Saturday, April 25, 2015

~ I've got the BLUES ~

but it's the GOOOD blues.

I've not got a lot to show in this post..
 just a few things  I've done to add SUMMER to the SUMMER HOUSE
and I think you've seen some of them before (haven't bought anything new)

I bring this POOL SIGN out about this time every year
and hang it in the dining room...
pointing the way.

and, when I start noticing this beautiful color of the water....
 I know it's time for...

Oh, how I love it when I can start making the dining room into
a colorful, fun place, so close to the pool, for us to share time, food and good times.

This is, by far, my favorite room in the Summer House.

I love my black and white checks...
the tablecloth that I love so much, I ordered ANOTHER one...just in case..:)

and the place mats...
ANYtime I find these checked beauties, I buy them.....

but it's such a fun thing to change out a few things and go from warm, cozy winterness....

to brights and fun and a lighter, summery mood.

You might know that I am using the turquoise and green in all my rooms throughout the summer..

I just love these colors for warmer weather.

I think this color combo looks so crisp...
and clean...
and joyful...

 OOO, and I STILL use lots of black and white touches...
and....that's really me... with long, black, full EYELASHES 
thick, cute RED HAIR
and about 19 yrs old....
and if you believe that, I have some 


  1. It's been a few years since I've swam in a pool besides the one at the waterpark at the amusement park. There's apparently a little mini-water park near me that I will probably visit on a hot summer day

  2. You must be in heaven, dear woman! Please invite me over! Your decorating is impeccable as always! :)

    Jane x

  3. Those place mats, circles, and stitched round and round? Lovely altogether, enjoy that first swim.

  4. Beautiful colors,Bj. I am so happy that it's THAT time of the year. I have the gardening fever!

  5. BJ, I'm with you on your lime green and your turquoise, they are awesome together! Nothing like black and white checks added to your decor, so classy! Love your sparkling pool, I can't wait to jump into ours!
    Have a lovely Sunday~

  6. Channeling Lucille Ball these days? =D

    I really do like the fresh, summer, water vibe that you get with the aqua and light green. It really does lighten and brighten. If I could find an equivalent here, I'd be thrilled!

  7. Your home is so gorgeous! Would love to come and take a swim....


  8. thanks for the reminder! i saw a woman in wal-mart yesterday. i stopped her and said, 'you look like someone i know...and she's just as lovely as you are!' she had white, short hair, wearing a black top and black leggings, flip flops with some bling and of course, turquoise jewelry. :)

  9. You always have such lovely color thymes. Everything looks so nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. White and turquoise as you have done is so fresh and pretty! I love all of this, but especially your grouping of white pitchers. Enjoy the spring/summer! Don't get that hair wet!

  11. There is a very small aqua blue border on each side of your blog. Never a dull moment when you blog.

  12. LOL- Yes, life IS grand! Love all your SUMMER and I know everyone loves the pool area.l What a blessing to you and your grands/kids to have that pool to enjoy. Love the aqua. I am thinking towards Spring here myself-but it is still BELOW freezing here by the bay this morning.....ugh- xoDiana

  13. BJ, I love your combination of bright green and turquoise. It really looks summertime. You know I also love the blacks/whites/plaids you use throughout. .I may have to copy you some more. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. BJ totally refreshing and wonderful Blues! Oh to have that gorgeous pool ...

  15. It's just now starting to be spring here. Just looking at that pool makes me want to pack my weekender bags and come for a swim, er I mean visit. Looks awesome. So do your pretty blue gumballs! : - )

    Have a wonderful day and blessed week, bj. Hugs.

  16. Can I come over? :) Everything looks gorgeous and very spring like. Love the turquoise and green touches and of course, I'm always loving black and white. Enjoy your day!


  17. I just read that blue is the most universally loved color. I believe it. And turquoise is perfect for summer days and the pool! It's still cold here in Michigan, but I was warmed seeing your fun post. A dip in that pool in the sunshine would be heavenly!

  18. You have such a flare for decorating! I love blues and I have similar placemats. Such a perfect color for summer!

  19. Love visiting you and seeing pretty aqua blues!
    Love your "changing things up" post!
    Happy Blue Days bj . . .

