Sunday, February 1, 2015

♥ ♥ VINTAGE MOVIES ♥ ♥ you love 'em ?
meee, too.

I THINK my favorite olden movie of all time has to be

While I've always loved and thought RHETT BUTLER ( aka MR. GABLE) was adorable...

It was SCARLETT (aka VIVIAN LEIGH) that made the movie unforgettable.

We have the DVD
but when I get ready to watch this magnificent movie,
I want to watch it on THE BIG SCREEN...
in an awesomely comfortable seat...
with my popcorn, Jordan Almonds and coke right by my side.

She was such a beauty...and a great actor.

The burning of Atlanta scenes were just awesome,
 especially for the 30's movie making era.

Do you like this movie ?
Another movie I've always loved...
(it must speak to the little girl in me :>)

Judy Garland....OHMY....what a talent.

 So frightening was Margaret Hamilton's performance as the Wicked Witch of the West that most of her scenes were heavily edited or cut entirely.

  The film has numerous lines in Premiere magazine's poll to find the 100 Greatest Movie Lines.
 "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" came in at No 24.

"There's no place like home" came in at No 11.

This line came in at No 62.

This is another fabulous movie that I want to see in a theater.
There's just some movies that aren't the same on tv screens.
TITANIC being another one.
I'm sure you have favorite olden movies, too.
Come have a cup of coffee with me and tell me about them.....
I have a list too long to mention....

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P.S. I'm busy in the kitchen putting together some fun finger foods for the SUPER BOWL PARTY at our son's house tonight.
Hope ya'll have a fun Sunday.


  1. i did love gone with the wind. read the book when i was about 12.

  2. Bj the movies you mentioned are my all time favorites too. Some of my other favorites were Bambi, True Grit, Rebel with out a cause, I could go on with more but I will stop. Have a blessed day and a wonderful February. madeline

  3. Let me tell you about my Gone With The Wind experience, you will get a kick out of it.

    My mother and father were voracious readers - we actually had a library in our house, filled with books. Mom loved the classics and I remember when I was in the summer before 8th grade I was acting all bored and fussy - it was raining or something, and my mother suggested I go pick out a nice big book in which to immerse myself for a good few hours. Well, there was GWTW sitting there and I had never seen the movie (instant dvd movie gratification hadn't been invented yet.) I knew several things: it was a Civil War book, it had a fella who said "Frankly, Scarlet, I don't Give A Damn," and that it was very old.

    WELL, as it turned out I never put that book down. I read it straight through for three whole days without stopping except for potty breaks and grabbing food snacks. Seriously. (I never have slept much anyway but this was bad even for me, haha.) Well Day Three, towards the end I was getting pretty loopy anyway, and, well you know the ending. Well in my crazy hormonal teen age, in my super overwrought insomnia stage, and the fact the book is so danged good and the ending is EPIC! It was about 4 in the morning when I finished the book and, well, I wailed like a banshee, and bawled and cried and sobbed and about lost my little mind.............woke up my family of six other people. Yep. That was me alright.

    As far as the movie - which I finally was able to see years later when they invented (or maybe when we finally purchased) a VHS machine - and the first movie my mom bought was GWTW! And we made a super big deal of watching it together. And I did love it, truly- but man oh man I couldn't believe how OLD everyone was - I mean why on earth did they cast the part of Ashely with a ugly dorky guy who looked dangerous close to an un-made up Scarecrow Man from Wizard of Oz? No WAY would Scarlet like him better than hunky heart throb Rhett Butler. So I never did FEEL the same for the movie because I wasn't torn. I was grossed out. I know back then older actors were the norm, but in the book in my imagination they were approriately aged and beautiful, lol.

    Thanks for letting me write an entire novella in my comments, sorry bj, lol. HUGS!

  4. My all time favorite movie is GWTW :)

    I'm an old movie fanatic. Just the other day, I watched The Egg, and I think Arsenic and Old Lace is in the near future ;)


  5. Oh I can't wait to watch An Affair to Remember this year. So romantic.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,


  6. These are two of my favorites movies bj! TCM is one of the few channels we watch here and my list of favorites is long. Anytime GWTW is on I watch, if I’m busy I’ll record and watch it later. Love TWOO too. For years when I was young it came on around Easter and the family enjoyed watching it together. Love seeing these photos, brings backs lots of memories.

