Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crock Pot NAVY BEANS....

Hi, all...
We were supposed to get light snow today and, sure enuf, a few flakes,
so tiny I had to squint to see them, came fluttering thru the air
for about 6 minutes and then.....they were gone.

During this stay-in-the-house time, 
I've done a lot of cooking and baking.

When I was young, one thing we had to eat at our house about once ever couple of months...

I really loved them....and, no wonder.
My mom was known far and wide as 

All kidding aside, her friends would bring over a bag of dried beans...
Great Northern aka Butter Beans
Navy Beans
and have her cook them.

 I've been hungry for Navy Beans, the way my mama cooked them...

in the early years, she didn't have a crock pot (not even invented yet)
so she cooked them on the stove top.

Later, she used a slow cooker...and that's the way I like to cook them, too.

I didn't find dried NAVY beans in the groc store and got these tiny Great Northerns.

As with all dried beans, they must be sorted thru, take out the bad boys
and then rinse the beans several times.
 You are looking for tiny dirt clods and while broken beans don't bother me, I don't want any shriveled up ones to go into my nice pot of beans.

As you go through your beans, drop them into a large pot.
Then, they can be rinsed and then covered with fresh water to soak overnight.

I can't remember just how my mom cooked her beans but
sounds very much like hers.
I remember she added catchup to hers...
and always had a ham hock to cook with the beans.

This is the ham hock from our Christmas ham.
It still has a lot of meat on it....
.and still has a nice coating of the fabulous brown sugar glaze
I froze it, thinking how good it would enhance a pot of beans.

 My poor olden crock pot is looking terrible...
but it still cooks like a dream
so it will be here for awhile longer.

Into the pot with the ham hock...water covering the beans
and a generous sprinkling of black pepper.

I never add salt until beans have cooked about 2 hours...
salt tends to make the skin of the bean tough if you add it too soon.

I have to tell you that my house is smelling sooo good while these beans cook...
all night...
for lunch tomorrow...
hot, buttered corn bread...
sliced fresh onion...
sweet tea...
O hOnEy


  1. delicious, and the ham bone will add that wonderful flavour. Enjoy!!

  2. we had an old one that lasted forever. I can't remember what eventually happened to it, I don't think it was actually broken by the time it was replaced.

    1. Adam...are you talking about the CROCK POT or the HAM BONE...?? HAHHHAAAAA......

  3. My crockpot looks terrible, too. It's tough to clean the outside where stuff just melts right into it. so be's the inside that counts. I make the same sort of recipe, too, just like my mom did. I wish I had a ham bone...maybe I'll just get a ham before Easter now! My mom always added a tiny tablespoon of vinegar at the end...not sure why but it added a little "something" I can't describe. Add a tiny drop to your next bowl to see if you like it.

    Jane xxx

  4. Did she add a pinch of baking soda, too? Funny what mothers put into those beans! What a hearty, delicious meal for cold winter days.

  5. My mouth is watering!!!!! I know what I'll be cooking this weekend!!!! So.....what about that pinch of soda Vee is asking about? I think I have heard of doing that......

  6. I love me some beans BJ! Your meal sounds great, stay warm and enjoy:@)

  7. Now you've got me wanting some. I haven't cooked any in a while!

  8. My mother always made navy beans and dumplings BJ! It was a family favorite! I always called it one of her "yankee recipes!" What a wonderful, heart warming recipe! I just can imagine how lovely your home smelled! Makes me want some for breakfast!!!

  9. OH YUM! I love beans with some of my homemade pear relish, a big 'ole hunk of onion and some buttery cornbread:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  10. Dried beans of all kinds are cooked in our house almost weekly. We do it almost like you do, with just a little 'twist'. Yours do look yummy!

  11. This sounds DELICIOUS! I can almost smell it cooking ;-) I like to add diced onion with the beans and ham hock.

  12. What wonderful comfort food for a cold day! Yum!!

  13. You do know how to make a persons mouth water and want what you are cooking. These beans sound so good. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Mmm... sounds great! We eat beans pretty much once a week here, our favorites are black eyed peas cooked "hopin' John" style with pork, onions, tomatoes, and cajun seasonings served with rice, cornbread (not sweet!) and collard greens :)

  15. This Texas born girl with a Texas born and raised Mama always had beans growing up. I love them!

  16. I had navy beans and cornbread last night for supper. I smothered my cornbread in real butter yum yum ..
    I always liked cooking beans with a ham hock also.
    I even soaked my beans once overnight and them put them in the oven covered of course with water and cooked slow 250 degrees about 4-5 hours.
    a slow cooker is the best ,Ina Barefoot Contessa is one who said she cooks her beans in oven then they don't break open

  17. BJ, we no longer own a crock pot, but should. When we married in the 70s, I think we received three as wedding gifts. They were all well used too. Will pass the recipe along to my chef. He loves to make a good pot of beans.
    Finally a little sunshine this morning. I'm so tired of the gloomy days we've had. ;-)
    Happy Weekend to you and Mr. Sweet.