  20. BJ,
    You've got the "perfect" blues, dear friend!!!
    Love the aqua . . .especially, with the black & white!!!

  21. I love both looks, BJ. Winter warm and cozy, and summer bright and cheery.

  22. I too see small aqua stripes on each side. The width of columns can be changed I think under 'layout' on the dashboard.
    But most importantly, your photos, blues and aquas are so inviting!

  23. I've got aqua with thin white stripes. Very pretty!

  24. Love the pool and the turquoise!

  25. Love the summer change. Hope you're getting rain like we are

  26. Dearest bj; Wow, such GORGEOUS change to the SUMMER HOUSE♡♡♡ Your title got me confused at first, haha. My little Japanese style house won't let me such change p:-) For me your wonderful table and table clothes are the dream♪ LOVE your last phrase "AIN'T LIFE GRAND", Dear friend.
    PS.One of the picture in side bar from 1956, you look so beautiful(^_^)v

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako

  27. Happy Monday, BJ, May I say how much I loved all your blues, everything looks so clean and fresh, like you I love to get my dining room ready for the season, because that is where we spend a lot of time.
    Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing.

  28. Love the blues...I had the "blues" this weekend because of all the laundry...Hahaa
    Happy week!

  29. Hi BJ,

    Do you eat/chew the gumboils?

    I love the brightness of turquoise; it says, "Summer!" Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  30. What fun, bj. You're going to have all of us bloggers showing up at your front door :-))

  31. How delightful a colour scheme, denoting Summer all over the house! I love the turquoise, echoing the shimmery blue outside, and it reminds me to go get out the sofa-cover for the living room. It's pale grass-green, with just shadows of embroidered leaves, and makes the room so bright after the Winter with burgundy. All new candles and a jade cakestand, and the florals on the wicker---what a treat that will be.

    When I get to it, that is---we're renovating the downstairs kitchen have drug out ever item we own, it seems, and strewed them hither and yon with no reason to the mix. Lots to do, and you're INSPIRING me to get at it RIGHT NOW.


  32. Hello BJ, I love the aqua and green. So pretty together... And the b&w checker tablecloths is pretty too. Come on summer!! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  33. I love your b/w checkered tablecloth! Sweetness! The turquoise looks lovely and such a pretty share! My friend Linda at Prairie Flower Farm shared a photo from their Market that they run in their town and she and Tressa, her daughter had done a display in red and turquoise! It was so pretty. My hubby loves red and we have red and cream colored checkered kitchen curtains. I want to change them and do that kitchen with red and turquoise since it is his favorite! The pool looks cold because I am freezing in this cold and dreary rainy weather we have! LOL! Thursday I have heard it will be 80! HaHaHa! Have a beautiful week friend. Hugs, Anne

  34. I see a faint rim of Aqua around the blog! Pretty blues all around you... Those gum balls! Amazing. I love the blues with the black and whites... Perfect punch of color. Loving the summery look.

  35. I've got the blues too, bj. teehee Love all of them, especially turquoise.
    And your signature image is so you. :) Love it!

  36. Turquoise and green is such a cheery combination. How lovely your pool looks!

  37. I love turquoise and green. It's nice to freshen up for the new season ahead although it still feels like the 'old' season here, as in late winter. Your pool looks very inviting. Pam

  38. Great colors for the warm weather....

  39. Wow, love the colour of the gum balls BJ, perfect for your summer colour scheme. I have had those same turquoise placemats in my hands a couple of times and not purchased them. Darn, you make them look so appealing on your table.
    I could sure handle a pool just outside the kitchen, exactly as we had it at the house we rented in Florida back in February.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  40. So cute. I love blue too. You did a great job bringing in the warmer weather. xoxo Su

  41. Hi bj ... so glad to see you having fun decorating your Summer home. Won't be long before your can relax in the pool. Love all your blues and combination of colors. Happy decorations.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  42. What flavor are those blue gumballs, bj? Your pool looks so refreshing, and I like your black and white checks changed off with turquoise. It is the perfect color for summer!

  43. We live in a summer house all year round and I love it! Your colors do look great for the season.


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