Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekend Morning Casserole

I made a quick breakfast casserole Saturday morning, 
to give us strength to tackle starting to decorate for Christmas...

whew... I can remember not batting an eye when it came time to decorate 
right after Thanksgiving.

Now...I have to take the next day to catch my breath,
take a nap,
eat a piece of pie,
take a nap,...........it goes on and on...

 I'm not an egg person but every now and then, I like them made into a 
This one was very tasty....
and you can adapt anything under the sun for it...
I used Thanksgiving ham...
Gouda Cheese (one of my favorite creamy cheeses)
whipping creme
 (because we bought too much for Thanksgiving and
now I have to find ways to use it before it all ruins)
frozen bread slices .

...not much salt but a LOT of black pepper...

OOO, and that left-over little bit of fruit is just perfect for 
starting your day off with a song....

I always add pecans to my fruit salad but since some of our family
would rather have it without, we now just add them to our individual bowls...
and I LUV whipped creme on mine...

MERCY....this was goood.

I sure hope
 CRYSTAL LITE is good for you....well....at least I hope it's not BAD for you because I love a little glass of the
STRAWBERRY for breakfast.....

You can add as many eggs as you want...
I wanted to make a small casserole for just the two of us so I used
4 eggs...

And, if you add the bread to your casserole, you really don't NEED
hot, buttery Crescent Rolls....
but I love them....

Lots of colorful, cute little roosters running around my plates this morning....

Thanks for coming by ...

I just about have all the decorating done...
I am working on my Nativity and should have it finished soon.


  1. You have been an inspiration to me for some overnight guests I'll be having. Thank you dear bj!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy and really needed that delicious sounding breakfast casserole for fortification!

  3. I could handle that for breakfast, lunch or dinner. :)
    Hope you are having a great week.

  4. That looks delicious, bj. I am not a big fan of eggs either...I don't know why-but I do like a quiche once in a while. Your casserole looks delicious. xo Diana

  5. Looks yummy - I am more of a sweet breakfast lover than savory, but I do love ham with eggs :-)

  6. That looks so good. Do you just layer it? Now I'm hungry! :) I am almost done with the decorating! I think I'll finish tomorrow one way or the other!

  7. Oh my goodness, bj, that looks wonderful! And that croissant with marmalade? YUM. Please save some for me!

  8. This looks delicious, BJ! I am always on the lookout for tasty casseroles and this one looks like a winner! Thanks for sharing, sweet lady. Hugs to you!

  9. Your casserole sounds awesome - just discussed Christmas Day with my daughters and we're opting for a Christmas Brunch this year - always had a mid afternoon (early) dinner but she also has her in-laws to visit for dinner and it's been a little too much for her to get there on time, and hungry.............so we're going to try this, so need some good brunch recipes - yours looks amazing!

    I think you are so much fun - I always smile when I read your posts.

  10. I see some black checks on those white dishes . . . Love that black and white theme!
    Happy your decorating is almost finished. I am at the finishing line too!

  11. I love eggs any ole way they are fixed. Your casserole looks and sounds yummy! I also love fruit and just had some for a snack. I thought it might be better for me than ice cream this time of night. lol! Congrats on getting your decorating done!

  12. Oh, yum...I have to follow the link! I get the idea after all these years that you are a big breakfast fan. I wish I were, I can't eat until I've been up a few hours and I know that's bad. Still, I have to feed a few now and again!!

    Thank you, BJ!

    Jane xxx

  13. I love love love eggs anyway. This brunch dish sounds great - will have to make it for my granddughter when she comes this Xmas. Sure looks good and I could eat some right now.
    I'm like you decorating - it's taking me foreverrrrrrrrrrrr to get it finished.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  14. Your breakfast looks so good. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Yummilicious! I love a good breakfast casserole! We always have one on Christmas morning! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  16. Yikes - I just left message but it disappeared. Anyway - thanks for the great breakfast casserole idea. I've never had one before and want to do one for Christmas morning since hubby works 3rd shift on Christmas eve...

  17. You have the best ideas. Thanks so much, for always sharing them with us. You do inspire me in the kitchen.

  18. You are one of the finest food photographers I know! I always leave hungry after one of your food phtotgraphy posts.

  19. This looks so yummy, BJ! We had fried eggs and ham last night, a last minute decision or I would have made up something like this. I should get some crescent rolls to have on hand. Have a great day! Pam

  20. BJ, there is nothing better than a good breakfast casserole and some fruit! Love it!

  21. perfect day after Christmas breakfast...or any day after the day after!

  22. I haven't even got the tree up

  23. BJ, that breakfast looks scrumptious! :-)

  24. BJ, That breakfast looks like a winner. I may have to try that here. xoxo,Susie

  25. Thanks for the recipe!
    I have added it to my Plan To Eat recipe book.

    Merry Christmas!!


  26. I can just picture myself sitting there at the table watching you decorate while I eat that casserole. Oh, I'd help you....eventually. But I would eat that casserole first ;>) Can't wait to see your decorations!

  27. I'm with you, BJ -- bread in the casserole AND bread on the side; can't have too much bread! Of course, I am a breadaholic!


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