Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Train Wreck in the kitchen...

Hello, everyone...

My sweet and talented blogging friend, NANA DIANA, posted her
and it reminded me of MY
TRAIN WRECK with little gingerbread boys..

Go over to Diana's blog for some really great photos
and her idea of what to do with those little men.

It's those GingerBread Boys again....

doesn't that sound delightful !!
I just LOVE little gingerbread men and boys...
every time I look at one, it warms my heart...just like most things that
take us back to our childhood does. 
I wanted to make a 
It is a pretty well known FACT that I am NOT crafty.....not one bit.
but every now and then, I THINK I am and have to try something simple.....
THIS one looked fairly simple so........

Here is  one that MARTHA STEWART did....
Well, believe me, I ain't no MARTHA...

Isn't hers just adorable....her little boys are smaller than mine.
her little boys are REAL Gingerbread cookies......
This adorable one belongs to BEANSIE BABBLES
It is sooo cute !! She did an awesome job on it....love that pretty bow.
AND....her's is a "last a little longer" wreath......

Here is another one that turned out really nice and this is where you can GET THE RECIPE if you want a wreath that will last a few years.
It's over at Saving 4 Six
and it turned out sooo cute, too.
Looks like she added lots of "SUGAR" to her little men and they absolutely
look GOOD ENUF TO EAT, don't they.?
BUT....don't try it...
they are hard as rocks.

 AND ......here is a little pattern of  a little boy that you can make out of fabric......
felt....burlap....linen.....cute vintage buttons....lace...adorable ribbons...so many possibilities.
These would be really cute on a wreath, too

 I am hoping mine will last a couple of years or so...
♥ ♥ ♥

...so I used the flour, salt and water method.
.......just out of the oven here and they all look
too little cinnamon ???
Cinnamon is added for the COLOR and also....they smell
I wiped all the flour off before baking....?

Ahhhhh, but I have a PLAN.
They need to be covered with a polyurethane and sprinkled with KOSHER SALT, (looks just like sugar....) so, I'll use my
Poly and Stain, all in one.
While they are wet, I will sprinkle the SALT on so that they will look all SUGAR COATED and delicious...and pretty.

oops....nearly forgot to show you up close how good the color of the poly stain made the little boys.....

THIS is where the fun STOPPED !
.....SEE that break...there by the STAR ?....bummer.
So out came the HOT GLUE GUN again.

Every single time I picked the little boys up, they broke somewhere...
I must have used 10 sticks of glue......

 ahhh.....but don't they look cute.....
from a distance !!!!

they look pretty

Hearts #1 and 2 show

oh well...
most of the time, if a person doesn't KNOW there's something wrong on something like a wreath, they never notice....
and besides,
no one is going to care.......but me. :(
I love my plaid ribbon more than the little boys....:)

.....those little guys on the left....their hands aren't even touching....
they both are holding a ball of HOT GLUE.....hahhhaaaa.....gotta love it...

I have to say that this was worth all the hot glue used....
I just break out in a smile every time I walk into my dining room and
see the little RING OF BOYS on my fireplace .......
besides, there's not much more that gets you in the mood for CHRISTMAS than making
This wreath fell off the nail and broke into a million pieces..
doubt I'll try to make another this year but sure will next Christmas.


  1. haha! good effort, though! my dogs would have taken it down here. :)

  2. you need to consider making these and selling them b/c girls like me, although crafty would not go to this kind of trouble! VERY CUTE...so sorry it broke darn it!

  3. Oh I laughed out loud about them holding glue. Sorry it broke. Maybe adding a little cement? I am just saying!!

  4. So sad it broke, it was so darn cute. That is just a shame.

  5. Oh no! My first thought is always the same....I'm glad you got some photos before it fell! lol I'm having a disaster sewing but I haven't taken photos...yet! haha! Sending you some extra hugs, Diane

  6. OMGOSH!!! All that work and it fell off the nail and BROKE? You poor, poor dear. Did you burst into tears? Thanks for the shout-out, bj. You are just the best. Maybe next time you should try lining those little suckers up in a row. lol Have a wonderful evening. The saddest thing? You couldn't even EAT it!!! xo Diana

  7. LOL! BJ, this is the best laugh that I have had all day! I'm sorry your cute gingerbread boys broke; but, at least you can say that you did it!! They really were cute while they lasted!

  8. oh no, they fell down, I think you did a great job, we all can't be Martha, heck knows I am not but I keep trying, I also love that ribbon, its a beauty!!!

  9. I probably wouldn't even give it a "try to be crafty" with the Ginger Bread Boys . . .
    I know my limits . . .and I would end up in a huge mess
    I will say one thing though, I love your ribbon . . . wish I could find a scarf like that . . .
    I might have to make one!
    Enjoy these final days of crafting and decorating . . .

  10. it was a cute wreath, hopefully the one next year won't break

  11. Well that's the cutest wreath ever - I've never seen one in my life before BJ !
    Too bad it fell - I love it !

  12. Bj maybe when you make it again, use it for a candle centerpiece. I use wreaths more for candles then I do to hang. Just a thought. Sorry yours broke. I know the work you put into it. Love, Becky

  13. BJ, oh no ... So much effort and time to only have it break. Anyway it was adorable and remember Martha has a whole staff to assist her.

  14. I think it looks just fine, BJ. I have no patience for crafts anymore. I give you. A+++ for effort.

  15. It's adorable, but it doesn't look broken when you see it. It sounds like it is really hard to work with. xoxo

  16. Love the ribbon and the boys. You did a great job, the wreath looked so good! So sad it broke!

  17. Oh my! That wreath is darling, even if it was a pain in the keister to make. Wouldn't traditional gingerbread for making houses work well? It's as hard as a rock. So sorry that it fell and broke. Major bummer!

  18. It was darling, though. Hot glue and all. Next year. Hugs, Marlis

  19. Oh bj so sorry that your gingerbread boy wreath fell and broke. It was so pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Oh how sad that it broke! It was an adorable wreath and I admire you for making it.

    Hugs toy ou!

  21. Awww..and it looked so stinking adorable! We learn for next time the what NOTS LOL. Merry Christmas. xo

  22. BJ, I think it's still very cute. I just have to eat cookies...can't waste them decorating .LOL. OR won't . You made me laugh with the glue ball. I just love it. Heck if we were perfect Martha would be hiring us. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  23. Oh this gave me such a laugh! You are a good sport about it! It was awfully cute.

  24. bj,

    I love your Gingerbread wreath. Sorry it broke into a million pieces.
    I still have my blue Gingerbread (boy & girl) cookie cutters from my childhood.

    Merry Christmas!!


  25. What frustration. So cute in the end. I laughed throughout this post with a big Oh No at the end! All that work, smashed to smithereens!

  26. What a great looking wreath you made and what a shame that it fell down! At least you got a picture of it before it crashed!

  27. Oh dear...sorry it fell and broke because it really was quite charming! :)

  28. Awww too bad about the little gingerbread boys falling and breaking, bj!! All that hard work you did, too, but what a great chuckle I got from your post! You're the best! xxoo

  29. As I always say, "practice makes perfect" but in REAL LIFE, not always!!! I still love your wreath. Like you said no one will notice. XO

  30. BJ,
    I didn't notice the "train wreck" until you shared the broken bits, dear friend!!!
    ADORABLE Gingerbread Man wreath!!!
    I hope you smile with satisfaction each time you gaze upon this DIY Wreath!!!
    I know, I will!!!

  31. It fell and broke! Major bummer. I think it was the cutest wreath ever.

    I am not crafty either, but I do admit to an occasional attempt. lol


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