  7. Marvelous old movies. In my day I liked Grease, Foot Loose. Oh yes Singing in the rain. I loved Gene Kelly.

  8. I couldn't agree more with you too. My old time fave vintage movie is Gone with the Wind. I have it and I must watch it once a year, at least. I agree with the Wizard of Oz as well; now that I have grandgirls we watch every time we are together and sing all the songs.
    Actually, I have many vintage-golden Hollywood movies I collect and I do have the great 'An Affair to Remember.'
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love old movies! I have so many favorites with Gone with the Wind & Wizard of Oz being some of them. I also love An Affair to Remember (I cry every time) & Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. There is nothing like the glamour of Old Hollywood.

  10. The actresses in those older movies were truly beautiful, no artifice at all. We lived in a very country area when I grew up, and I probably didn't see many movies as a child at all, maybe when I was about 19 or so, a few. and later, "Lawrence of Arabia" is one that stays in my mind. And, how does that tell my age!!!

  11. Hey BJ,

    What fun to read about your favourite classic movies, and what a collection! They truly are novels on the screen, aren't they? My favourite movie is 'You've Got Mail'; for me, it's the epitome of romance! I laugh and cry and feel so uplifted each time I've seen it, (more than 10, and counting!).

    Hope you are having a fun Superbowl weekend!

    Pass the popcorn, please!:))


  12. Yes, those old movies are great ones, aren't they? The Wizard of Oz was one of my late beloved's favorite movies. I love tear jerkers. Have you ever seen Madame X? Oh my, that is so good! I've been watching TCM lately and finding some good ones one that channel. I saw Imitation of Life recently and that's another good one.

  13. I have to say that GWTW is my very favorite movie of all time. I even went to the authors house Margaret Mitchell's home in Atlanta and they had a GWTW museum there also. The tour that I was on even went to her grave. So every time the movie comes on I watch it. It is an amazing movie.

  14. They had the book (gone with the wind) in my middle school library. No wonder the movie was so long.

    Though I never seen or read either, though of I know a little about it. Like the famous last line.

  15. Oh, I love 'Gone with the wind' as well and another favourite is 'Holiday Inn'. I loved the musicals of the '50's and the glamour as well, it all took you to another place just for an hour or two.


  16. My favorite is, "The Quiet Man", with John Wayne. *sigh*

  17. BJ, loved all those movies, but my all time favorite was On The Waterfront with Marlon Brando. I was about 16 or 17 I think and I watched it a whopping 17 times. Brando was the love of my life----when he was a young man. Time surely has a way of changing things!!..Happy Sunday..Judy

  18. We saw GWTW at the movie theater just a few months ago! So much better than on TV. They had a special 1-day showing. It was packed, but got completely lost in the movie. Would you believe I have NEVER seen The Wizard of Oz past the monkeys? Even as an adult I will not watch it. Someone else wrote about The Quiet Man. I love that movie too.

  19. Gone with the Wind was and still is an amazing movie. A true classic. I had to chuckle when Rivercrest Cottage mentioned never having seen Wizard of Oz past the monkeys. I think that movie might have been too intense for younger viewers, even though I remember being excited when it was going to be shown on TV, usually around Easter. Between the tornado carrying them off (scary close to possible reality here in the Midwest) and those terrifying flying monkeys, I almost couldn't stand to watch the movie. But every year I always did.

  20. I love old movies too, the ones you mention for sure. Just last weekend me and my mister did a Lonesome Dove marathon

  21. I have never seen Gone With The Wind (eep! Don't judge me!!), but The Wizard of Oz is a classic that I grew up with. Honestly, the only vintage movies that I have seen are the ones starring Elvis. You can see where my family's loyalty lied. Haha

  22. I am so with you BJ....two of my all time....I mean all time favorites! Wonderful post and tribute to these two film classics!

  23. HI BJ,

    Yes, I love those films too. And I really do like your reading spot.

