Monday, May 25, 2015


I am so so ready for summertime...
Summer....when the livin' is easy.

I'm getting the Summer House all primed and primped 
and de-cluttered and spacious and full of light, happy color..
adding more and more indoor plants for the illusion of
here i go again....playing-like ...
dining room/sun room/and now, green house 

Turquoise and aquas are my very favorite colors right now.
I can't seem to get enuf of it.

 A few new plates from
and though I don't care much for the color brown, the turquoise band drew my attention to them.

They look pretty cute resting on the turquoise place mats...
which are vinyl  and can be just wiped clean...
which is perfect
for summertime.

♥ ♥ ♥

The plants are doing really good in the dining/sunroom.

Totally off the subject here but
I want to paint this little .....
what do you call it...?
shelf unit ?

well, ANYway, I am thinking
of a creamy white,

very very little distressing....
chalk paint
I'm scared
ok, about talked myself right out of it.

The above is a plant cutting from a friend...

I have no idea what it is (hope it's not marijuana...heh heh)

  but she said I could plant it in a container of potting soil once the roots were larger....
AND this jar with the wire in the lid is so perfect to hold the plant...I think it is called a frog.
from Hobby Lobby. 
♥ ♥ ♥ 
and my favorite potted plant ....
pink geraniums.

The ivies in the little wall pots are growing like crazy...

I still don't much like the little pots on the boards...
they are on ea side of the tv.
I want something else in those spots....
my blue and white transferware maybe ?

maybe some more of my black and white, close-up photos of family...
then my room would look like a photography studio...

I think the boards would look great outside but the pots are so small,
not a lot of things will grow enuf to look pretty....
O, what to do ?

Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche, enriched with additional ingredients such as meats, cheeses, vegetables or pasta.
A great summertime (or anytime) meal.

We love Frittatas so much. They lend themselves to any of your favorite ingredients ........... and they are sooo easy. Just add toasted french bread and a favorite jelly, coffee...and you are good to go for the day...........they make a perfect summertime meal.

Are YOU ready for it, too....???

(p.s....I am cruisin' the web for a bathing suit
(when DEEDS was little, she called it a BAILING lol lol)
that is suitable for a woman deeply immersed in AGE...
and it ain't easy.)  

I just HAD to add ellen's comment...
 ellen b. has left a new comment..

"I've bailed from wearing a suit in public for many years now! Looks like summer has arrived at your house. We love fritataish concoctions at this old house. I really like your black and white close-up wall!  "

hahhaa, ellen...thanks so much for being so fun. 

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She is away from home for personal reasons and not having SHADES today.


  1. It is looking wonderful at your place!!! I normally do not like the summer season but this spring has been so demanding with all its rain and flooding that a bit of HOT sunshine and BLUE skies would be just perfect about now!!

  2. Wow, and did you say in your words to me..., we are getting old!!! Go get that bathing suit, for me, it can wait till next summer, at least 8 mongths away!!! Turquoise, one of my favs. too.

  3. Your home looks so summery with all your pretties. The turquoise looks really good. Sounds like you are having fun decorating.
    Enjoy yourself.

  4. You sound a little hesitant to paint that cabinet, so I wouldn't. It seems to match all your Summer colors so why not wait until Summer is over to decide?

  5. Are you considering a suit similar to the picture. I have a vision of the re-surface - yikes.
    All kidding aside your dining/sunroom is truly blossoming. (did I really say that?) And I like your black and white photo wall very much.

  6. My you are all over the place this morning ,Bj, but that's ok. I haven't been up long so my mind is a little slow getting started..
    I think that cabinet of selves would look great painted shabby white, but what ever you decide on I'm sure will look great!
    Love the new plates, Your sun room/dinning room is looking great and summer is almost here, isn't this year going a little too fast!

  7. I know my mom is very picky about a new swimsuit. When she would take me to the watepark when I was a teenager, she'd always complain that every one she looked at made her look fat.

    also to answer your question I'm 5' 11" and Daisy is 4' 8"

  8. i like the ivies but they'd be tough to keep small. :)

  9. Love this post! Everything looks so pretty at your house. Love your photos and the living plants. I don't know about painting that piece of furniture. I'm always wanting to paint furniture but never do. Have you looked in the Lands End catalog for a swimsuit? I like them.

