old crew old clean up after her, and we don't have that luxury!!! Your 2x baked potatoes look soooo tasty to me, and you're as cute as you can be!! xxoo

  34. Just remember. Pioneer Woman has food stylists, assistants, shoppers and multiple takes to get it right. Trust me, I've seen how they make the sausage. I say that to do it a first time and get it right and have it taste so good is a major accomplishment! Bravo!

  35. Look really yummy bj. Our family loves twice-baked potatoes and I usually do them for Christmas. I may try your method this year. Not sure about adding the peppers. Instead of sour cream, I have used a little Ranch dressing. Keep the good ideas coming.
    Anxious to see your living room with your new couch and end tables.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  36. I don't follow directions much either and things sometimes end up like thin skin twice baked potatoes bj style.
    Never fear, the taste is usually Spot On!
    I am trying this baby . . .

  37. Hi BJ,
    Well my Grandmother used to say, never you mind what it looks like, it's gonna be really good, and I fully agree with her. These twice baked potatoes look delicious and I am sure they will be! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  38. bj, these look great!
    I can't make these without first tearing the skins into train wreaks.
    Can't even get them into the oven in a whole piece. xoxo


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