Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our girl's birthday....

SHE WAS KIDNAPPED a few days before her 46th birthday..
A best friend came to her house, said
 "You have 1 hour to get ready and then...KIDNAPPED"

She was taken to FREDERICKSBURG, TX.
where they met up with 2 more of Stacy's best friends..
A whole weekend, at an amazing BED & BREAKFAST Ranch,
with her 3 best friends in the world.

The following is a comment she added on her FaceBook:
I can't even tell you how amazing it was to have three of my dearest friends go to so much effort to surprise me & spend time with me for my birthday. There was side splitting laughter, beautiful surroundings, shopping, more laughs, day drinking, dancing, incredible food, a few tears, my all time favorite dinner prepared by my all time favorite chef & more laughter. Did I mention goat kissing? It's a gift I'll never forget!

"Dear Stacy Leigh, you are such an amazing lady and a very blessed one, at that.
To be loved so much by these 3 wonderful friends is something that a lot
of people never experience.
The blessing is 2 FOLD...
YOU, for having the love of these 3...
THEY, for having YOUR love."
your mama...
April 29th


We hope YOUR day is perfect.

They haven't invented the words to tell you how much you are loved
by your entire family.
We all love you so so much.


Shawndelle, Missy, Stacy, Paige


  1. Happy Birthday to your darling girl, I'm sure her kidnapped time was wonderful, and family love equally so. Hugs to you, and for sharing this with us, so very special.

  2. What a beautiful Birthday Girl! I think that is the sweetest gift anyone could give, their time! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  3. Happy Birthday to your baby....she's beautiful.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,


  4. Awwww Happy Birthday to your pretty girl. Sounds like a really fun weekend that Stacy Leigh will never forget.

  5. Happy birthday Stacy. Bj she had a day to remember and 3 wonderful friends and of course the love of her wonderful parents. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. awwww, now that's so sweet. it's nice to have a wonderful group of friends!!!!

  7. BJ, I love this post. Your daughter is truly beautiful...get her looks from you.:) I think that was a great time. I have been to Fredericksburg , Tx. I would have loved to explored more there. It was just a quick trip through. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. What a great group of friends! Very clever gals and sounds like so much fun. Have you made yourself available for a kidnapping? =D

    I understand that I should be watching for a blueberry around here soon...

  9. Such a lovely girl on her birthday. We see lots of girls' weekends here in Fredericksburg, as it seems to be a really popular place to hang out with friends.

  10. It is the best with family, but nothing like sharing time with great friends. Is her eyes blue?

  11. You have a pretty daughter. The photos at the bottom of the page show she is the spitting image of you. A better birthday I don't believe could have been had. Friends are a true blessing.

  12. What a wonderful and sweet surprise! What fun to spend the day with great friends! It sounds like a perfect celebration.

  13. What a special Birthday Post. Your daughter is beautiful...inside and out. She is lucky to have such thoughtful friends and a loving mother. Great pictures. Love Fredricksburg!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  14. That is the coolest birthday surprise in the history of ever!

  15. What fun for your beautiful daughter!

  16. That is soooo amazing . My 40th is this year and I can only hope for such a special surprise.

  17. Happy birthday!! What a nice surprise. :) BTW, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Dark hair with blue eyes always gives me the teeniest tiniest twinge of jealousy. hehe

  18. Awww Happy Birthday to your girl!! She is a beauty and so are her friends. What a fun surprise for her to getaway to Fredericksburg. Fun times!!

  19. She is beautiful and so loved! Fun times and creating treasured memories ~ :



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