  18. Thanks for the great tips from the bean master! I do bet your house is smelling real good! Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. BJ, I fix a bean stew every once in awhile...but I am not a lover of beans. We ate them every week, growing up poor. Pinto beans were mom's choice..I can't even eat them now. Funny, I know. My daughters cook beans once in a while, they like them. Hope you and your man are doing fine. I laughed about your snow fall. :):) You tickle me. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  20. HPS! I LOVE ham and beans, too, BJ. We had them a lot while I was growing up, but I don't think my mom was as good as your mom cuz I recall she would "burn the beans" frequently....and nothing would smell as bad as those burnt beans! haha!! I love all sorts of beans cooked with the ham, too! If I don't have a ham bone, I use a "ham steak" cuz they are cheap (isn) and you the right amount of a cut little bone!

    Have a great weekend! It's gonna be close to 70 hear tomorrow!!

    L, Dana

  21. that should have been 70 HERE....not HEAR!! dang I must learn to look at what I type before hitting "publish"!! Dana

  22. I have a brisket in the crock pot today! And we will have 70s for the weekend. Sweet hugs, Diane....and save me some cornbread! lol

  23. I was taught to rinse my beans. But, I never knew why, other than the
    Your ham looks good especially with the glistening brown sugar. xoxo

  24. I can smell those tasty beans cooking all day long! Some cornbread and you are set! HPS and you made this work so nicely. Have a great weekend.

  25. Yum! I ate a lot of dried beans growing up, but rarely cook them now. Your vintage crock pot/slow cooker probably cooks better than many of the new ones now. I have heard/read so many say some of the new ones cook to hot, etc. I have one I bought many years ago, and one I bought just a few years ago and found that I use the older one more often.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  26. That salt tip is great, bj. This looks great for a cold winter night :)


  27. I've never made navy beans before but yours looks so good that I think I'll try. I love crockpots! :-)

  28. Winter, dreary and cold days are perfect for a pot of beans. My mom cooked them and now I cook them. Don't panic BJ but I leave the meat out! I know, so many will roll their eyes over this but I just like the taste of the beans, yum.........
    Happy weekend sweet friend.............

  29. Oh my goodness, this beans and meat look yummy! I am so hungry right now, boy! The salt tip sounds great, I will pass it on to hubby as he loves to cook on the weekends.
    I love your vintage crock pot, it reminds me of one mother used to have when I was a kid.
    I loved your visit, you made me smile and you made me so happy!
    Luv ya dear BJ.
    Enjoy your weekend honey.

  30. I do not have a crock pot. Still cook my beans the old fashion way.

  31. I froze my ham hock from Christmas and need to cook some beans. Thanks for the tip on when to put the salt in. Just beans and cornbread make for a good meal.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  32. YUM . . . and I have a crock pot and a huge ham bone . . .
    Now . . ,. the beans . . .
    Thanks for the recipe!

  33. Oh, what sweet memories you've prompted! Sure wish our weather wasn't warming so quickly; these sorts of suppers always taste better (to me) when there's a chill in the air.
    (I wouldn't want to trade in that slow cooker, either. Oh, the stories it could tell! LOL.)

  34. YUM, bj, We too love bean soup using dried beans. I get the 16 beans variety also soaking them overnight. Sooooo good. I use ham bones too and your recipe is much like mine. I use my soup pot but I should try my slow cooker.

    Happy bean soup eating.
    Love, Jeanne

  35. Oh, GIRL!!! Just you HUSH about those beans! We're having burgers for supper, and no time to soak any, and now I'm craving!

    Gorgeous ham, as well, though nothing ever comes out of my freezer looking that great (well, maybe a cake-put-by now and then).

    Always good to drop in on you and your cheery presence. Stay well and warm,


  36. I have been in a "bean" mood lately too. I started making a bean cassolet with 4 different kinds of beans slow cooked in chicken broth with bacon bits thrown in. Yum.

    Popped by from Pink Saturday.


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