Thursday, December 4, 2014


 A few years ago, out thrifting around Christmastime, I came across this little

 Not sure WHY I liked this little snowman sign....
for one thing, it's a bit RUSTIC, made with barn wood or something...
I think it's their cute scarves...and their earmuffs...
and the writing on it.
ANYway....I bought it at the thrift store for $2.00.
LIVE   (to the inch of your life)
LOVE (as if there's no tomorrow)
LAUGH (til you almost p your pants) (ah ummm...i said p)
It was very plain...very simple...and

gone are the days when I can just be satisfied with things the way they are...
Oh, Yes....I've been hanging out too long with
Ya'll have put ideas in my head...
crafty ideas, at that...
So, I decided these little snow guys needed some SPARKLE....
some GLITZ.....
some pizaaazzzzzz....
and, for the first time in my olden life,
MERCY....what a time I had with THAT..:)

I put a little on their carrot noses...
...and a little on the board and grapevine

It took on a greenish, sparkly, STRICTLY


...tied a little BLACK and WHITE checked ribbon on it and..

 fell IN LVU....forever...
I use it every single Christmas...

hmmm....I'm thinking I may add *gulp* GLITTER to these little fellas this year..
I do love me some sparkle and shine at Christmastime.

...dragging out all the STUFF and I'm not near finished at this point...
...maybe tomorrow....*sigh

My chosen words for this Christmas Season ....

Every time I start to panic because I am so far behind in my decorating,
I think of these words and it calms my jingled nerves.

(my sweet girl bought this Pottery Barn pillow cover for me last year
when Christmas things went on sale....I love it.)


  1. I like your up-do- and for 2 bucks? that's a steal!! I need to get out and do a little thrifting- my granddaughter wants some of those boot topper socks..I'm aiming for some pretty (and cheap) old sweaters I can cut the arms out of. Your sign is cute!

  2. Love it all. Keep up the good work I am almost getting in the spirit. I don't know where my 'spirit' headed off to put hope it comes back soon.

    Maybe I just need me some glitter!!

  3. Love that pillow! and the snowman sign is adorable and made even better by the awesome price! I LOVE a good deal:>) I have barely begun decorating, no tree yet, which is unheard of in this house not to get the tree Thanksgiving weekend. I'll probably get it finished next week. Pulling everything out can seem so overwhelming!

  4. BJ, Nice to see that sign. I think just a fresh bit of glitter paint can do the trick. I like redoing things into something fresh. Happy crafting. xoxo,Susie

  5. That is a sweet snowman sign! Love what you did with it!

  6. Glitter paint? I don't have any of that. I guess I'll put it on my shopping list now! heehee! I love what you've done and it really does add sparkle! Holiday hugs, Diane

  7. That is $2.00 well spent! Such a cute sign & now that you added a little sparkle, it's perfect!

  8. I had one of these pictures!! Quite a few years ago and when I changed my decor from country to more traditional I gave it to the thrift store! Do you suppose it made it all the way down there to your thrift store?? LOL I like how you changed it up. Very pretty. And I like your new header too. I have barely started my shopping so I'm feeling just a tad overwhelmed about that right now. Christmas is only 3 weeks away!! Yikes.

  9. I love your glitz enhanced snowman sign, bj! We all need a little glam in our lives!

  10. Looking good, Love the sign and the pillow!

  11. You know I'm all about that GLITTER!! Love the sign and I love how you put your BJ black and white mark on it!
    Happy decorating.

  12. Love, love your sign, BJ! I am also knee deep in glitter. LOL Hope to be done soon. :) Have a great weekend! Maria

  13. Love your glittery Snowy Men all glittered up!
    I love your zest and . . .
    All is calm
    Alli is bright
    very much too . . .

  14. Love the snowman sign. It would go good with my snowmen collection I will have to keep an eye out for one here. Really like your new header. I have finished my decorating now I am busy baking gingerbread cookies to send to my daughter and her family. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. What an adorable sign, BJ! And the price was just perfect. I love the glittery touches you added.

    Happy weekend, dear friend! Hugs!

  16. Glitter makes everything cuter!

  17. that is the cutest , ever~! I love snowmen and snowwomen too:)

  18. Oh I see why you are in love with your terrific thrift find! Love it, too, and you really did a great job enhancing it!

  19. OK! This is THE cutest snowman sign I ever did see! I have to laugh with you and be ever so glad, I am not the only one who looks at all the glorious Christmas decor collected over the years and simply sigh.......

  20. Oh BJ I just love and adore snowmen, yours are the cutest! My Gyspy Ballet was posted this morning, come visit and play! Hey me too with glitter... I guess in a former life I was a cat because the sparkle fills me with fascination.
    Big kisses and hugs,

  21. bj ... I just love your Snowmen ...
    love that you added glitter ...
    love that they make you laugh ...
    love that you shared your snowmen sign with us ...
    Happy Christmas
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. That's a darling little sign. I liked the before and the after. But - sparkles and glitter do make it a little more festive! :-)

  23. I'm thinking I really need to go to thrift stores.
    Never know what I might find.


  24. Cute snowmen sign and everything needs a little glitz!! right? And yes, you said "p"…haha

  25. So cute! I just might have to get some glitter paint and bling up some things around here!

  26. That is just a darling sign, BJ. I love that you used the glitter paint. I found some on my workroom shelf and don't remember why I got it. I know I never used it and it's pink. I have a fairly large collection of snowmen and I wait and put them out after Christmas so I still have some fun to mess around with and maybe sometimes it will make it snow!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  27. Even snowmen need a bit of bling. Just like we girls. Great idea, BJ.

    I hope you share with us for Pink Saturday.♥

  28. I like these beautiful paintings with snowman, congratulations !!


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