Tuesday, June 30, 2015

? ? ?

We worked outside on the little building all day on Friday.

We went inside, I prepared a light dinner for us and when we sat down,
Mr. Sweet said, " What in the world is wrong with your eye ?"

I said, "What..??", getting up to look in the mirror.
And there it was...
My FIRST SHINER in my whole life.

and, I don't even have a good story for it.

There's a tiny puncture beneath the eye and with me on blood thinners,
I am guessing it just caused bruising.
It is fading daily and has never itched, stung or hurt in any way...
maybe it hurt my feelings.
I'm sorry...but I got such a kick out of all your comments...
I laughed sooo hard.
I should be ashamed.....but......they were so funny.
Every thing from getting hit in the eye with a failed biscuit to
slammed with a 2x4....what did the other guy look like ?.....an email that said, "He said
SHUT UP...you thought he said STAND UP and he decked ya ?" 
"you only have to wear red and white for the 4th, you're already wearing blue"....
I do appreciate your concerns.....really I do.
Thank you. oxoxo 


  1. Oh my, I missed the first post. It is odd to have black eye and no idea how you got it? I am glad it is fading now. Enjoy your day!

  2. This group is a tough crowd. Some of the comments hardly seemed like concern, but I guess you gave them the benefit of the doubt! My favorite was "he said shut up...you heard stand up"

  3. Oh my, I'm away for a few days and look what happens! I don't have enough brain power yet to chime in with a snarky comment!

  4. Never itched, stung, or burned... Wild... ,-)

    Well, I still say, whatever it was, you got more bruising, because of blood thinners. But hooray, for how they are keeping us "truckin'"!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Because big bear hugs, would bruise... ,-)

  5. Glad it is fading bj. Hope it is gone soon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. On your picture lead in, BJ, you show a spider web...did you walk thru one. It could be a spider bite. Just keep watching it. My friend got a spider bite. He felt something brush his face and he wiped he eye. Two days later it started looking very bad. He went to the dr. and he had been bitten by a brown recluse. He had to get some antibiotics. He said it looked like a black eye at first. Bloodthinners can cause brusing from something so simple as scratching. Take care, xoxo,Susie

  7. Have you tried some Benedryl? That might help. All I will say is, what some people will do to create a blog post :-) Just kidding. Hope you are on the mend soon. I think that Mr. Sweet needs to wait on you for a couple of days!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. You are just too nice to have a bruise of any kind! lol These crazy things happen. It might be an insect bite.

  9. Nice shiner! And I never have a good story to go with my boo-boo's either. Just boring little accidents.

  10. Booo! You need to at least make up a good fight story - one that you win in the end. haha! The biscuit comment made me giggle! Hope it goes away with little pain....

  11. Well goodness, I hope it clears up soon, I'm very glad you don't have any pain!

  12. when I saw the thumbnail on my reader list, I thought "OUCH!" If it was a mosquito, that's surely a strange place to get you.

  13. Maybe there was a spider waiting in his web? Keep a close eye on it,,, pardon the pun, maybe Mr Sweet will have to do that, in case infection sets in. Cold tea compresses? Lots of TLC, from Mr Sweet, and dark glasses will add to the mystery.

  14. Surely you can come up with a better story than that!! LOL

    Take care.


  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your black eye. But, there's good news. You can cross it off of your bucket list!!! Everyone should be able to look tough at least once in their life. I'm glad it didn't hurt or itch and I hope it heals real quick.

  16. Oooohh-a spider bite is NOT a good thing!! Thank goodness you didn't have any other reaction to it! I know- we were all so awful to leave a nice person like you such awful comments...but that is cuz we love you and know you can take a joke!!! xo Diana

  17. This was all very amusing and I chimed in on the humor side. But now that a possible spider bite has entered the picture please be careful.

  18. Oh my goodness. You seriously don't know what happened. I hope it wasn't a spider. You should check it out.
    One of school kids was bit a couple of weeks ago. Then like two weeks later it got red and started swelling. She had to go back to the doctor. Be careful with it. XXOO

  19. I'll bet it's a spider bite. I had one above my eye once, and it swelled and looked awful.

  20. Goodness gracious, bj! I have bumps and bruises all over my body, so I know how you feel. If I just bump into anything, boom, there's a bruise. It's pitiful enough to get old, but to look beaten up, even more pitiful.

  21. I meant ME getting old and pitiful, not you!!!!

  22. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious, bj! Like Sally said, it might have been an insect bite gone bad. Heal fast!

  23. If I still had my black eye we could compare boo boos! Take care of yourself my friend and keep that good sense of humor! lol Hugs!

  24. Hi BJ, Just be careful if you think it might possible be a spider bite. They are nothing to mess with for sure. I laughed at some of your comments and needed it. Take care Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

  25. So sorry about the eye.

    I took my daughter to the doctor once with a black eye, she had been bitten by a spider, boy was I ever getting dirty looks from the other patients. I was so glad when the receptionist asked me what had happened.....

    God bless.

  26. Hey bj ... SORRY. I was thinking about a broken tiny blood vessel in the eye. I had one break in my eye just a month ago and I looked like someone had hit me. The white of my eye looked bruised and had a dark circle underneath but there was no pain except it stung when it happened. Wishing you a fast recovery ... sure hope it is not a bug or spider bite. You might have a doctor look at it.

  27. Oh my golly, bj - yowtch!!!!

    I am a very light skinned blonde - was a true tow-head when little and I got black eyes ALL the time - never had any fun stories about them either because they were so super easy to get.....but I remember quite well my mother and her sister insisting they take a picture of the day I had TWO black eyes and my two front teeth were missing. OMG they laughed and just thought it was so funny. I was so embarassed I made a pouty face, I look at it now and remember perfectly that day.....but now as a mother (well my girls are well grown up now) and understanding how funny it had to be to them.

    I am glad now they took the pic, but boy oh boy I was fuming mad when they took it!

    Hope yours heals fast. Hugs.

  28. I think that is quite the story! Had there been any drinking involved? That is some kind of mosquito or perhaps it was the spider...Texas has some very mean bugs!

  29. Oh my, that is just to close to your eye. Probably would not hurt to have it looked at especially if any swelling, etc..

  30. Sweetie, I think a mosquito or something may have bit you in that tender part of your eye..and caused the bruising. Not to worry..you are cute no matter what...black eye and all! :)

  31. I wrote my earlier question about your eye before finding this post in my feed! All kidding aside, do hope it is on the way to recovery. Hugs!

  32. That is awful.I am hoping you are better now. It sure looks like it would hurt.

  33. Now I can laugh too . . . Love the "did you get hit with a biscuit!"
    I love to giggle and laugh . . . how about you?
    Happy your eye is ok . . .
    Happy weekend SWEET friend!


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