    BTW: I'm not walking the neighborhood; Johnny is.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  24. Love the vintage movies. I'm a great fan of GWTW, but not so much Wizard of Oz.

  25. All last week movies are vintage, have you noticed?
    What's the hurry with the world I wonder?! You cant enjoy something without looking "so last week" ahahahahah
    That's why it's nice to have those who mean a world to us - because, probably, when we first saw them we weren't so bombarded not only by new ones but as well with the lives, gossip and images of the actors.
    The other day I was telling a sweet girl at the office that I remembered the movie I watched before getting married. She was appalled to learn I could remember in such detail, because she belongs to this fast-food/movies/shows/whatever generation and things tend to fly by.
    That's why I'm just telling them to watch this and that vintage.
    Thank you for sharing yours,

  26. I also love these old movies, they are classics! Great post. Have a happy week ahead!

  27. I'm sitting here looking at all my Wizard of Oz stuff as I write this comment. My all-time favorite movie. I really need a born to shop cup, right there with ya.

  28. I like both of these movies BJ. We saw The Wizard of Oz on stage a couple of summers ago and the Toto dog at one point must have been spooked for it ran off the stage into the audience. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  29. I love both of those movies, anything with Cary Grant, and anything with fabulous costumes, pretty dresses and a happy ending :>)

  30. I am an old movie addict and got into them with my dad years ago...I especially love movies from the early 30s but my favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz...long list of favorites after that.

  31. Great movies! I have both of them on Dvd!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  32. I am still afraid of the wicked witch of the west! Yikes. Love Gone with the Wind too!

  33. A long time ago I saw Gone with the Wind on the big screen. It was spectacular. The DVD version is nice but you are right you have to see it in a theater to truly see it.

  34. Well bj, My' favorite' book and movie of ALL TIME is GWTW . I read the book before I saw the movie and there were times I cried so hard I had to put the book down until I pulled myself together. LOL. I was in my early 20's. The movie was in town and I begged to go see it and we finally set a day to go. That night I was plagued with dreams that we went to the theater and the movie was gone. The next might when we got to the theater the movie was 'no longer playing.' I cried my heart out. It was 10 years before that movie was in the theaters again. Your post sure hit me and we have one more thing in common my sister friend. I too love The wizard of Oz, but Clark Gable, being my favorite movie star forever, was not in the Wizard of OZ. HA!

    Thanks for the memories. Your post is a perfect description of GWTW including the best photos.

    Love you much,

    PS: the Super Bowl game was so good... except when the Seahawks gave the game away with the last pass that was intercepted. What were they thinking? However, the pass that was caught when it went up into the air and finally caught was amazing. That pass will be a part of football history for years to come.

  35. I love both moview, bj! One of my favorite olden movies is Casablanca. I had a big crush on Humphrey Bogart wirh I was a teenager, even though he had already passed away. I watched all his movies! I also loved the original "Ghost and Mrs Muir" I wanted that house by the sea!

  36. Inspiring me to have an "old movies" night!
    Great post . . .

  37. Darn it bj I will be here all day long telling you movie tales! HaHaHa! Another favorite for me besides those you mentioned already is "My Fair Lady" with Audrey Hepburn. My hubby bought me a copy of the movie for Christmas one year. Sat down, put my feet up and the movie on! Had a huge bowl of pop corn in my lap and bit into a kernel! Ouch, at the dentist the next day with a broken tooth! There are many classic movies I would love to watch on a huge screen. I use to love to sit down and watch the old Carmen Miranda movies too. So those would be awesome on a big screen.Lots of great movies, now I am going to find time to have an old movie night.

  38. We went to a Super Bowl Party, too.
    It was a very good game, except for the fighting.

    I would love to see all 3 movies on the Big screen.
    Sound of Music would be good, also.

    The biscuits on your header are making me hungry :)

  39. Catching up again! My favorite movie is Sound of Music, followed by Gone With the Wind. Like you, I prefer to see them on the big screen but I'll settle for the 'big screen' in our living room. I recently told my sweetheart I thought it was time to get out the DVD of Sound of Music and watch it again. Better do that! Soon. With popcorn.


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