Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'M not quite finished with OLDER MOVIES

Another AWESOME movie.....

one of those that you just don't want to end...
You know the kind.
I am always late on seeing movies because, being as poor as we are,
we would rather wait until it comes on tv and not pay the high prices.
Well THIS one, I would have paid double.
...... the story......SHE just got divorced and trying like crazy to FORGET...and START OVER.
Not that the story was anything to write home about but......
(had a few words and scenes that MIGHT make one blush..
as for me....I am WAAAAY  past blushing....)
the visuals were fantastic.
(besides....DIANE LANE is one of my all-time favorite actors...)
just take a look at that HOUSE....
I fell totally in love....
 Katherine: It's a nice little villa. Rather run down, but redeemable... Are you going to buy it?
Frances: The way my life is currently going, that would be a terrible idea.
Katherine: Mm, terrible idea... Don't you just love those? 
 ...just take a look at that country side.....
(hey....I saw your eyes travel from the country side to that dream in white...
the one with the BLACK adorable hair....)
Martini: "Signora, between Austria and Italy, there is a section of the Alps called the Semmering. It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains. They built a train track over these Alps to connect Vienna and Venice. They built these tracks even before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it because they knew some day, the train would come."

 Some of the lines in this movie are fantastic
just take a look at this magnificent MAN.
*heavy sigh, drool, feeling-faint....... 
 sooooooo swoon worthy !

I REALLY want those green shutters...

and she really wanted Marcello, played by RAOUL !

Frances: What's your name?
Marcello: Marcello.
Frances: Of course it is.
I just LOVE Frances in this movie...
Yep, I HAVE to have some olden, green, faded and nicked shutters, for sure !!
Frances:" I'd like to make an offer on the house. This is what I can pay, minus the work on the place, and a rental car to drive off a cliff when this all turns out to have been a terrible mistake."
I loved every thing about  this movie....
the to-die-for HOUSE,
RAOUL BOVA ....oh yeah.....I LOVED HIM
the beautiful HOUSE,
the lovely, breathtaking countryside..
the magnificent HOUSE.....(did I mention THE HOUSE.?)

....well, I loved all the afore mentioned things but the story....??
....left a tiny bit to be desired...
but I still loved it anyway.....SOOO ROMANTIC ....
If you haven't seen it, I am pretty sure you will like it, tho...

If you're in doubt, take another look at the HOUSE  RAOUL.

Frances: "Yes..?"
"I am going to make love all over you !" 
Frances: "Okay".  

  {{{{ THUD }}}
   XOXOXO bj

LOVE is finding a good movie that brings up some kind of emotion..

Joining the fun (when I come out of my comma)


  1. That is one of ,y all time FAVORITE movies EVER!!!! I was just ending my life as I knew it to begin a new one and I was scared. I still had the terrible divorce to go through and this movie was so good for me!!!! Summer gave me the DVD as a gift and I have not COMPLETELY worn it out - yet!!! When I discovered true love, my daughters would laugh and say 'lots and lots of ladybugs!!!' I am going to have to watch this again soon!

  2. Funny, my favorite part is the tour bus and the characters that renovate the house with her. I have seen this movie so many times and find something new in it each time. If you haven't seen it, you might also like A Good Year. Most people say they don't like Russell Crow, but I say watch him in this movie (he's a cad but redeems himself half way through the movie) and you will like him in this movie at least.

  3. I love this movie - one of my all time favorites!!

  4. Hey, this movie sounds great. How did I miss it? That Raoul Bova is dreamy, and I like Russell Crowe. He was so good in Master and Commander, as a ship's captain in about 1805.

  5. I bet I have watched this movie 30 times. Love it! Next time you watch it, take note of the house never really changing. The director changed the lighting, not the house. As she moved forward in her journey the light changed and everything looked different. Great life lesson there. Diane is great in the role and it was the first time I saw Sandra O. I loved her in it as well. I should stop gushing and look for ladybugs. LOL

  6. I love that movie so much too! The book is also great, but very different than the movie. It's one that I will pick up and read agin from time to time.

