Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Teeny tiny bit of Fluffing

Sometimes, just moving a few items from a table
or a shelf
or a hutch
and adding something a little different
can give the whole, entire room a flair it didn't seem to have before.

I get tired of the same ole things all the time...
(Mr. Sweet just gulped...)
and it seems I am fickle.

I LOVE something one week and the next I am ready to toss it aside
and do something different.
Am I the only one that does this....?

This is the way my little 
$16.00 GoodWill table
in the dining room has looked for most of the spring and summer, so far. the way, I have never been tired of this pillow I bought 5 or 6 yrs ago at TJ Maxx.....
I still love it.

 Then, I tried the weather vane instead of the hour glass on top of the table
and the "I love it so much I want to marry" my faux SHEEP SKIN with my 
favorite little Rabbit Pillow....
NOPE...not quite right yet.
I mean, it's alright...just not enuf change to suit me.

So, I added a tray, bottle and faux, green berries down below, on the rug....


It looked like the rabbit was trying to eat the berries... I put my favorite pillow right back on the sheepskin rug...
I like it..

 I moved the wine rack to the right...
added my cute little  GATE sign...
and I just don't like blank spaces.
Now...if that sign had been larger, the blank space between the mirror and the table would have worked just fine.
HOWEVER, the GATE sign is very small.

Maybe my Ironstone platter
(from a thrift shop..$2.85)
would work....

maybe fill in that space that was bothering me.
I tried it.......and I liked it.

....and I still love my little

You just don't tire of
CUTENESS too quickly...

I saw this wine rack on another blog a couple years ago and 
she was kind enuf to tell us where she purchased it...
I jumped right in the car and went to WORLD MARKET
and bought one. 
(I can't remember the blogger, tho...and I'm sorry)

At this point, I am happy...
nearly happy.

Something is needed.....what..??....gotta go shop the house again.

I don't's pretty tiny...

gotta try it, tho.

I'm very happy now....that tiny touch of color and texture was just right...
for me, anyway.

I'm also happy I had this ICE BOX STEW in the freezer 
for our dinner tonight........
My mother always made a stew at the end of the week when our fridge (ice box)
had small bowls of leftovers.
She would add potatoes or noodles to all the leftovers, including meat.
Sometimes it was the leftover roast...and sometimes she would brown hamburger meat
and add to the mixture.
I think of her every time I make a stew.

xoxo, bj

Not a lot of change....
just enuf to take on a little different personality...
and, of course, like all makeovers, no matter how small,
everything is cleaned before rearranging so it just makes ya feel good.


  1. How can you fluff with only one good eye? The owls are my pick of the day.

  2. Sweet! You fluff like no other! It's wonderful that simple changes can make things fun and brighten an entire room. John does not care for too many changes, It must seem like sensory overload when I start fluffing around here. My china cupboard top is still in spring mode.

  3. I like the before. But then - when something works, I see no reason for changing it. I don't decorate much - except temporary stuff like for parties and Christmas.

  4. I am in a fluffing mood:) When I have a day at home, no errands to run or things to do, it is nice to move things around! It is like buying new stuff without leaving the house! Enjoy your day dear B.J. Hope your eye is better! HUGS!

  5. It looks perfect now! That little sign was the perfect finishing touch. After the 4th holiday is over I am changing things up all over the place. I just need to "renew" and "refresh".
    Have a wonderful day! xo Diana

  6. You do have 'an eye' for decorating - especially now. Still waiting for your story. . .hint, hint. . .

  7. Love your finishing touches! What an adorable sign, I'm out to look for one! What time is dinner?
    Happy 4th!

  8. Looks good to me and I love the cute owls!

  9. Very nice BJ and how wonderful that you can "shop the house" for everything you need.

    God bless.

  10. I love it! It is a great feeling to change things around without spending money. && I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who likes to rearrange a lot! LOL! It all looks WONDERFUL!

  11. Both are very nice but I like... uh.... well, let's see.... oh heck. no favorite here.

  12. hello BJ, I love the cute owls and the wine rack. Happy July to you!

  13. It looks great, you always have a flair for putting things together :)

  14. Fluffing is always fun! A tweak here, a reposition there and your home is always refreshed. How's your eye?

  15. Beautiful as usual. You have a great gift for decorating. How is your eye? Better I hope. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. BJ, Fluffing..... I think the greenery really did it.Looks great. I love the sign. :):) You are a creative decorator. Nice. I love what you said about your stew. I used to use up left-overs to make soups. Even mashed potatoes can make a creamy base . Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  17. Fluffed just fine for now. Moving the wine rack to the side struck me as right (pun intended).

  18. So cute! I move things around, get tired of them and want to toss them - then I come back to them later and wondered what I was thinking! Love what you've done with your little table. I love the 'Please Close The Gate' sign. Perfect for there. You need to come help me fluff my home a bit, dear friend.

  19. Good job of fluffing! Love that gate sign. Looks good.


  20. The owls! :) Oh they add such cuteness! Love your cozy spot!

  21. Have you ever noticed that despite what handymen and plumbers know, none of them are smart enough to know how to shut a gate.

  22. You make everything look beautiful! The Owls needed to stay, they are pure sweetness!! Of course your stew looked so I'm hungry! Lol

    Happy 4th!

  23. That was so fun... following your creative mind and muse through so many gorgeous looks. I adore the way it turned out. I love it when I'm in that kind of mood. It shows I care! lol...

    Have a fun Fourth. Hugs.

  24. BJ, I think you like to change things up because the fun is in the creative process! ;-)
    I love to move things around too. Unfortunately most things are packed and in storage at the moment.
    Have a grand 4th of July!

  25. I call that "putzin".. . . and my mister Irish Garden House nicknamed me "PUTZ" because I am always doing what you were doing. Tweaking this and that, adding this, moving that . . . It is called PUTZIN . . .

  26. And I like seeing all of your tweaking and putzin!

  27. BJ,
    "Perfect timing", dear friend!!!
    Getting ready to shuffle a few things around here on the Prairie, too!!!
    I like the "switch" to green and white in the center of your Goodwill "find"!!!
    I agree, making one of our Mother's recipes is totally comforting!!!
    My Aunt made something similar and called it "everything" soup!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  28. Hi BJ,
    I love what you do with your pillows. There is nothing better than a great bowl of soup or stew to comfort the heart and soul at the end of the week. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen


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