  10. Yep, bathing suit shopping at 61 is like looking for a needle in a haystack:) Love your Summerhouse and that cute gal jumping in for some Summer fun! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  11. I've bailed from wearing a suit in public for many years now! Looks like summer has arrived at your house. We love fritataish concoctions at this old house. I really like your black and white close-up wall!

  12. Everything looks lovely. And I had an old friend come over last night and she told me that chalk paint could be used on upholstery. Have you heard of that? Or seen it? I think she thinks my reading sofa needs a redo - but I would not want to mess that thing up. I would have to see someone else's painted upholstery first.

  13. Will you just adopt me??? I want to live THERE!Hahaaa
    LOVE the photo wall! And the plates match perfectly with the mats!
    SO pretty!

  14. Your plants are doing great in your home BJ!

  15. The plants are doing very well . Love your new dishes everything looks great. After I lost all that weight when I was sick 5 years ago I could not find a bathing suit that looked good on me so I just wore a pair of shorts (gym) and a top that had elastic around the top, this worked well for me. ave a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I haven't been in a bathing suit for YEARS! And probably won't ever wear one again...don't want to frighten others!

  17. I'm going to go shopping for some new things for our new house, baskets, rugs, etc. Great pictures, and love the turquoise.

  18. BJ, I like your pretty plants of green in your home. No Bailing suits for me . LOL. Blessings for a fun week. xoxo,Susie

  19. BJ,
    Love your photos, I know I always say that but I do!!! Have fun getting your Summer Home vibe just right, I know it will look amazing.

  20. It doesn't really matter what color or style you go with because you have an eye for decor...period. Anything you do looks fabulous. Look for a behind the scenes for an email on bailing suits.

  21. Your houseplants look great. I've tried to grow many plants indoors. Never had luck. Even the ones that don't die were a fail. Growing plants outside I do great so that's what I stick with


  22. everything looks summer time ready!!
    Good luck finding your Bailing suit, lol,
    thats one shopping trip I Hate,,

  23. You must share your secrets in storage!! I have very minimal things laying around my house and I feel like I don't have room for anything. You must share your knowledge. I never had a fritatta, but that sounds real yummy and very simple.

  24. Oh Honey-Bun! I "bailed" on even owning a bathing suit, years ago!!!!!

    Hope you will find one, you love!

    And those "random musings"... I love them, the 'best-est'. :-)))))

  25. lol A bailing suit is right!

  26. I was wondering about the floods as well, glad to know they are not affecting you.
    I don't know whether my bailing suit still fits either and I haven't worn it since I bought it several years ago!


  27. I haven't worn a "bailing suit" for years . . .
    And not startin' now . . .

  28. yeah- I don't wear a BAILING suit in public anymore either although I do wear aqua wear so I can go beaching and get wet if I want to.
    Looks like you had a nice weekend and I LOVE those dishes. I am not fond of brown either but they sure are cute with the aqua band on them. Darling really!
    Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  29. Your home is looking all summery, bright, and cheery, bj! Greenery always brings a freshness, doesn't it? Your frittata looks so good! Let me know if you find that bailing suit and I'll be ordering one, too. I do wear one because I go to water aerobics several times a week. I always think that if I could wear panty hose under my suit, my cellulite doesn't look so bad!!!! Why can't they invent some invisible ones??

  30. Oh, I love it all, BJ. I always click away from your page so inspired.
    Keep playing! Name every room however you like as often as you like. I named my art room THE IMAGINATORY!!! Can you imagine? :)
    Now, as for the bathing suit, ugghhh........ hunting for one myself, but must admit it's never as fun as dressing the house. :)
    Happy summer! Save me some frittata, I'll save you some bellini.

  31. Say "turquose" or "Dollar Tree" and you're getting me right where I live! Lovely, every photo. I'm in the process of printing more b/w and getting some frames for my hall -- a b/w wall, I think. Who knows! They look great!


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