  7. I totally adored this movie and had the same reactions as you did over the plot/aura,etc... but it is a keeper, and I definitely have watched it over and over. I love the whole idea of doing something so wild and crazy and personally out of the box. I haven't ever read the book because I did hear it is so different, but then so is Chocolat! I had to laugh here at 4:55 a.m. when I saw that cold shower picture. You are such a dear, sweet HOOT! I can't sleep this morning, and I couldn't decide if I felt like crap... was worried... had enough sleep? Ha! or just was in search of something to make me feel good. Your blog! I was needind a dose of Sweet Nothings. That's what... Hugs.

  8. You have me laughing. . . . with that THUD,
    I read the book, saw the movie . . . and I drooled too!
    Best part for me was my trip to Tuscanny and staying in a beautiful villa,
    near a tiny little hamlet named Asciano . . . such charm . . .
    I looked all over trying to find "mister drool face!"

  9. I am not sure I have seen this movie, I like I do not go to the movies I also wait till them come out on tv. I know I would like this one . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Good heavens BJ, what a jolt to open my computer and see that hunk of man in your linked photo. I know I saw the movie long ago but think it's time to find it on Netflix and watch again!
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  11. Cute post, I think you have the hots for Marcello...He is handsome.. I have to watch this movie again, not sure if I have seen it beginning to end.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  12. I need to watch that movie again, maybe several times, to catch some of the dialog you captured in this post. Hum, very good. Love Diane Lane, loved the characters in the movie, loved the scenery, everything.

  13. Beautiful:) I have not seen that movie but you just sent me to Amazon:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. diane lane was so adorable in this movie.

  15. Great movie, great theme, great outcome!!!

  16. I have not been to a movie in so many years. Thinking about going to see the new one out Black and White. They do not make good clean family movies anymore.

  17. Hi BJ,

    I don't believe I've seen this film. Well, I guess I'll just HAVE TO. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  18. Hmmmm. I have never seen this movie! Yep, Raoul is a handsome guy. I hope he's as nice as he looks. :)

  19. It is one of my favorites! It and Murphy's Romance with Sally Field and James Garner. LOVED IT!
    In UTTS, I loved when he Marcello runs the red light,,,"It's just a suggestion!"
    Fun post!

  20. BJ,
    It is such a dreamy romantic movie that feeds the senses in it's beauty. Perfect choice for Valentine's week to re-watch.

  21. Oh I read the book for book club about 5 years or so ago but have never seen the movie. I will have
    to check it out. Thanks for reminding me! :)

  22. I don't believe I've seen this. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Odds are - it's on tv in the middle of the night sometime by now.

  23. Hi bj, Your movie review and photos are awesome. I too loved this movie. I have the CD and re-play it whenever I want to be influenced by a great romance. "THUD" LOL.
    Love, Jeanne

  24. Oh yes, romantic, romantic, romantic!! (I see you with that cold shower.... LOL!) I say yay for HBO! We never go to movies, except if it's an exceptional 3D one, and don't even rent them! The library gets in new ones too so that's a nice deal!

  25. Yes it's a great love story. And is there is nothing about that face that is not gorgeous, the jaw line alone!!

  26. I am a bona fide prude. I liked the story before Raoul and the story after Raoul. The movie is a visual delight. How many have visited Tuscany as a direct result of that movie?!

  27. You really know how to review a movie to make everyone feel they have to watch it.
    Glad you are enjoying the olden movies.
    Audrey Z.

  28. Would you believe - I never got around to seeing that movie ? Don't know why - need to put it on my list .

  29. You are too funny! It S a great movie, and yes, Raoul is easy on the eyes... I must watch it again, it's been a while...

  30. This is one of my favorite movies, too. I have watched it so many times and every time I see something new. The scenery, old house, lighting, Dianne Lane's acting, Marcello, and especially Senor Martini are always a feast for the eyes. I think that Marcello was cute-guy sexy, but Senor Martini was my favorite, serious-guy sexy. I could listen to him talk about trains and mountains for as long as he could talk. Every time I see a lady bug I think of this movie.

  31. I love the movie Under the Tuscan Sun,not only for the lovely people, but the scenery of the land, is sweeping and so beautiful~

  32. BJ are you Ok???? You've gone awfully quiet! Did you hit your head dreaming about.... those green shutters!!!!
    Great post :)
    Wren x

  33. We love watching this dream to live in Italy!

  34. bj, I enjoyed the movie and all the gorgeous scenery! Oh that house, oh that house! Dreaming, Italian style! Loved this post and great photos.
    Happy Sunday


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